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He is so right about the accessibility of “classical” music. There is something intimidating for so many, and what a shame. I’m so glad James is on his mission to make it personal. His passion is infectious:

continued here:

Oh, yeah, a fake fan letter is a must:


I love your stuff! You are dead on. Keep it up!

One of your rabid fans, and no, I’m not rabid about everyone despite the look of things here.

Some more James:

and some more ’cause I can’t resist:

Be sure to visit his YouTube channel and/or his website.

Note: the concert referenced in the first video occurred last summer, so you will just need to buy James’ music. :D

In the meantime, you can also follow one of my Twitter lists to keep up with the ongoing search for musicilove.

And what does all of this have to do with Richard Armitage? Bet he also likes James.


  1. ROTFLOL!! And I’m supposed to be getting ready for a shindig! Couldn’t help myself. Once again, you’ve introduced me to a guy with REAL talent AND a sense of humor!! *laughing all the way to the shower*

  2. There used to be more effort to make “classical” music accessible to wider audiences. Not so much, lately. I always try to do a little in my classes — helping people to understand how to listen …

  3. Almost out-Borges Victor…

  4. I didn’t know him before but I’m happy you have introduced him to me. Just thank you. I’m absolutly delighted. He is an excepcional pianist.

    I don’t have more words. He and you have taken my words. I will never thank you enough.

  5. @NB, Yeah, I was just posting to mess with you. LOL!

    @Servetus, I would love to hear you explaining that. Seriously!

    @Fitzg, yeah, he’s reminiscent of Victor Borge. Wonder what Victor would have looked like in t-shirt and jeans. :D

    @Antonia, I’m so glad you like it. :)

  6. Consider me messed with…altho not messed up?! Made it to shindig on time. Cut the cake. Smiled. Went to next shindig, Put the cake together.

    Hubs and I just got in from hamburgers and hotdogs at son’s home and I played these for him. He loved this guy! He always loved Mr. Borge too. Somewhere, there are old VHS tapes of him….hmmm, wonder where….

  7. This guy is amazing! Thanks for the introduction Frenz! I am going to check out his Youtube page now! :)

  8. Thank you, Frenzy, for introducing this pianist to me. I did not know him before but find his work exceptional. Really wonderful interpretation and the right attitude to reach his goals. The first piece is by Edvard Grieg from the Peer Gynth Suite, “In the Hall of the Mountain Kind” (In der Halle des Bergkönigs), if you are searching for it. From this piece exist a lot of different versions, for orchestra, two pianos, one piano in different difficulty versions, etc.
    I just wanted to include the information as I had the impression that you were searching for it.

  9. Glad you both like him! CDoart, I’ve actually played the piece for a recital, but not nearly like James Rhodes. LOL! And thank you for the info, and please, please don’t ever assume I know. There are a lot of pieces for which I could not tell you the name or composer.

  10. Very good, Frenzy! You must be really good to play this piece. Of all the versions I came accross, I liked the one for two pianos best, but unfortunately have lost my second, as she gave up on exercising the piece. And playing it alone is only half the fun.

  11. I absolutely love him! And I think I was the one who “introduced” him to you :)

  12. @CDoart, I have not played that piece in a long, long time. I had a friend who was my bosom buddy growing up. We lived a few doors from each other, and we took lessons from the same piano teacher. We played all sorts of things together including this. I’ve sometimes wondered how well we could pick this up again if we got together to play. This video reminded me of our first days playing together:

    @Sandra, Yes, you did! I had forgotten, but let me say thanks. He’s fantastic. I wish he would come to the states and specifically where I live. We have a great concert series every summer, and the scenery is not too bad either. :D

  13. Oh yes anyone who’s on a mission to make classical music more accessible
    is alright with me.

    Go James !

  14. […] those not familiar with James Rhodes, I did a piece on him several months back, and it was such a joy to write. If you love classical music and someone who is […]

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