Whoever gets my organs…

I will perhaps be an organ donor some day. For now, it’s on my driver’s license that I’m willing. If you’ve read much of my blog, you know why, and frankly, it is the very least I can do to give back. But lately I’ve wondered what would happen to my organ recipient, since SO has expressed an interest in foods he never liked before, and lo and behold his organ donor loved those same foods.

Then I see this:

I hope whoever gets my organs is prepared to be a complete nut about talk, dark Englishmen who have fantastic voices and who look like this:


Dear Rich,

I would say this whether The Crucible gets a download in the U.S. or not; however, someone’s head is going to roll if we don’t. Metaphorically speaking that is. :D

Realistically speaking it means there will be those who watch the download whether it occurs in the U.S. or not. And the sad truth is that most of them will do it for free.

A crazy fan who would prefer to pay for the privilege

P.S. Can you pitch a fit to ensure we get a download in the U.S.? *trying to think of some appropriate American slang for this*

P.P.S. Just so you know, I do very much appreciate what you’ve done so far for the fans. Maybe just a little fit? :D

note: I got the image from this Pinterest board. I would dearly love to know where it is from originally. Someone please, please tell me.


  1. I used have organ donor on my driver license. but decided not to have it on my driver’s license when I renewed it. As for the picture of Richard that you are using, I saw that on Getty Images and it’s by Leslie Hassler.

    It is one of my favorite pictures of him. :)

  2. Thank you, Denise! I was drawing a blank. I think you’re right about it being Leslie Hassler, and I think from the NY Moves article.

  3. The image looks like a crop of this Leslie Hassler photo from the NY shoot last year around this time. http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/british-actor-richard-armitage-is-photographed-for-self-news-photo/187897172
    Hope that helps! :)

  4. LOL and that’s what happens when the page doesn’t refresh! Sorry for the repeat info. :)

  5. Now that is an interesting thought. I’m marked yes, too. I kinda like that thought. My potential future recipient watching North and South repeatedly while eating artichokes… lol.

  6. No problem, Zan. I sometimes have to hear the same things over and over. :D

  7. My thoughts exactly…. my blood kind of ran cold to read “available for download….. I believe” in U.S.

    I can’t figure out what kind of logic by copyright holder would make downloads of this performance available across U.K. but not in U.S…. Our dollars don’t spend as well as their pounds & Euros? (scratching my head) I stand ready to spend! What’s wrong with this picture?? :)

    Thanks for going to bat for us!!!

  8. jholland, Hmm. artichokes. I’ll have to try that. For me it’s Mexican food while I’m watching. Specifically tamales. They just seem fitting since I can’t eat just one.

  9. I’ve also committed as an organ donor for a while…. this is intriguing info. My organ donor could expect to love Richard Armitage, Switchfoot, hummus, Jesus & Adele! (not in that order :)

  10. SH, took the words out of my mouth on the blood running cold. He seemed frustrated too.

    Interesting list. :D

  11. My organ recipient will suddenly turn into a vegetarian with the hots for Ciarán Hinds. In that case I hope my organs go to some macho beef eating type, LOL :)

  12. Wot? Rebecca Miller is STILL isn’t an RA fangirl? Get with the program, woman. And you don’t need to ditch hubby to do it. There’s room for all!

    On another note: perhaps we need to organize group viewing sessions of said download in private homes? I volunteer to cover Brooklyn, New York….

  13. “Is still not a fangirl,” I meant to stay. We’re literate, Ms. Miller, really we are.

  14. Yeah, I like that photo series. I just didn’t like the NY Moves interview, so I think I somehow blocked it out of my head where the photos came from. What an amateurish bunch of shit that site is, and that’s not a commentary on the subject matter of Richard Armitage’s article but how poorly the article was written and a few others over there. Even the site is put together by an amateur. Sorry to go off on that, but I still shake my head at how that place was/is run. If I had been unethical, I could have hacked that site in about two minutes. Thankfully, someone over there finally put a little bit of security on the place.

  15. I have graver reservations about Gotham (I think it was), the magazine which cancelled the RA interview after NY Moves came out. That seemed very dubious to me.

  16. I think we’re living in a day and age when there are a lot of startups, and so you’re going to have some craziness. What I didn’t like about NY Moves is some haughtiness going on over there and all when they were pitifully put together. If Marlise Boland was on her high horse, I would feel this way about her too, but she’s not. I mean what I said in the other thread that she is a nice person. Ambitious and nice.

    I feel a rant coming which is not directed at you, Cill. It’s just something I’ve seen too many times and can’t help commenting on. Women tend to be hardest on other women. We say we want women to succeed, and then when they try to confidently go out and do that (not be an arrogant bitch while doing it but just be confident), we despise the confidence. I have seen this kind of shit attitude for most of my life. It is stunning to me how women do this to each other. I hate it. I’m not entirely sure what causes this. I could speculate, but that’s all it would be. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on in the minds of women. I just know that in general women have a problem with each other about this issue. I will speculate one thing. I think most times, it’s motivated by insecurity. Women who succeed are a threat to other women. That’s how the behavior seems. I could be wrong.

  17. Okay, that rant probably should have been done on another blog piece. It’s here now, and I’m not going to move it, but I was compelled to say it because the general attitudes of women toward each other is sad to me. I wish we were further along, but I know we’re not. I also do not like the sniping and jealousy that comes along with this fixation on Richard Armitage. I try to keep the hell away from it, but I’ve gotten swiped a couple of times, and I don’t think (at least I hope not) that I have ever acted like I was something special. Are you kidding me? I’m doing good to even be here in the first place. And when I say that, I’m talking about writing this blog. I am not a writer by nature. That is not me. I am a numbers and a patterns person. It is what I do. I can’t help it. I almost hate it, but it’s what I’m good at so I keep going back to it. Communicating in written form is work! And no, writing a comment here or there or writing my opinion in a blog piece is not work either, but then it’s not real writing to me. It’s just me spouting my opinions.

  18. One more thing. I may be cranky because my basement flooded this weekend and I spent almost all day Saturday messing with it, and I’m still not completely done.

  19. Oh man…. sorry about your basement :/ what a pain!
    Wishing you good luck with that today!

    I think you are pretty close to the mark, sad to say, re: female jealousy. I get nervous when I occasionally see what seems to be misplaced jealousy about RA himself (don’t think I need to be more specific, & I won’t be). I get the impression he does like Marlise, and I don’t think she has abused that. I’m sure there are others, so I’m not really singling her out. But I agree that she deserves some credit for what she’s accomplished within her wheelhouse- which I guess is all any of us can do :)

    (And you do too, girlfriend :) Most of my blogger friends are superwomen to me! )

  20. I didn’t think it was a rant directed at me @Frenz because I didn’t actually say anything negative about Marlise. In fact, I’ve never done so and usually have to bite my tongue when other Armitage fans (in what SH rightly calls ‘misplaced jealousy’) rag on her. I’m 1 of out 4 people I know of in the fandom that unreservedly like her interviews with him and like what we see of her.
    I agree about the tearing down of other women, but like SH I’m not sure that’s what’s at play specifically with Marlise or some of the other female interviewers and entrepreneurs. I’m willing to entertain the notion that the syndrome you’ve detailed is partly to blame, but this isn’t my first fandom and I’m aware that there are other motivations involved when good-looking single actors are photographed and interviewed by female professionals. (Or even meet female fans. I’ve heard some stuff in RA fandom that says that SH’s description applies to reactions to a number of fan-RA interactions).

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