Something to Chill While You’re Waiting for the Berlin Premiere

If this premiere is anything like the one in LA, and I understand it’s even more so, there are people who have spent a long night camping. A little something for them and the rest of you as we wait the last several hours:

Yeah, some cello.

And in case you missed it, the event will be live streamed in a little less than six hours. You can see it here. It should last from 6:20pm to 8:00pm Central European Time. World Clock is here for you to determine the time where you are in relation to Berlin.


  1. Well I missed it. I tired to tune in but watched an endless loop of the movie trailer that was playing until the event started. (I assume.) I gave up after two hours of it playing in the background on another tab while I cruised the web looking for fancy ways to wrap my Christmas presents. Please post if someone, and I KNOW someone did, recorded the event and has put it out on the web. Thank you for your blog. I can keep up with Richard nicely this way.

  2. You didn’t miss anything! We have about five hours until it happens. :)

  3. Did your pic freeze / blur quit alot?
    I wish they hadn’t panned to the buildings during his interview!

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