Timeout for Robin Williams

Man, I am sad. I just read a report that Robin Williams is dead and the cause may be suicide. That is a sucker punch.

I feel for and will pray for his family but shaking my head right now.

This is how I will remember him — with his twinkling eyes:



  1. I am heartbroken–I have always loved Robin Williams and feel like I have been punched in the lungs at his untimely loss. RIP, Mr. Williams–many people have you to thank for many smiling moments and you will be missed forever for the one of a kind talent that you’ve always been.

  2. I am stunned. RIP Mr. Williams. You brought laughter and joy to so many and your light still shines on.

  3. This made me incredibly sad. I remembered how my sister and I loved watching him as Mork and thought he was so cute and adorable. And then all the roles that followed, that rapid-fire wit of his. Yes, Robin, you will very much be missed. RIP.

  4. Infinitely sad that a man who has brought happiness to so many is gone. He’ll always be Mork to me. Nanoo, nano, and so much more…

  5. WordPress won’t let me type Nanoo a second time. I think he’d have loved the idiocy of that…

  6. I think you’re right. :)

  7. I am heartbroken. A large part of my childhood memories involves seeing that wonderful face and hearing his unmistakable, manic voice. I’ll miss you, Robin Williams.

  8. He made me happy so many times

  9. Such a great loss and I am saddened. He was an incredibly gifted mimic, a wonderful dramatic actor and a fantastic comedian. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

  10. He was definitely a creative genius if there ever was one…. I think genius may bring its own burdens. He himself always seemed like a ray of sunshine, so sad that he was experiencing this darkness of depression within. He will be so greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers going out for his family and friends.

  11. He was also bi-polar. It literally pains me when these things happen, and they seem to happen too often.

  12. For Prue and Robin, I’m going to do it. Nanoo nanoo!

  13. With great genius often comes great pain, they say. I’ve always disliked this stereotype, but regrettably sometimes it’s true.
    Robin Williams was undoubtedly one of the greatest comedic geniuses of all time, but his specialty was what I call conversational improvisation.
    Here he is hijacking the stage at the TED Conference in 2008

  14. What a tragic loss. Such a talented actor and comedian. He will be missed. :(

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