Richard Armitage Gets the Star Treatment Down Under

I think the Aussies like Richard Armitage.

Empire Magazine in Australia made Thorin the only cover available for their January issue.

Yeah, I think they really like him in Australia. :D


  1. Yep. As it should be. ;)

  2. I would love to see the cover. :)

  3. Well, he did do a thang there in May and earned his Richard Freaking Armitage moniker… They really like him.

  4. Well, if any country other than England knows how to breed gorgeous men, it is Australia! They recognize a +10 when they see him…and yes, Richard won them over during his visit. He should make sure he visits them again when PJ calls them in for more pick-ups next year!

  5. Yes he should most certainly visit here again! He seemed to like it here :)

  6. I can tell. :D

  7. I disagree that Australia is the only country – Ryan Gosling *and* Ryan Reynolds, yo! – but I have to say that RA as star of DOS is just as it should be.

  8. Cill,

    I wish I could give your reply some stars!

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