41 is Good Too

Everyone makes such a thing out of turning 40, but 41 can be pretty sweet as well. I had a baby at 41, and although I never would have planned that, it was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. It’s kept me young at heart. My birthday wish for Richard Armitage is that he can always stay young at heart. The key is pursuing a passion.

Dear Rich,

Your ability to keep pursuing what you love with great heart and humor really has been inspiring to me personally. It’s been part of the catalyst for doing something that my SO begged me to do for years — writing.

Thank you for that, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

One of your crazy fans

And She’s Back

Angela (aka Spikesbint) broke her hiatus from vidding to come back and make one for RA, and so I have to break my hiatus from this blog, which I honestly thought would last me at least another 24 hours. I can’t help but post Angela’s video even though I swore to myself I wasn’t going to do anything else about RA’s Birthday. There’s been plenty done already elsewhere and much better than my piddly effort. I hope you will check out Nat’s blog if you haven’t already as well as Phylly’s, and frankly, you could probably click on every link in the ‘Addict List’ or ‘Places to Get a Fix’ and see some really creative stuff. I’ve spent at least an hour or more today reading and watching what I’ve found there. But I’m going to highlight this video because Angela is one of my favorite vidders.


Happy Birthday, RA

Not sure if this is a fake fan letter, but it’s sincere whatever it is.

Dear Richard,

I’m taking the day off and hope you are doing the same.

I wish you happy on your birthday, and I’ll be back with snark tomorrow or the next day.

Until then, a couple of videos for you to enjoy, and I thought the second one was interesting where TJ Schiller talks about doing a little bit of work on a trampoline, foolin’ around a bit, and just imagining himself skiing like a pro, and voila, he became a pro. Not quite sure I believe that, but it’s nice to imagine. So maybe a tramp purchase is in order?

Take care,

One of Your Crazy Fans