Prepared to Be Blown Away?

And other useful euphoria. Mainly I’m wondering if we get to hear you know who speak.

Here goes:


  1. Well, we got to hear him–a little. Looks exciting and brings back bad memories of the tornado that tore through Talladega one school day when I was teaching there. Oh, that roar—-

  2. just the sound of that siren had me tensing up. we live right beside one of those things, so I can’t exactly ignore it but even so, when the siren goes off, you pay attention!

  3. Is that a pun. I am dis-‘gust’-ed with you.

  4. Drat. I was hoping he would say something understandable.

    I have mixed emotions about a tornado movie, but I’ll probably go see it! LOL!

    Cill, That’s what I couldn’t resist — the lame pun.

  5. I can’t resist them either (‘gust’-wind-tornado) :-D

  6. Now who’s disgusting? :D

  7. Oh, I got it. You’re just too quick on the draw (okay, that one’s stretching).

  8. Wow

  9. @Frenz He said, ” hold on.” It was an exemplary example of an Oklahoma accent. You’d never know he was British. Every Okie I know says “hold on” that way. I know two. I was saying to a friend, I figure I’ll leave the theater saying, “that wasn’t so bad.” But those planes being tossed around in the sky reminded me of the sharks flying in Sharknado. :)

  10. It’s almost impossible to make something this surreal that’s not fodder for a parody. But I’m glad ’cause now I can make jokes and not feel bad.

  11. You’re glad I made the first joke. LOL. I was too timid to make it on my own blog.

  12. We’re just getting started, Perry. :D

  13. Can’t honestly say I shall go see it or the one he’s filming at the moment. More of a history geek myself… ;) Now when he does RIII – that’s a whole other thing!

  14. @RAFrenzy: It’s only stretching because “gusts” are more appropriate to hurricanes :-D

    That’s the reason I am not going to try to make any jokes about the director not being a blowhard when he talked about his film. ;-)

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