#3, 2, 1 The Gift of Life

DonateLifeLogo Color PMSToday is my last post in this recent series of posts about Thanksgiving.

This post was originally drafted in three short posts, but obviously I’m having it in one go, and I will try not to make it too long.

The Gift of Life.

As I draft this, it’s very early Monday morning, and I will be going to work soon. But I’m sitting here reliving for about the thousandth time all that’s happened in my family this last year. SO is asleep beside me as I type, and when I look at him, big tears come into my eyes and roll down my cheeks. I think it’s a Knowshon moment. That’s when the magnitude of something seemingly mundane on most days hits like a wave. The wave is passing over me to such a degree I can barely type this. Emo? Yep. Very emo.

And I have such gratitude for a man named Mike. He gave a kidney to SO, and it changed our lives. He put himself through hell for almost eleven months to get this done, and all because he was grateful to God and wanted to give something in return. Through it all, Mike was always at ease and confident that it was going to happen, and he gives God credit for that peace and confidence. How can I do any less.

But saying thank you for this magnificent gift seems paltry. It’s the very minimum, and in the weeks after the surgery, I thought about what I could do to really show my gratitude. I would love to say I knew quickly, but honestly, I was so tired physically, I couldn’t think straight. My first inclination was to throw a party and praise God and Mike, and I did praise God and Mike, but eventually, the answer came to me so clearly I laughed. That’s my usual response to an epiphany. I chuckle because the answer has often been right in front of my face. And in this instance, what a lovely answer it is and the response God wants above all others.

I have also been given the gift of life, as we all have been given this gift. And it’s an absolved life. That’s a hard concept to grasp, but it’s there and not going away. I forget this more than I should, but thankfully, I’ve been coming to it more and more as I get older. It’s taken circumstances making me move myself out of the way in order to understand and keep understanding that it’s not what I can effect but rather passing on what’s been effected and continually effected by the Almighty. Specifically, grace. For me, I’ve been loved and forgiven and encouraged so many times, even when there were countless things I’ve done that I shouldn’t have or things I haven’t done that I should have. That grace has sustained me through it all. Without it, I wouldn’t be here, or at least not here with any semblance of a person. I would have been a shell acting like a person. Right now there is such a need to pass on that comfort, and I don’t ever want to forget to do it!

A few months ago I said I was a fighter, and yes, there are parts of me that are like a warrior. Those parts of me wanted to fight the people who seemed to be threatening SO’s life. But I don’t really want to fight people. I don’t think David really wanted to fight people. At least he didn’t start out that way. And Christ did not fight people. Told the truth? Yes, but fought? No, he didn’t do that. And I don’t want to do it either. I want to give what’s been given to me — a second chance at life myriad times.

And I know Mike will also appreciate this more than any words I could offer up.

Does all of this put me on the hook to be held accountable as some will see fit to do? You bet, and that’s okay.

note: When I decided to do this series of posts, I knew I would lose some followers. The subject matter in several of these posts is not what readers came for initially, so I did lose some followers. I totally understand that. But frankly, I lose and gain followers everyday and don’t put much stock in that ebb and flow. What I didn’t expect is that my gains would be much more than my losses, and that I would receive so many lovely notes from people who have no need to thump their chests nor a Bible but who love God. Thank you to all of you who have sent me notes and thank you to all of you who have deigned to follow my ramblings. And be forewarned I’m returning to the snark later today. :D


  1. XO

  2. life is such a precious gift. It is good to be reminded.

  3. I for one have enjoyed your ramblings. They’ve made me smile, made me nod and at times made me thoughtful. So thank you for all of that. :) Your posts have reminded me that while my life atm is VERY, VERY far from perfect, perfection is never what life is about. Despite the current mess, I still have many things to be thankful for – and hope is not the least of them. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. I have read all of your “Thanksgiving” posts, many of them with either a lump in my throat or tears – sometimes both. Someone I knew back in Scotland was a recipient of a kidney donated by his brother back in the early days of such surgeries. At the time of his death he was the longest living survivor of this procedure. He even wrote an amazing book of his experiences.

    Be assured you haven’t and won’t lose me as a follower no matter what! :)

  5. PS. If you would like to read his book I just ordered two copies from Amazon and I’d be happy to send you one of them when they arrive. Just let me know! If you want to know his name or the name of the book please email me. I just didn’t want to put it in such a “public” post.

  6. This follower is staying put. I can’t imagine not reading your wise, witty and wonderful posts. Cheers and have a great day!

  7. I’m still reading, girl. Now get that SO, and any precious children hanging about, fed and distracted, so you are positioned in front of your computer gear for the online worldwide nervous breakdown (so many thanks to jazzbaby1 for that moniker) which is starting in JUST A FEW HOURS!!!

  8. Yep, another one for my morning quiet time. How I wish I had embraced this grace thing at an earlier age. But to quote one of my many favorite songs, “I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way that He loves.” I’m not looking back. I purpose to extend grace and not a pointed finger from here on out. Life is good.

  9. I’m really glad for you and SO and your children, that you were able to receive this gift. What a blessing. And I’m grateful to the donor. G-d loves a cheerful giver.

  10. I’m so behind on responding to comments, and I apologize to all of you for that. Thank you all so much for your support and the warm thoughts and wishes. It does mean a lot to me, and I do pass this onto SO who also very much appreciates it.

    Teuchter, I will email you! : )

  11. Looking forward to hearing from you! The books should arrive any day now. :)

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