Yep, I am Insane. It’s Official


I think I have gone insane for real, but I’ve done this for SO. I swear. He’s a Kevin Spacey fan. Actually, the whole family are fans especially second oldest daughter. She had a massive crush on Spacey when she was a teen. I told her, “You do realize he’s older than I am?” She said, “I don’t care. He has a beautiful mind.” This may explain why her current boyfriend is 12 years older. Oy. No, seriously, I like her boyfriend and SO does too.

But where was I?

Oh yeah, talking about something I did that’s nuts. I entered the drawing for The House of Cards. When SO was sick and could barely do anything, he watched a lot of shows on Netflix, and that was one of them. He’s loved Spacey since The Usual Suspects.

That means if by some freak chance I win this contest, SO is going to love it. Touring the set of the show, eating barbeque with Kevin Spacey. Yep, that’s why I’ve done this. The BBQ is the perfect capper.

Freddy's BBQ Joint
SO is a major barbeque fan. Yeah, that’s what this is about and not because I’m caught up in the hysteria of this fan odyssey and just can’t stop spending money. I’m a tightwad, people!

Dear Mr. Spacey.

See, even a tightwad will spend money on fan shtuff. Hope you’re thinking about that video for The Crucible. Oh you don’t know what I’m talking about? I explain it here. And just so you know, there are lots of us who will push the video on our sites.

Richard’s Crazy Fan, a fan whose purse strings have been irrevocably loosened by the man who played the tall, dark, handsome, cotton-mill owner

Actually, I am celebrating. I just finished two huge projects, and I’m about to get a serious paycheck. This also means that friends who have been waiting on me to help them finish their projects will now have my time more freely beginning Monday of next week — at least until the first part of July.


  1. Congressman Underwood represents SC’s 5th district which includes Cherokee county where, if you’re traveling I-85, you may see the peachoid (we jokingly refer to it as the hemorrhoid). Too bad younger daughter wasn’t traveling to or from her public school teaching job when this pic was taken. Only Mr. Spacey could make the peachoid hip.!00tw9

  2. Whatever it is, what you’re doing …
    And whoevern it is for …

    GO FOR IT!

    Hmmm … Okay, so if you win and go with SO, your second oldest daughter will probably torture you to death. But that’s fine, isn’t it? I mean, it’s for SO …


    Good luck, Frenz! :-D

  3. If I win, it will have to be SO and second oldest daughter, or she will kill me.

  4. Hmpf.

    To make it clear and unmisunderstandable: If you get (win/find/buy) something enjoyable, something good – enjoy it!

    We only have one life (as far as we know for certain). Don’t take the joy out of it because of being too careful.Be sensible, but don’t ruin what you have.

  5. Oh, sorry, I typed that before I saw your reply.

  6. I appreciate the words! :)

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