Being the Badass

Before I move onto the Okie school teacher, who is about as far from looking like an Okie school teacher as someone can get (no offense to male teachers in Oklahoma), I thought I would bask in the badass from Middle Earth:

[click to enlarge]

Photo courtesy of via @HeirsofDurin


  1. Bask away Frenz – we’re right there with you! ;)

  2. Yep, got your back, kiddo :D

  3. Yeah, somehow I thought I would have some companions. :D

  4. soooooo there.

  5. Totally squeeable!

  6. Count me in on the Quest – on Team Chief Dwarf!

  7. He actually looks short!!! LOL! Do you think they put Mark Atkin’s body under RA’s neck in CGI? :-D

  8. Badass Basking … a new Olympic sport? Count me in! :)

  9. Presence!:) *click*…thanks!..eee….these strong thighs were very useful.

  10. Please tell us how an Okie schoolteacher looks! :-)

  11. Yeah, Frenz…just how should an Okie school teacher look? As an Australian, I’d be very interested to know. Believe it or not, but I had 1 or 2 good-looking teachers in primary school. After that, I attended a Catholic girls’ school – the science teacher was a male and he was a cutie! All other teachers were nuns or females LOL

  12. Well, I don’t know what they really look like, but a high school teacher has to be a bit of a badass, too!! I’m married to one, and sometimes you have to “go there” to show you are the one in charge when it is all said and done!! Students aren’t what they used to be in our ever-changing world. I’ll stick with my 3rd graders!!:)

  13. You make an excellent point, Katie! :D

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