The Thorin Tragedy

Just when I was thinking TheQueen’s cake would go down in history, there’s been an incident:

Investigation into Gumpaste Hobbit tragedy…

Gumpaste Gandalf and Gumpaste Bilbo discus what to pack for their upcoming trip.

Read the rest here.

I started to shed a tear about Thorin’s demise until I realized I could eat the cake guilt free. :D

Entering the Billion Dollar Club

So what happens now that The Hobbit has entered the Billion Dollar Club? I guess we’re going to find out over the next little while what that experience entails. But until we know the full effect of its membership on some of the parties involved — namely Richard Armitage — I think a little celebration is still in order. So a little cake for the occasion:


Yeah, how ’bout a close up:


Can you believe people can make things like this?! The thought of making this cake terrifies me. No lie. I can tell you as I sit here that my cake would not even be good enough for Cake Wrecks, so I commend TheQueen for all of her hard work. Now can we eat it? Or would that be a sacrilege?

Pass the forks. :D

You will find more of her cakes here.

And if you don’t care about the Billion Dollar Club, did you hear that Richard Armitage is going to be on Twitter? No? What hole are you in? I’m not pulling your leg. It’s true. Details here.