From the real…to the so not real…and back again

Reblogged from Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Country Life, and I assume there are spoilers because I haven’t actually read it and won’t until I see the movie myself!

In the midst of all the busyness of the season, Big Boss took me to see The Desolation of Smaug. In The Big City. At the IMAX. In the middle of the afternoon.


The only thing that would’ve made the situation more surreal would have been for us to buy a Big Bucket of popcorn. We’re not that weird. Or stupid. Can you imagine? $7.50 for popcorn. Give me a break.

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Queen, do you know how hard it is to cut and paste with my eyes unfocused? Don’t try it, Marcel, or you might go blind. Signed, Jerry

P.S. How uncouth of you to mention money. ;-) That’s all I read. Promise. :D

Something to Chill While You’re Waiting for the Berlin Premiere

If this premiere is anything like the one in LA, and I understand it’s even more so, there are people who have spent a long night camping. A little something for them and the rest of you as we wait the last several hours:

Yeah, some cello.

And in case you missed it, the event will be live streamed in a little less than six hours. You can see it here. It should last from 6:20pm to 8:00pm Central European Time. World Clock is here for you to determine the time where you are in relation to Berlin.

Okay, I’m Ready for Berlin, Sir Peter

Yesterday I had to revert to a casual fan to get my bearings before the Desolation of Smaug premiere in Berlin, which I understand is now going to be live streamed here. Starts at 6:20pm Berlin time. For those in the U.S. that’s 12:20pm Eastern Time.

A couple of photos of the preparations.

Maybe it’s me, but it look like there’s still a bit of work to do, but then it wouldn’t be any fun if we could see this completed two days before the event:

Yep, some photos, but how many candid shots will we get of Richard Armitage? I hope we get a lot! And I will admit to wondering what his father looks like. Perhaps some of you already know, but I haven’t been as attentive and did not see any images of him at the London Premiere last year.

Taking Notes

Last year around this time my bullshit detector was running on high due to all the press gushing over The Hobbit. I figured if I stayed away from most of the PR this year, the detector would keep quiet. No luck. Every time I get close, that thing makes an awful racket. None of this is to say I’m against the PR. Not at all. Sir Peter and Warners have to do what they have to do. Gotta make a living, and there’s no shame in that. But I’m not feeling the love for my part in it. Mainly because, well, I am bored with it. Okay, there I said it, and that was hard to say because I know so many are having fun with it. I envy you, but mostly I ain’t feelin’ it. If I can find some humor, I’m okay, but when I can’t, it’s hard to keep up the pretense I’m into it.

And if my gut is still working well, I would say Richard Armitage isn’t into it either. But again, gotta make a living, and I wish him all the best with what he has to do. Thankfully, I don’t have to do it with him. LOL!

Now for the good part. Yeah, there’s a good part to this; it’s not just a mini-rant about the droning of the Hobbit press. So the good part is Richard is getting quite the education in how to promote a movie and all the shit that goes on with it. This is a wonderful thing for him for two reasons. One, I still believe he’s destined for a spot behind the camera, and it’s going to be good. No, I’m in no rush for him to stop acting, but hey, why does he have to leave acting to get behind the camera? Why are those mutually exclusive? Clint Eastwood didn’t leave acting to direct or produce. If he can do it, Richard Armitage can do it. Two (and maybe this should be One), is there any doubt Sir Peter is the master on how to mount and promote a project? Oh you doubt that? ROFLOL!! You need to do some homework.

The dude is a marketing genius, and his ability to leverage fandom is, in my opinion, unmatched by any other director. As a business person who’s had to put on the marketing hat, I really appreciate his ability in this area, because that is hard work. And for those purists who hate all marketing types, let me put it this way, you wouldn’t see most of the movies you love if not for the marketers. It’s a necessary evil like insurance and pap smears. Sorry to digress. The point is Richard is learning from one of the best. And if there’s one thing that seems to be evident, he’s teachable and has a keen bullshit detector himself.

I love photos like this one because he has that look in his eye that says, I know what’s going on, and I’m going along with it, but inside, I’m smirking a little:

richardarmitage calling bullshit

And this is one great perk to blogging — I can attach any meaning I want to a photo. :D

Other than all of this above, I am looking forward to seeing the next installment of The Hobbit.

Mr. Armitage Goes to Los Angeles, or RA on Politics Part III?

The conversation between Richard “I have no experience” Armitage and Little Jackie Paper was a scream. It seemed there was a private joke between them and any moment both of them would break out in giggles. Heck, I did break out in giggles when “Jackie” kept referring to Thorin “Orkenshield.” [edit: I have been duly chastened on the proper spelling of Orcenshield. :D]

Then it got even funnier when Richard gave a lesson on inhaling and blowing:
And Jackie Paper is thinking, “Oh yeah, man, that’s perfect.”


really big puff

bigger puff

Or at least it looked that way. But what do I know? Pass the brownies. :D

note: watch some people take this seriously.

I See Fire — the Video

The new song from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug:

Smokin’ Richard Armitage

“…we will all burn together”

We Will Burn Together

The moment he finishes the line.