It’s Personal

This post is part of the ongoing series of Musicilove.

He is so right about the accessibility of “classical” music. There is something intimidating for so many, and what a shame. I’m so glad James is on his mission to make it personal. His passion is infectious:

continued here:

Oh, yeah, a fake fan letter is a must:


I love your stuff! You are dead on. Keep it up!

One of your rabid fans, and no, I’m not rabid about everyone despite the look of things here.

Some more James:

and some more ’cause I can’t resist:

Be sure to visit his YouTube channel and/or his website.

Note: the concert referenced in the first video occurred last summer, so you will just need to buy James’ music. :D

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And what does all of this have to do with Richard Armitage? Bet he also likes James.