Testing, Testing

TheOneRingnet is trying for 60,000 likes on their Facebook page before Comic-Con begins on July 11. I give you that date in case you have been under a rock somewhere in RA universe.

This is my good faith effort to hopefully encourage you to “like” the page and get your friends and family to do the same. As of this post, there are 56,892 “likes.” So 3,108 more. Just making the number clear for the action fans. ;-)

Okay, the good faith effort:

[click to enlarge]

and a commitment to more and better shots if we get that FB page to 60K and soon.

Some of you may think this is cruel, since you’re so starved for new Richard Armitage photos. Trust me; it’s going to be worth it. :D

And this is the least we can do for TORn, who is going to bring us such good coverage of Comic-Con – including RA’s appearance.

Now go forth and conquer the “like” button.

Status Unknown — Spoilers

Spoilers for Spooks Series 9

Obviously, I haven’t been posting regularly. That’s about to change. Spooks is coming, and I must be present for the denouement of Lucas North, or was I already? Then there is the relationship of Harry and Ruth. My speculation and everyone else’s is Harry and Ruth will finally consummate their relationship. Will it be satisfying? This is Spooks, people; it won’t be satisfying because they have a movie to make. So yeah, even with the finale, we probably won’t get a resolution of these characters.


But my burning question: does Lucas North make it out of this series alive? Will he be in the movie? I have to ask, and bygod, the producers of the show expect me to ask. LOL! Do I sound hacked? I’m really not that upset. Actually, I’m not even upset. I just want to know what happen(s)(ed)to Lucas North, dammit!

Yes, I’m purposely refraining from using the name John Bateman. That’s not this character’s name. No way. And I don’t say that because he’s a bad guy. In case anyone reading this blog hasn’t noticed, I’m partial to a bad guy who did much more heinous things than blowing up some people and killing one person bare handed. My bad guy actually looked many of his victims in the eyes while he killed them in one of the most physically demanding ways.

But back to Lucas. Is he or is he not dead? I say he’s not dead. I said this at the end of last series, and I’m still convinced that he’s going to be with us after this series has ended. Richard Armitage, who I take at his word for hating spoilers, has nevertheless mentioned Spooks, the Movie, a few times, and the thought of it won’t go away. Hey, there’s a good chance 24 will be a movie, so why not Spooks? And it’s entirely possible that dear Richard could be part of it which means Lucas can’t die. Unless of course they have a flashback, which now that I think of it is also entirely possible. If I’ve learned nothing else after five years of watching Spooks, they can do anything and logic be damned. How else to explain the absurd set up for Lucas North as a bad guy? And no, I’m not going to go on a rant again — at least not today.

For now I’m hoping the writers do something that either a) makes me breathe a sigh of relief b) makes me not want to throttle them c) jump for joy d) all of the above. A sigh of relief would be his being alive. Not wanting to throttle the writers would be his staying alive to possibly come back in the movie. Jumping for joy would mean his staying alive for the movie AND being able to redeem himself or develop into a fascinating criminal mastermind. Either would be fine with me. Just so it’s writing worthy of Richard Armitage’s ability. Yes, I’m a demanding sort. :D

So here I am, and here I will be waiting patiently for the announcement of when exactly Spooks is going to air. Oh, they have me right where they want me.

More posts about Spooks coming up this week as I’m feeling the need to revisit where this Lucas obsession started.

Behind the scenes photo courtesy of KuchingGirl with much more coming.

Note: this post (all of it) was done from my phone. Woohoo!