So What’s Your Reaction to the Trailer?

This kind of sums it up for parts of RA Universe:

So a puffy shirt and a forceful rescue do it for some of you? Or is it just Richard’s presence anywhere? :D

What say you?


  1. I feel a bit like a fan of the “Danny Noonan” storyline in Caddyshack. As in, the reason I’m seeing this movie is not really its raison d’etre — in the case of “Into the Storm,” it’s a thriller/special-effects movie, not a Richard Armitage-centric film. (Which is totally okay, but just saying.)

    That said, “Into the Storm” looks very entertaining. And unlike some other recent Armitage projects, it will have a beginning, middle, and end — all in the same movie! #winning

  2. I like your optimism!

  3. If this is coupled with a good storyline – and I can’t imagine RA would be in anything less – then the intensity of something this disastrous will be spellbinding.

  4. I thought the trailer looks awesome. I’ve watched the trailer twice and still I was blown away by the visual effects or was that Richard Armitage?

  5. Not my cup of tea… I think I’ll give this one a miss ;-)

  6. lol #winning, indeed! My main thought during this clip was solely: “Significant Arseitage”. And that will be my blog about it. And that’s pretty much my whole reaction, as my reaction to tornadoes is queasy at best. I’ll be going to see it despite the fact that it’s about my lifelong nemeses.

  7. Let’s hope Janine.

  8. I’m hoping RA outshines (maybe I need another word there) the fx, or at least the fx complement his acting.

  9. I hear you Suse, but I guess this movie is the test that I really am the bag for Richard Armitage.

  10. Will there be screencaps? I still haven’t made any. I’m counting on all of you to show me the finer points of this trailer.

  11. Someone asked me the same question at my RA Facebook page, and I said, “Pandemonium.” Pretty much what I imagine one would feel like if caught in such a dire situation. If If hadn’t known the actors appearing in the project, I don’t know that I would have necessarily recognized them.(well, other than RA). ;) The emphasis is definitely on the action and F/X rather than the humans.

    Not my favorite genre (in Real Life tornadoes strike real fear in me. I’ve known/known off too many people who lost homes and lives. I have never seen the movie Twister, either). That being said, I am excited to get the chance to see Richard on screen again in a new character, without heavy prosthetics and yes, with the whole story in ONE film. And hopefully, he WILL survive.

  12. I’ve done so. It was arduous, but I live to serve. I may have to toil a bit more to see if I can refine. CLICK click clickclickclick

  13. Oh. oops, sorry., if you don’t mind my linking. If you do, my apologies.

  14. I’m like you, Angie. I’ve seen too much devastation, but I think I might be able to work myself up to some humor. We’ll see.

  15. No problem linking, Christine. In fact, I made it a hyperlink.

  16. Yeah, I think between us experiencing several hurricanes (Opal, Ivan and Katrina) and then all the devastation and death from April’s Fury tornadoes from a couple of years ago, I have storm fatigue. Oh, well—it’s certainly GOT to be better than the average Scy-Fy movie (speaking of Sharknado). I should show Benny the trailer later and see what he thinks. The planes will make him groan, I suspect LOL

  17. to be honest I’ll support anything RA is in….that does not necessarily mean I’ll like everything he’s involved in but so far I have not been disappointed so I suspect/hope it will be the same with Into The Storm…

    the only thing that caught my attention was his lean body, his glorious buttocks….mmmhmmmm….

  18. Well , I am definitely more scared than horny right now…Must speak to my significant other….

  19. I felt a little like I did with “Gravity”…how much will go wrong in this movie?…and will it be “believable”?….That said…I could care less and will go and hope for the best! RArmy unite!

  20. I can’t wait to hear his American accent! I’m also anxious to see him in a leading role without prosthetics! Bring it on!

  21. “The power of nature is both terrifying and awe-inspiring, but what is more inspiring than that is the power of human nature.”

    The Armitage speaks, via The Hollywood Reporter.

    And this is why I will go see this movie. Because he gets it.

  22. They had me until the planes.which made me hope it wouldn’t get all Day After Tomorrow silly.
    I plan to see it if I can.

  23. The planes turned me off big time….Will only see if reviews are good.

  24. Hey! I liked Day After Tomorrow – though the reason that really stuck with me is because of the people who left the library and ended up getting hit by the ice front. I couldn’t get the children out of my head after that, that they ended up dead that way. Anyway, ! I hear you abut the planes though…that’s when I just about rolled my eyes. But I’ll wait till more trailers come out and they’ll show more character development. We’re supposed to be rooting for the humans, right?

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