Poor Richard

It seems there is an epidemic which was first noticed on Facebook:

Area Facebook User Incredibly Stupid

Michael Huffman the Dumbass

DOYLESTOWN, PA—Describing him as frequently frustrated and overwhelmed, sources confirmed Monday that local Facebook user Michael Huffman is incredibly stupid. “I need stuff easy,” said the absolute dipshit, adding that he finds many things confusing, and that those things must be changed so that they make sense to him.

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This article was the Onion’s response to Facebook’s plan to put the hashtags #satire and possibly #comedy on the Onion’s FB posts. It’s all because of the condition known as Drawing Unwarranted Misinterpretations from Bullshit, and this propensity now seems to be on Twitter and infecting Richard Armitage and some of those around him.

Oh shit!

Dear Richard,

I want to apologize for the fake fan letter to Elliott Lester and how it may have negatively affected him and you! I’ve had my tongue in my cheek so long I didn’t realize you and some others would actually take me seriously. This fear of being taken seriously is one reason I started using so damn many emoticons a few years ago. Before I did that, oh man, it was hell. I’m not a great writer you see, so I had to do something to make it clear I was teasing. But I guess the emoticons weren’t enough huh? Yes, I KNOW you read my fake fan letter to Elliott or somehow got wind of it and felt so put upon you had to actually provide a photo. No, don’t bother denying. I KNOW you did.

I just wish I had known you are both stupid. If I had, I would have put the ‘bullshit’ tag on that post, so you would not have suffered any mental anguish. And I NEVER would have said this when you were so kind to provide a beautiful photo:

Glasses Tweet

Oh man, I am so sorry. It was a sacrilege. I know that now, and please, no worries about acquiring glasses. I’ll just take the photo as it is, and every time I look at it, I will feel duly ashamed of myself for being so bold.

A crazy fan who really, really, really didn’t mean to ruin your day and would love to know how I could make it up to you.

P.S. I guess I need to face the fact you’re an action fan who needs the dots connected. Yes, this is bullshit.

Watch someone think I really believe Richard Armitage is stupid. Oy.

Whatever, it seems Armitage Protection Mode is alive and well. (I wonder if it ever hits those infected that they’re trying to protect a 43 year old man LOL!)

And I have always wanted to title a post with that phrase. I’ve also been dying to use that Onion story. :D

edit: dropping the snark for a moment but just a moment. For those who are confused, just know that it seems some fans thought Richard Armitage was badgered into providing us a picture. To wit:

RA’s Diary — Gluteal Dreams

Whenever I think of Richard Armitage these days, I mostly think what he may be doing about his career. I also remember he’s a sly one at times as he was when he was shooting Captain America. No one knew about that until he was in the middle of it, and I chuckled to myself at the time and then I wrote this:

RA’s Diary

Entry — On Location with Captain America

The afternoon before my shoot:

I finally got to Manchester and met with the production people. It was fantastic to be back on a movie set. Much different from “Frozen.” So much has changed in just a few years, and this picture has some serious money behind it. When I was younger, I’m not sure I cared about that, but now? I understand the importance of capitalizing these things after all of the legwork I’ve done on Richard III. I will definitely be taking notes. Wonder what Dad would think of a comic book version of RIII? No, no, I could never do that, but damn that would be funny. Visions of Monty Python run through my head.

My only real irritation right now is the potential for a gaggle of women to show up on the fringes of the set. Please God don’t let that happen. I already have too many friends trying to take the mickey out of me about that, and it’s hard to be taken seriously when a bunch of middle-aged women indulging their fantasies are standing around. And I just want to work without having to be cordial. But I will be polite if need be because it’s my middle name. I’ve certainly had that beat into my head. As it is the hair on the back of my neck was on end at one point when I was standing in the street getting instructions about my shoot tomorrow. Thankfully, I saw no women and only a couple of guys taking video from their cameras. I almost hate video cameras.

[click to enlarge]

The next evening:

One of those guys put video on YouTube, and there I am in the middle of it. I tried to make myself smaller when I caught them in my peripheral vision, but I’ve never been able to scrunch down enough to hide. What was I thinking? And I felt like I was 16 again and couldn’t decide between embracing my size and wanting to be invisible. Even if I could have made myself shorter, I guess my arse is recognizable and some make a study of it. There is that one blogger who goes on about my thighs, which I guess are part of my arse, and yeah, when I wore black leather there were a lot of flattering comments. Maybe it’s not so bad, and I didn’t really mind my prison scene or my boiler suit scene. That did make me feel good for a while, and of course there was my scene with Julie. But those were my naked arse and not my covered arse. Shit! Why did I have to wear that stupid jacket? I need some long coats and a few more hats.

Sorry but I had to get inside Richard’s head again. It helps me stay in touch with my X chromosomes.

For some who have no sense of humor or who are action fans, YES, this is a fake entry.


At no time in the writing of this entry did I imagine I was really speaking for Richard Armitage nor did I deceive myself into thinking I really know his thoughts. Therefore, there is no need to involve his agent or publicist in what is supposed to be humorous. Of course I realize tone on the net is not always properly conveyed, and hey, I’m not a writer (I just have lots of crap I want to say), so I’m not taking the chance of being misconstrued.

Have a nice day. :D

Note: I’m blaming my lack of inhibition about posting this on my cold medicine and having just read James Franco’s Actor’s Anonymous. ;p

Photo courtesy of Hobbsy and his video from whence the photo was taken, if you’re interested. :D

Armitage Protection Mode, A Real Bargain


June 20, 2011

This post was actually written several months ago, but hey, it’s apropos just about anytime I’m afraid.

Dear Richard,

I guess I’m not a good fan since my obsession doesn’t extend to protecting your honor. LOL! Sorry that laugh slipped out, but the thought of doing that is so absurd I couldn’t help myself. I have every confidence you can protect your own honor, and seem to be handling it just fine without my help.

Now I will admit to being hacked about the ending of the latest series of Spooks, and wanting to go on the defensive about your part in it. But man, it’s frustrating to see that kind of storyline when you deserve better, and really, I would have been hacked no matter who played Lucas. You just raised my expectations much higher than usual, so the disappointment was heightened and the need to vent about it greater. But really, that’s about a consumer being dissatisfied.

There are fans, however, who are very good at protecting your interests. I’ve encountered several of them during this fan odyssey, and they are so good at it, that I’m not sure you should have to pay anyone to do this for you. :D These people will do it for free! And they’re gooood! Yes, I already said that but am compelled to reiterate. Oh man, are they good! My occasional reddened hands and ringing ears are testament to that. So if you ever get tired of handling this yourself or paying a pr person or a bodyguard, I know where you can get some cheap labor.

Then again, maybe I’m also afflicted with Armitage Protection Mode since I’m here trying to save you some money. ;-)

One of your fans who doesn’t even want to think you need protecting. I’m just here to watch.

P.S. And you really have screwed yourself on ever using a beard as a disguise.

note: yes, it is a fake fan letter. If you had any doubt, then perhaps this note is necessary. Of course I would have put it here anyway for the action fans. :D

Hopefully we can all stay out of Armitage Protection Mode (aka APM), since it’s a drag.

Promo still courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

The Next Day

In my last post I mentioned my gut is rarely wrong, and iz4blue wanted to know what I was talking about. Below is a post I was planning to make the day after RA’s birthday but didn’t because I really am trying to stay out of the guy’s head, and I just never got around to finishing it to my satisfaction. Then I was reading Peter Jackson’s “defense” of RA being cast, and it came to me that Peter Jackson and I may have the same “gut.” :D

My previous, unpublished post:

RA’s Diary

Entry — August 23, 2010:

40 is less than a year away, and I got a late start. That’s what everyone keeps saying, and I’m tired of hearing it, but I understand. Thankfully 40 is practically the new 20. But in this profession 30 is sometimes the new 40. I get it but it’s a distraction.

End of Entry

It seems we’re continually told that actors in their 30s just coming to our attention are late bloomers. If it is not always said expressly, the media’s attention on actors in their 20s seems to send a strong message. I was thinking about this and glanced up at my blog’s header picture, which has always reminded me of another actor whom I really like, and he was not a spring chicken when he first made it big. He was 43.

The whole issue of the late bloomer is fascinating. No one sets out to be a late bloomer but rather circumstances conspire against them. However circumstances may frustrate their desires, oftentimes they are so intent on something else, that circumstances be damned and sometimes conventions flouted if need be. It is this sometimes maniacal focus on something else which usually makes them so beautiful. For Viggo Mortensen it’s about artistic expression. He reminds me so much of RA, or I guess out of respect for Viggo’s age and success, I should say RA reminds me of Viggo.

Viggo makes an excellent point about artistic expression. “It’s a way of living,” and it should be honest like a child. For me it’s the continual succumbing to the need for honest expression that’s so splendid to watch, and yes, everyone has the potential to be an artist. Getting at the truth is the key, and that requires a fearlessness that always gets my respect. This demand for honesty is certainly what makes RA’s performances so compelling and sometimes startling. The ring of truth is always sublime.

I love that he is also so startlingly honest when interviewed:

‘I don’t put it about. Never have. I’m a late developer in everything. I have a fast mind and fast metabolism, and I’m an intense worker, but in terms of life development I’m way behind.’

You know, I wonder if being a late starter isn’t the key to Armitage’s vast appeal. By the time we first clapped eyes on him as John Thornton, he was already a proper grown man, in sharp contrast to all those snub-nosed pretty boys who pass for movie stars these days.

Read the rest here.

Yep, Allison, I’ll take the man who has found his voice over the boys who have yet to say anything interesting, and I thought this when I was 20.

If anyone reading this is an RA fan and has not read Allison’s article, get over there quickly and do so. It’s a real treat and is definitely one of my favorite articles on him. I also just happen to love many other articles of Allison’s even if she’s not politically correct for some of you. LOL!

Until someone comes along who has the ability to bring Richard Armitage to the attention of the rest of the world, I’m content for RA to focus on what he will.

Enter Peter Jackson, who apparently recognizes the kindred spirit of an artist. So it’s not just about eye candy. Although I give Peter Jackson credit for understanding how to get a movie made. It requires energy and money. You don’t make such big budget pictures unless you understand how to generate both. In an Entertainment Weekly interview he “defends” his selection of Richard Armitage. Oh brother. I say that affectionately! Anyone who thinks that’s actually a defense needs to think again. RA is almost a virtual unknown outside the UK. Peter has to do something to get his name out and in a way that creates buzz. How better to do it than to respond to doubts from LOTR fans about him being cast. Pardon me if my jaded self isn’t buying the “controversy.” But hey, whatever it takes, Peter. Whatever it takes! I’m behind you.

And I assume RA is taking notes for his future big budget project. :D

note: I only have two problems with my gut: 1) I don’t heed it enough; 2) when it’s wrong, it’s very wrong. LOL!

edit: In case it’s not clear, the RA Diary entry is a fake. Yes, my friend, it’s about as fake as it gets. That’s why I have a tag called “Fake Diary.” But I put this edit here for the action fans who may need it spelled out. ;-)

No, It’s Not Just You or Me Can Like Action Flicks Too

I thought I could rationalize! But it seems others are raising the bar.

“Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t see SB as the typical “action” movie – and no RA is not clouding my judgement. I haven’t read the book yet (on my list – gotta get through “The Pillars of the Earth” first) but I would be interested in watching SB even if RA was not in it – the politics, the moral dilemma, the facing one’s past are all interesting to me – and a few sexy scenes and the occasional kicking in of doors is good too! And when you think of it, many of these same themes appear in period dramas/books as well…
Maybe I’m just being fooled by the trailers – heaven knows that happens all the time – but I just wish I had a chance to see SB when it airs in the UK…now where did I put “Pillars”…”tyme4t’s comment on “What makes a bunch of prissy period drama lovers become action fans?”

I must keep up!

She makes some good points. Period dramas and action flicks do have something in common, and I can name it in one word: romance. It’s the romance that we all love. I’m including the men. It’s romantic to them for some guy to kick ass whether it be a foreign enemy or one at home. But it doesn’t really matter if the enemy is personified as long as some guy is conquering something including something in his past. I don’t care how macho or seemingly mild mannered the man is, they all seem to love this, and a lot of women love it too. I know I love to see someone overcome something or someone (bad guy or problem guy). Really love it when it’s a good guy making things right even if it’s not all tied up in a pretty package at the end. It’s usually better if it’s not all tied up in a pretty package.

But I think most of us also love a good chess game even if it’s not on the chess board. That is fascinating, and what tyme4t was probably getting at with politics, moral dilemmas, etc. There’s an air of romance about catching someone before they catch you and especially if you’re having to deal with your baggage while doing it. Actually, that’s only romantic in a book or a movie. In real life it can be a bitch to deal with baggage while you’re trying to do something significant. I think that’s one reason it’s romanticized in books ’cause maybe we can fantasize that it’s romantic when we’re going through it. I would venture to say that all those SAS are turned on by the same thing — the romance of what they’re doing, the romance of the chase, and there doesn’t always have to be a girl involved. When it’s not about country of course. Whatever the case, I don’t think it’s all about patriotism.

Just for grins I did a search on Chris Ryan and the word ‘romance’. I actually came up with something. He wrote a romance novel. LOL! It’s under the pseudonym Molly Jackson (isn’t Chris Ryan a pseudonym?). Maybe that’s old news for some of you, but I got a chuckle out of it. I don’t know if the book is was worth a flip. It didn’t seem to have many reviews. But something motivated him to write that book, and I don’t think it was money. He’s too well established in his genre to venture out just to make money. No, it was something else. Not sure anything he’s said publicly would shed light on the reason, but it would be interesting to know his reasons (more useless crap for me to remember). All I know right now is if Chris Ryan wrote a romance novel, it’s not a far stretch to imagine him watching some period dramas. Yep, he’s one of us. I’ll claim him. :D

After reading up on Chris Ryan, I feel like he’s a buddy. We share similar tastes in drama, and on a much lesser note, two of his creations have featured RA. So I have to put up his picture.

What makes a bunch of prissy period drama lovers become action fans?


No, I don’t think every period drama lover is prissy, since I are one now. But I do find it funny that many of us who hardly ever watch something like Strike Back cannot wait for it to get here! I even read the book. Hope Chris Ryan is proud.

Oh, and, I saw video of the premiere over at RichardArmitageNet.com and have to share it. Here’s a screencap below. Love that profile! You can watch here or get your own copy here.

edit: For those of you who read this entry earlier, yes, I did have the video loaded on my page. But it was not syncing right, so I canned it and put up a link and a screencap instead.

If you want to download your own copy of any promo clips or screencaps of Strike Back, go to this page on RichardArmitageNet.com, which is run by Wendy and Ali. Along with Annette, who runs RichardArmitageOnline.com, they make up what I think of as the triumviRAte. You want to know anything about RA’s career, go to one or both of those sites. You will not be disappointed, and be sure to sign their guestbook!

Screencap is mine. I had to capture that profile.