Okay, I’m Ready for Berlin, Sir Peter

Yesterday I had to revert to a casual fan to get my bearings before the Desolation of Smaug premiere in Berlin, which I understand is now going to be live streamed here. Starts at 6:20pm Berlin time. For those in the U.S. that’s 12:20pm Eastern Time.

A couple of photos of the preparations.

Maybe it’s me, but it look like there’s still a bit of work to do, but then it wouldn’t be any fun if we could see this completed two days before the event:

Yep, some photos, but how many candid shots will we get of Richard Armitage? I hope we get a lot! And I will admit to wondering what his father looks like. Perhaps some of you already know, but I haven’t been as attentive and did not see any images of him at the London Premiere last year.


  1. I’ll be working tomorrow during the premiere, as it is 7.30 p.m for me, but I’ll have something to look forward to after work :D

  2. Having seen Mum, I would like to get a glimpse of Dad, too. I worked last night for PRP and twisted my knee getting some photos outside of the theatre and between discomfort and having a couple hundred photos to go through, I never got to sleep afterwards. Benny asked me if I wanted him to either make me stay up all day or conk me on the head to knock me out. I figure now I will just stay up and try to watch the live stream as well as I can out here, and then take a nap. Maybe. The body is tired and mind foggy but it just won’t quite let go . . .
    Looks like this European premiere will be a bit showier than what we got in LA, perhaps . . .

  3. What would I do without you to keep me informed?

    Thank you! Thank you!

  4. Looks as though they are going to put on a good show, great. Last year in London they were building on the day and I wondered if we were in the right Leicester Square lol. I would be surprised if anyone got a photo of Mr A senior, I didn’t know he was there (in London) until RA made the remark about Prince William liking his performance and he admitted because of (his father’s) poor hearing he hadn’t heard it. (I can quite understand having once toured a power station)

  5. RA pic of him at Berlin airport on tumbler – he’s still rocking that cardie!!!

  6. Does anyone know how long the streaming event will last? Approx..

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