No, No, No, No, and No, Richard Armitage Does Not Die

Some people are afraid Gary Morris will meet his fate. My gut screams no. For two reasons. That’s not Todd Garner’s thing, and I don’t think it’s John Swetnam’s thing either. I could be wrong about Swetnam since he’s still a bit of a dark horse, but c’mon, they can’t tell us anything. That would ruin it. In the meantime, they’re going to mess with our heads, so just bear up. ;D



If you die in this film, well, dammit, man, can we please have a break from that? Oh yeah, you do dying well, but how about some variety?

But I’m not really worried about this since my gut still has a pretty good average if you do recall. No, don’t ask me about Lucas North.

Anyway, this is not a series where you could get stuck.

Yeah, you survive. :D

A fan who wants to see you conquer without sacrificing your life

P.S. And if you do die in this, please slap John Swetnam and Todd Garner for me.


  1. As the one who started this on Twitter…. I will say I don’t actually expect Gary Morris to die in this movie. I’ve been looking for crumbs of story plot online, and there are a few clues that suggest Gary is the Hero/Protagonist of the story. Here are a few quotes that I found about Into the Storm’s plot:

    From Movieweb: “In the span of a single day, the town of Silverton is ravaged by an unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes. The entire town is at the mercy of the erratic and deadly cyclones, even as storm trackers predict the worst is yet to come. Most people seek shelter, while others run towards the vortex, testing how far a storm chaser will go for that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Told through the eyes and lenses of professional storm chasers, thrill-seeking amateurs, and courageous townspeople, Into the Storm throws you directly into the eye of the storm to experience Mother Nature at her most extreme.”

    From Slash films: “The Cloverfield-esque project follows a group of teenage storm chasers who get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture one of the most destructive storms in American history. As tornado after tornado slams a small town, sending its residents into hiding, the kids come out and try to document the goings-on. Armitage plays a widowed father who teams with the storm chasers to rescue his son from the destruction.”

    That suggests that he’s the hero of the story.

    And the reason I think he’s going to survive comes from a John Swetnam interview (which I forgot to write down where it came from, sorry).
    “Todd Garner, a big time producer who has produced 100’s of movies, emailed my agent saying he had read and liked some of the found footage I had done. It was a three word email and it said, “Inspirational, tornado and POV.” I had lived in Nashville and my friends lost everything in a tornado and as soon as I saw those three words, I knew exactly how to tell this story in a very different way.”

    Having said that I don’t expect Gary to die in this movie, I will not be shocked if he does, because after all, Richard does seem to have contracted the Sean-Bean-Character-Death Curse. :-P

  2. Hoping Gary survives. After Guy, Lucas, Porter and Thorin to come, well, dang it–it’s time!! But I did wonder about Sarah Wayne Callies’ character when she said something in the USA Today article about how she kept doing projects where he characters die . . . ???

  3. nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh *hands over ears* I’m not listening to that, Angie.

  4. As the old song goes…(yes I know the context is completely different! ;) ) “No! No! A thousand times no!!” They surely couldn’t do this to us. I refuse to contemplate it even for a second. He HAS to be the “very much alive hero” when the movie ends. C’mon Todd and John! That’s the way it *has* to be! ;)

  5. To spoil or not to spoil? For spoilers, recent Nathan Kress interviews have provided some interesting tidbits about the characters. No word of character death, however. At least we know Bernard Hare is alive and well, no no chopping off Chop’s head or any other part for Urban and the Shed Crew. Happy Richarding!

  6. I think some people are concerned because iirc Todd is associated with “Final Destination” series.

  7. Oh geez I never even thought about the possibility of Gary’s passing (sorry but everytime I type “Gary” I think of SpongeBob)! But yesterday I got an email entitled, “OK Give me the Bad News” from a friend who is a brand-spanking-new RA fan. She wrote,

    “Does Thorin die at the end of the 3rd part? Haven’t read the book but have started it. Someone was lamenting after seeing the trailer for the “Storm” movie and was listing the characters that RA has done who die and Thorin was listed. Say it isn’t true!

    We may have to institute a support group for Dead RA Characters?!

  8. I think if anyone dies in this film it will be the storm chaser guy looking for the perfect storm footage …. same way Cary Elwes died in Twister

  9. There might be hope yet as to whether he dies or not. Usually in found film footage, it’s understood that the protagonists die, although I’m confused as to why they have regular camera shots of the airport and the planes, and the far shot of them running across the screen as that’s not found footage style at all. So knowing that he had to do pick ups last year, and the two times they screened it, there could just be hope that his character lives.

    When they first screened the movie Ronin years ago, the fate of the female character was clear, and everyone complained about it during the screening. So they changed the ending to give her character a hanging ending – that she simply escaped and moved on instead of having been taken by the terrorists and killed.

    Here’s hoping that’s what happened during the first screening and it was back to the drawing board for everyone and then the shooting of new scenes…so keep your fingers crossed :)

  10. Morrighansmuse, you’re not alone in your confusion. There seems to be a disconnect between the few bits of plotline the studio has released and the two teaser trailers. When I hear the term “found footage” I too assume that at least one of the major characters involved is going to be dead and/or missing, otherwise it wouldn’t be “found”. But most of the footage in the trailers is not personal camera footage. However, when you look at the still photographs and screenshots, there are always several characters with cameras in their hands, so I’m sure that will figure in, in some way.

    There are two things that make me think either Richard or Sarah, or both may die. One is the original logline for the movie, that it is about “a group of high school students” dealing with the aftermath of a devastating tornado. No mention of the movie’s two leading adults there. That could suggest the adults die and the kids are left to deal with it. The other thing that makes me think one or both of the grown ups may die is that they are the focus of the teasers and stills, portrayed as romantic heroes going up against tremendous obstacles (even if they’ve only just met). Often, in disaster movies, one of these romantic heroes doesn’t make it.

    But, as you pointed out, they’ve done several test screenings, and reshot scenes/did pickups at least two separate times that I recall, and pushed back the movie’s release, all of which suggests that they rewrote the script and made changes to the story. So you never know.

    John’s quote (which is in my first post above) about what Todd told him to write: “Inspirational, tornado, POV”, does raise another question for me. Is it more inspirational for the hero to live, or for him/her to give up his/her life to save others? One would think the latter, but then, would it be too much of a downer if the hero’s death left his sons orphans? I think that might be the only reason they’d keep Gary alive, to be honest.

    We shall see in a few months. :D

  11. I’m banking on the husband storm chaser. He strikes me like the Star Trek crew member we never saw before, who gets beamed down with Kirk and Spock. He always had a different name, it was always a different crew member, but that all could have called Will Dyesoon.

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