This is One of the Reasons

There are many aspects of Richard Armitage which are compelling. Of course he has an interesting mind to go with his unbelievable masculinity, but it’s the voice that does it for me. No matter how he looks, that voice is guaranteed to send a tingle up my spine. Witness:

If you aren’t affected by that, then, well, we don’t have much in common — at least about this. Sincerely, Puddle of Goo :D

I chose his voice for last year’s FanstRAvaganza which made it so easy for me. This year? We’ll see how it goes since I have one post written as of today. But! one thing that’s an improvement — my life is not completely insane as it was this time last year. So no matter how this event turns out on my blog, I’m thankful.

Audio clip from Venetia courtesy of my collection by way of Naxos Audio Books — those lovely people who had the great foresight to engage Richard Armitage to read for them.