FanstRAvaganza 3

The third annual FanstRAvaganza is over for this year (was the week of March 12-18). But what is it? An event where bloggers post for a week on various and sundry goodness about Richard Armitage and his fans. My posts:

It’s All About Richard Armitage, Baby!

Let the Conversation Begin

Understanding Richard Armitage

I Think Therefore I Am a Great Actor

A Hot Spur, If You Will

Telling Stories

What’s Coming?

There is also a clearinghouse site which provides links to all of the particpants’ posts (participant list below).

[note: Information about the 2011 event, is found here.]

2012 Participants

Core Bloggers:

An RA Viewer’s Perspective From…”The Other Side Of The Planet” (Mulubinba)

BccMee’s Richard Armitage Vids and Graphics (bccmee)

CDoart (CDoart)

Confessions of a Watcher (Judiang)

DistRActed musings of one ReAlity (Fanny/iz4blue)

Jonia’s Cut (Jonia)

Me + Richard Armitage (Servetus)

Richard Armitage Fan Blog (Nat)

The Squeee (Traxy)

and Yours Truly

The wonderful graphics have been created by bccmee!

Tagteam Bloggers:

A is for Armitage

And I was going to have (y que iba yo a contar)


Crispin’s eclipse

C.S. Winchester

diary of an Obsessed Fanatic

Do I Have A Blog?

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Country Life


Fly High!


I Want to be a Pinup

La Loba

Me, My Thoughts, and Richard Armitage

Melanie’s Musings

Mr. John Thornton

Phylly’s Faves

Searching for MY Mr. Darcy

Something About Love (A)

The Armitage Effect

White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts

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  1. […] My plan had been to cover Constantin Stanislavski, Edward Gordon Craig and Bertold Brecht during Fanstravaganza 3 in 2012. I wrote about Stanislavski and Craig, but I never got around to Brecht. Mainly because it […]

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