There’s a Bicep

Oh yeah, there’s a bicep:

and a tricep as well as a helluv an extensor. Not even going to mention the deltoid, ’cause, well, it’s covered.

There it is again:

And again:

No, I guess that’s a tricep alone. I can handle it. :D

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good bout of blatant objectification. Sue me.

And maybe it’s just me, but I actually like the lack of cuts in his arms. It means the strength there is more naturally his and not a pretty boy getting bulked up in the gym. This strength is much more compelling than the well toned, oiled, pecs bigger than most women’s chests kind of guys. It’s also in part why I wrote this post.

Note: new tag ‘bicep’


  1. This exactly. That is exactly what I like to see. And I think some of this is coming down a notch from the hours of work put into SB shape. And all day at the gym to get cut means a man does not much else = what a bore.

  2. I’m thinking all that running around and swinging swords or oaken shields probably helped contribute to RA’s current state of fitness. Plus the physical training needed for the role of Thorin.

  3. Agreed! He still looks so natural, not brawny and sinewy, as he is def well trained in various ways. Besides he can obviously reduce his biceps and triceps somehow “easily”, as we all have seen last year, when he was filming the “Tornado thingy”, and appeared comparatively slender in those pics, that were taken at several fan-encounters. I love and long for this strength you mention. All this combined in a body with smooth and flexible movements….

  4. I just don’t get excited by bulging muscles – I much prefer the lean and hungry look. I’ll get my coat :-(

  5. Anon, that’s what makes things interesting — we’re not all the same. Sometimes I like the lean, hungry look too. : D

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