Mr. Armitage Goes to Los Angeles, or RA on Politics Part III?

The conversation between Richard “I have no experience” Armitage and Little Jackie Paper was a scream. It seemed there was a private joke between them and any moment both of them would break out in giggles. Heck, I did break out in giggles when “Jackie” kept referring to Thorin “Orkenshield.” [edit: I have been duly chastened on the proper spelling of Orcenshield. :D]

Then it got even funnier when Richard gave a lesson on inhaling and blowing:
And Jackie Paper is thinking, “Oh yeah, man, that’s perfect.”


really big puff

bigger puff

Or at least it looked that way. But what do I know? Pass the brownies. :D

note: watch some people take this seriously.


  1. And by “no experience” he means he’s “never inhaled.” :D

  2. Give the woman a prize. :D

  3. Hilarious! Speaks up & then ads a disclaimer!

  4. I love your little Jackie Paper reference. Perfect. Wish I had thought of it.

  5. You mean this isn’t what happened? *(bl)winks*

  6. Laughing!!!!

  7. ok so now I am really offended. The nerve. you know…some of us DO love brownies.

  8. Those were the most bizarre questions for Richard. I’m glad to hear to hear that one explained.

  9. Ah, a woman after my own heart. I thought the Smaug impersonation sounded a bit “experienced”, too.

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