There’s a New Addict in Town

A new Richard Armitage blogger describes the addiction as “Armitageitis,” and the description is so apt for many of us who are RAbid fans:

“Armitageitis” – (pronounced “Ar-me-tij-eye-tis”) – is an addiction to the actor Richard Armitage . Symptoms include – smileyness, excessive giggling and sighing, insomnia, and a noticeably increased usage of Twitter … oh, and the need to create your own Richard Armitage based Blog!

Would Richard Armitage do all of that to us?

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 21.12.12

Oh yeah.

And if you’re wondering how much you are affected, ask yourself: since I discovered Richard Armitage, do I feel compelled to talk about the experience? Do I feel the pull to blog? Or write a guest post? Or hell, maybe I have a book in me? Or do anything something to express his effect on me?!!

Come on in the water is fine, and in the meantime, you can assure yourself of being right where you should be by reading Antigone’s blog.

You can also catch up with Antigone on Twitter.

What’s Coming?

This is my last post for FanstRAvaganza 3, and as always, I remind you that I’m part of a larger conversation which is found here.

What a week?! Yes, this seems to be a drumbeat in the RA blogsophere. But phew, it’s a great way to express what’s happened, and for those who didn’t make it around to all of the posts this week, I hope you know they are not going away. Christine of CDoart has lovingly preserved easy access to them again this year, and I hope she knows how much we all appreciate it. You can access here.

Thank you to all of the bloggers who participated. You are all lovely, and it would be lovely to meet all of you face to face sometime. We’ll have to plan that.

Others behind the scenes were Judiang, Traxy, Natalie, Mulubinba, bccmee, Fabo, and a special thanks to Servetus for being our coordinator. Lovely job!

From here, it will be interesting to see what RA Blogosphere develops by this time next year, and yes, we’re already talking about F4. LOL! Last year we had a bit of an increase. This year? I’m wondering if it will be the explosion I’ve been anticipating. Whatever happens, so far it’s been a lot of fun, and I hope we all continue to find it rewarding to discuss the subject. Or is that the object? :D

FanstRAvaganza is Coming

Coming March 14-21 is the second annual FanstRAvaganza, an event where bloggers who are fans of Richard Armitage post for a week on various and sundry goodness concerning RA and his fans. Last year was a lot of fun and had a little something to do with me entering the RA blogosphere. I suspect it had the same effect on several others. Perhaps this year we’ll see an explosion? :D

A big thank you to Nat at Richard Armitage Fan Blog for organizing the event.

This year so far will include the following bloggers:

An RA Viewer’s Perspective

Avalon Medieval


From the Quill Tip


Mesmered’s Blog

Nevermind Mr. Armitage

Phylly’s Faves

Richard Armitage Fan Blog

Spooks Fan Blog

The Framework Blog

The Squeee

and yours truly.

More later. I’m just hoping to cheer you up on this monotonous Saturday in January. :D