Dear Mr. Jackson — Part 2

[edit: yes, yes, dear god, people, I know he’s a sir and not a mister. Do you need a job?]

The recent peek at Thorin’s look has many of us believing Peter Jackson “is onto us.” Yep, he knows. :D And I’ve always thought he was smart — well, at least in the last 12 years, and now I know he is. He has not created Thorin’s costume in a way that obliterates Richard Armitage, which frankly, compels a thank you note:

Dear Mr. Jackson,

You are one clever guy. Even though the picture is blurry, we can tell that Richard is still going to be Richard enough to smolder sufficiently for our fangirl hearts to be content. Of course if he had been under prosthetics and gray hair, I would have been fine with it. Yes, I’m serious. I trust your judgment completely — at least when it comes to making big budget movies of Tolkien’s works. You’re the bomb when it comes to that, and your latest revelation even outdid what I was anticipating, which was already greatness. No, I do not make a habit of this much fawning, but well, I’m tickled at what I saw and had to thank someone, and obviously, you’re the one.

I think there is also a crowd with me who wishes to thank you as well.


One of Richard’s fans who is starting to have a great fondness for a certain Kiwi. :D

P.S. Why do I think you’re a Robin Hood BBC watcher? ;-)

If Peter Jackson keeps this up, my letters to him may become quite a series. First letter here.


Oh, my reminiscing heart can’t help but post this: