Something to Chill While You’re Waiting for the Berlin Premiere

If this premiere is anything like the one in LA, and I understand it’s even more so, there are people who have spent a long night camping. A little something for them and the rest of you as we wait the last several hours:

Yeah, some cello.

And in case you missed it, the event will be live streamed in a little less than six hours. You can see it here. It should last from 6:20pm to 8:00pm Central European Time. World Clock is here for you to determine the time where you are in relation to Berlin.

Okay, I’m Ready for Berlin, Sir Peter

Yesterday I had to revert to a casual fan to get my bearings before the Desolation of Smaug premiere in Berlin, which I understand is now going to be live streamed here. Starts at 6:20pm Berlin time. For those in the U.S. that’s 12:20pm Eastern Time.

A couple of photos of the preparations.

Maybe it’s me, but it look like there’s still a bit of work to do, but then it wouldn’t be any fun if we could see this completed two days before the event:

Yep, some photos, but how many candid shots will we get of Richard Armitage? I hope we get a lot! And I will admit to wondering what his father looks like. Perhaps some of you already know, but I haven’t been as attentive and did not see any images of him at the London Premiere last year.

Mach die Leica startbereit!

Hobbit Premiere Berlin December 9, 2013Click for more info about the event.

I assume the German fans are aware of Richard Armitage’s plans to attend the Berlin premiere. In fact, the German fans are about the most knowledgeable of his movements. That’s based on my watching almost six years of how they act and react in the fandom. Germans are on it! And they give lots of in-depth assessments as well. I don’t think they can help themselves on this one. It’s generally a German trait to examine the dog out of everything, and I don’t say that as a criticism just an observation.

My view of this characteristic is mostly influenced by having married into a very German clan and thereby knowing lots and lots of Germans or Americans with a strong German ancestry. SO’s parents have almost no other than German. His grandparents and great grandparents also spoke with heavily accented English, and they were the type of people to encourage looking beyond the obvious. Always look beyond the obvious! Never swallow anything whole! It must be thoroughly chewed first! Yep, that’s the German psyche, and a big reason SO has always been into philosophy and theology and generally studying the pursuit of knowledge and truth. Again, none of this is a criticism. I love this about Germans.

The only problem is sometimes they get so into assessing and discussing a subject that they may not be concerned about recording something tangible for others to examine. In this case, I’m thinking we may not get many photos of Richard at the premiere. We’ll hear about it certainly, but I’m afraid the photos will be few. So yeah, this is my encouragement to take a few for the team, Meine Freunde.

My only qualm about this is the Armitage clan will be there. What that means, I don’t know, and whether or not it’s appropriate to take their pictures, I’m not sure. I tend to think their pictures should not be taken except for this comment, which almost seems like an invitation to record their presence:

Man, does he realize what this invites? Seriously, does he know what can happen when he makes a statement like this? Whatever the case, I hope we at least get some photos of him at the event. And I can’t wait to hear assessments. :D

note: feel free to correct my German!