Damn That Richard Armitage

Of course I don’t mean that the way it sounds, but sometimes I do. I’m actually thinking of going to New York. In my defense, I have a frequent flyer that I’m going to lose if I don’t use it, and I have two places I can stay. No, make that three, and I have an old friend who owes me an expensive dinner (maybe three or four cheap dinners instead?), and last but not least my two very compelling reasons are there. So yeah, I think that sounds good. Maybe. Still not sure about that.

As if that’s not enough, I recently bought another copy of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It was the hard copy of the Extended Edition. That makes four different formats I will own. Not kidding when I say that I have never bought four copies of a movie. Wait. That’s a lie. I’ve bought six copies of a movie. Want to guess which one? Yeah, I didn’t think you would have trouble with that. But I must say that three of those were gifts. Wait. No, I’ve actually bought more than six. I bought, dare I say it? I’m not sure that I can. This is tough to write as it really does make me a nut! But I’ll confess to having bought almost 20 copies of North and South.

I feel like an utter idiot if I really step back and think about that. Again, in my defense, I found a really good sale. Then I decided to send several copies to a list of folk I do not know along with letters that were hopefully humorous but sans the fruitcake. We’ll see how that turns out. ;-)

I told the addressees that Richard is something else and not to be put off by the pitiful looking photo on the DVD jacket, and I slipped in a secret weapon to ensure they knew I wasn’t exaggerating.

And if they don’t agree that it’s a secret weapon, then Richard’s not for them anyway. :D

note: if you want more scenes like those, then go buy The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition on iTunes. You may have to wait a freaking day to download it, but hey, it’s worth it. I even took down my firewall for this one.


See what you can even manage to leverage out of a cheap skate?

Oh never mind, you already know I’m crazy


  1. You are hysterical, you crazy fan you. Wait…we already know that…

  2. OMG – that video – you just made my day!

  3. Do you mean you bought multiple copies of the book of The Hobbit? And Gaskell’s North and South? Or DVD versions of same?
    I’ve owned different editions of each of the books for 30+ years and also own a Hobbit Moleskine diary (will remain blank), a genuine NZ dollar with The Hobbit on the front, Hobbit NZ stamps – no RA stuff. Guessing that makes me a less than exceptional fan. No! Wait! I do own one DVD set of The Hobbit… phew!

  4. Yes- you’ve made my day too with that video. Loved the ‘I’ll just take a crap and go” line.

    I’m glad you are off to NY – it sounds as if you will have fun even without the RA bit. Catching up with friends, good food and a frequent flyer ticket- how could you not?

  5. All I can think is how I would like to be the Carol Burnett character sweeping the floor around him, maybe getting him to dance with me or at least crack a smile. :D

    Now that is crazy…

  6. Let me second that. ;) Reading about it and then actually seeing it – priceless. Still, I’ll wait till my blue-ray and my dvd will arrive (yeah I know it’s overkill to buy both, but I want to). Hopefully they’ll get here in time for my birthday. I have plans.

  7. Don’t think about it. Don’t miss this opportunity. Just go, Frenz !!
    P/S Thanks for sharing ‘the secret weapon’ – yes, we knew all along Richard is amazing. So happy that fellow actors are thinking likewise.

  8. For this bottom feeder who buys all her digital media discounted or used on either eBay or Amazon, my big concession was to be motivated enough to pay full price — full price I tell you! — for N&S when neither of the usual sources had it: US$20. Where did you find it on sale? Where? Where???

  9. I do have two copies of North & South. One was bought while traveling…I think I needed a “fix” and my laptop has a handy DVD player to help me when I’m in a bind and/or there is a void in quality hotel television viewing, which is often.

    Soon…I will have two copies of The Hobbit.

    I guess this still makes me a lightweight, comparatively? ;)

  10. That video is unbelievable! Thanks for sharing! I am definitely buying the extended edition. I don’t want to take the time to download it and I’m trying to be patient for the DVD extended edition release!

  11. If that’s a sign of crazy, there just won’t be enough loony bins around the world to house us all ;)

  12. Woow, 20 copies of “North and South”… :-)

    I hqve 3 copies : the US edition, the UK edition, the German edition and the French edition. :-)

    Have you bought copies of all around the world ?

  13. No, I haven’t April. Maybe I should have. LOL!

    Okay, for all of you who can’t believe I bought 20 copies, I have a friend who buys and sells DVDs wholesale. This was quite a while back, so they sat in my basement for a long time.

  14. Thank you for the secret weapon,Frenz :)
    I did not plan to buy it but now..damn! I must have it!

  15. Fantastic secret weapon video and a great insight into Richard’s acting process and sense of humor. What a treat to watch it.

    And yep, go to New York if you can and make some good memories. Just wave out the window at me as you pass by.

  16. Loved the secret weapon — but I’ve got to tell you, Thorin had me at “Du bekar!”
    And although I didn’t buy copies of North and South for my friends, I certainly did urge them to run, not walk, to the nearest store or library to watch the series. RA was awesome.
    Definitely, attend the New York event, for those of us who can’t go. :)

  17. Thank you so much for posting the “Secret Weapon” it was wonderful!!! I’m not sure what the Oz AUJ EE will contain yet. Hopefully all the extras. The original AUJ DVD had nothing except the main feature … no vlogs. No doubt I will be collecting numerous versions of this. Hope all is well :)

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