Never Lets You Down

The 21st Century is wonderful! There is no other century where it would be possible for me to easily sign up for a chance to win tickets to a concert on another continent, receive a reply immediately upon winning, and then give the tickets to an online friend (on said continent) to enjoy.

I was able to do just that a few weeks ago, and my friend Sheepa and one of her friends was able to attend a James Rhodes’ concert:

Hey Frenz!!

The show was great! At times I did have to close my eyes since the dark-room-with-two-spotlights-on-James-Rhodes was weirdly blinding.

James was brilliant! He came on stage with his sparkly converses, bowed, took off his glasses and just started playing. Whenever he finished a piece he would get up and talk to us about why he’d played that specific piece, who it was by and how crazy they had been. There was not one talk that didn’t get a laughing response from almost everyone in the crowd! His sense of humour was great and everyone loved him and his music.

I have to say it was the pieces after the interval that really touched me. Where as Chopin’s was all about love Bach’s was about grief and pain. They were both very intense.

The programme…

L V Beethoven: Piano Sonata in C, Op.53 (Waldstein)

M Moszkowski: Etude in F, Op. 72 No. 6

Interval – 20mins

F Chopin: Romance from Piano Concerto No.1 transc. Balakirev for solo piano

J A Bach: Chaconne from Partita No.2 in D minor, BWV.1004 transc. Bausoni for piano

For those not familiar with James Rhodes, I did a piece on him several months back, and it was such a joy to write. If you love classical music and someone who is intelligent and funny, you will enjoy James.

I also asked Sheepa about the age of the crowd and whether she would go see him again:

I did see some people in the audience who would be above 50 yrs of age but the majority of the audience would be around 20 – 35yrs. There was one woman who sat right behind me who was clearly a huge fan, probably mid 20s, couldn’t stop cheering when he finished a piece, he he.

I would definitely go and see him again, as would my friend. We both loved the evening! My friend had heard of him before but I hadn’t.

Thank you for the tickets Frenz! As I said on twitter, there was an empty seat right beside me and I believe you were there in spirit!

Thank you, Sheepa, and I’m so glad you had a great time! Glad I was there in spirit, but wish I had been there in the flesh. Maybe next time around. :D

Some James:

Be sure to check out his website,

It’s Personal

This post is part of the ongoing series of Musicilove.

He is so right about the accessibility of “classical” music. There is something intimidating for so many, and what a shame. I’m so glad James is on his mission to make it personal. His passion is infectious:

continued here:

Oh, yeah, a fake fan letter is a must:


I love your stuff! You are dead on. Keep it up!

One of your rabid fans, and no, I’m not rabid about everyone despite the look of things here.

Some more James:

and some more ’cause I can’t resist:

Be sure to visit his YouTube channel and/or his website.

Note: the concert referenced in the first video occurred last summer, so you will just need to buy James’ music. :D

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And what does all of this have to do with Richard Armitage? Bet he also likes James.