Mach die Leica startbereit!

Hobbit Premiere Berlin December 9, 2013Click for more info about the event.

I assume the German fans are aware of Richard Armitage’s plans to attend the Berlin premiere. In fact, the German fans are about the most knowledgeable of his movements. That’s based on my watching almost six years of how they act and react in the fandom. Germans are on it! And they give lots of in-depth assessments as well. I don’t think they can help themselves on this one. It’s generally a German trait to examine the dog out of everything, and I don’t say that as a criticism just an observation.

My view of this characteristic is mostly influenced by having married into a very German clan and thereby knowing lots and lots of Germans or Americans with a strong German ancestry. SO’s parents have almost no other than German. His grandparents and great grandparents also spoke with heavily accented English, and they were the type of people to encourage looking beyond the obvious. Always look beyond the obvious! Never swallow anything whole! It must be thoroughly chewed first! Yep, that’s the German psyche, and a big reason SO has always been into philosophy and theology and generally studying the pursuit of knowledge and truth. Again, none of this is a criticism. I love this about Germans.

The only problem is sometimes they get so into assessing and discussing a subject that they may not be concerned about recording something tangible for others to examine. In this case, I’m thinking we may not get many photos of Richard at the premiere. We’ll hear about it certainly, but I’m afraid the photos will be few. So yeah, this is my encouragement to take a few for the team, Meine Freunde.

My only qualm about this is the Armitage clan will be there. What that means, I don’t know, and whether or not it’s appropriate to take their pictures, I’m not sure. I tend to think their pictures should not be taken except for this comment, which almost seems like an invitation to record their presence:

Man, does he realize what this invites? Seriously, does he know what can happen when he makes a statement like this? Whatever the case, I hope we at least get some photos of him at the event. And I can’t wait to hear assessments. :D

note: feel free to correct my German!


  1. In the spirit of being German through and through, may I ask you something/point something out? I presume, your headline means “Have the Leica ready to go”? Translates correctly into: Mach die Leica startbereit ;-) Yeah, you got us down to the tee – we like things correct ;-) (No offense meant – I am pathetically and possibly unsuccessfully trying to be funny…)

  2. I knew I could count on someone to make sure I did it correctly! :D

    So how does my phrase translate?

  3. And no way I’m offended. Remember the family I married into. LOL!

  4. Hm, difficult to say, Frenz – the way it is written up there it doesn’t make any proper sense. Only someone who knows English would know where you were coming from. There is a grammar problem with the “haben” (imperative should be “habt”) and a vocab issue with “bereit zu gehen” (could be misunderstood as “ready to leave”).
    Grah, I am really proving your point, amn’t I, with my niggly, pedantic, dry lecture… Sorry.

  5. Nice headline *ggg* – and now delete my boring old lecture up there ;-)
    And now to the point of your article. You might be right about the Germans preferring to assess rather than document. I am like that myself – preferring the camera in my head to the mechanical apparatus in my hands at an event that I attend for my pleasure rather than work. I’ll kick them up their asses though *ggg*.

  6. Not boring at all! And maybe I should have left it since I’m wondering how many will be leaving for Berlin. :D

  7. Berlin is a fabulous city. I’m sorely tempted, from New York, and I “just” saw him in person November 4th!

  8. I think Haltet die Kameras knipsbereit! would be more idiomatic.
    Well, Frenzy, you asked for the pedantic
    Germans … *gg* SCNR

    *sigh* I wish I could go to Berlin. :-(

  9. Besotted, If I could go with you, I would!

    Hedgehogess, I did indeed. :D

  10. BTW Frenzy, I’ve caught what you meant! LOL. As being another one of these ever watching, mulling things over and over, and thoroughly considering Germans, I’m in a more or less constant uncertainty, whether it is a good idea to go to Berlin or not, esp after this somehow uninspiring event in LA two days ago. As a matter of fact, the train ticket is bought, I’m going to meet a fellow fan and now I’m wildly determined to give Richard (our typical German psyche, as you call it, aside! ;-) ) a warm welcome to my home country. (Is it a first time visit for him to Berlin? As far as I know he never mentioned anything that implies, that he has been to Germany before.) I’m not so sure about the pics you expect? If we’ll be fortunate to actually SEE him, maybe we hopefully will be in the condition to click away…)
    Cos’ I’ve been to London last year for the Royal Premiere (with even a real ticket for the actual screening!), but being so very unfortunate as to not even seing a single glimpse of Richard, had frustrated me greatly. We ordinarily mortals were guided into the cinema before the stars arrived at the Green Carpet, so we could only watch the whole ceremony via the big screen (felt a bit like sitting in front of the “habitual” PC screen (at home), though it certainly was really, really big. I’d only got hold of a seat under the balcony, whereas he and the other actors had been sitting somewhere above me.Therefore I’m only entitled to proclaim: I’ve breathed almost the same air as he. Hope for more luck this year! Liked that he referred to bringing his whole family to the Berlin premiere.This gives me cause to believe that he will enjoy his stay maybe even more, because he will be also surrounded by people with whom he can be just Richard (you all know what I mean!)
    Wouldn’t it be so much fun to show him around a bit……..

  11. I’m sure that the whole event will be organized perfectly ;) and I’m waiting for some really good questions.
    PS: Have fun, girls! :D

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