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For awhile now I’ve been working on another blog but don’t quite have it ready yet, so I’m starting a new category on this one instead — musicilove. When you get to the end of the post, you’ll know why I posted this today instead of waiting until after FanstRAvaganza, but no peeking. :D

Each post of musicilove will hopefully have something you’ve never heard but wish you had, and sometimes I’ll have a veritable playlist, as I do with this post. If it gets out of hand, I’ll find another place for it quickly. For now the only impetus for posting will be things that strike my fancy, and of course my fancy is always ready to be struck.

I’m starting with music that always makes me smile, and it’s dominated by an instrument that I’ve wanted to dismiss but just can’t. Most important for me is I might not be here if not for this instrument. When Dad was wooing Mom, he would sing and play the ukulele, and she told me that it was this that made her succumb to his charms. I grew up with Dad playing all sorts of things on the uke, and I loved it when I was really little. Then I got too cool to listen and would roll my eyes, but eventually I came back to loving it, and really it was such a pleasure to hear Dad play it. He could play anything with strings, and we loved it when he “broke out” the uke. Most of the time he was a bass player (guitar and upright). When he and Mom were dating and newly married, she would go to his jobs with him, and the bass violin would ride down the middle of the car between them as that was the only way it would fit. Thank heaven for the uke. :D

I howled when I saw this video because this is one of the songs Dad sang to Mom:

Here’s another one he sang to her, and Mom always had a sweet smile on her face when he played it. Don’t those two look happy?

But the uke is not limited to just sweet love songs. I’m totally digging Pink Floyd on the uke:

So not everyone likes Pink Floyd. How about some Led Zeppelin?

Or maybe The Stones:

Okay, enough of the amateurs. Perhaps it’s clear by now that the uke is not reserved for luauas even though a drunk Don Ho singing Tiny Bubbles may sometimes come to mind. When I think of Hawaii and the ukulele, I prefer to think of IZ:

And a few more to whet the appetite of those who primarily think the ukulele is outdated.

The inevitable tie in to Richard Armitage, a sort of six degrees and actually, two degrees of separation now. And when I figured out who the principal performer is, the choice of song was perfect. For months I’ve been dying to post this, and today is the right day.

His name is Bret McKenzie. You can read about him here, and it will be interesting to hear your thoughts about this in regard to dear Richard. Oh, and whether I ever see ‘The Hobbit’ or anything by Peter Jackson, I’m falling in love with New Zealanders. Their humor and love of life is evident in almost everything I see.

And last but not least, this kid I found by cruising around on Ukulele Hunt:

Yeah, it’s true, Bella. :D


  1. Bret McKenzie is awesome! And so is the ukulele

    I want to share a group I like that features the ukulele a lot! They’re called Beirut:

    the song begins at 1:22 everything before that is the group setting up.

  2. Beirut was in my original draft, and so were a lot of others. They or should I say he is one of my favorites! Here’s the one I love:

    this one runs a close second:

  3. SUPER post! F you’re so lucky with musical parents! had me grin about that big instrument in the car ;-) never heard the ukele until I came to the States. The family I landed w/ had an amazing folk collection; Jim Kweskin Jug Band was intro to uke & the voice of Mary Muldaur.
    LOVE Beirut and their new old sound! Shame on me for still not having the record!

  4. I don’t have the CD Nantes is on, but my daughtrer gave me Gulag Orkestar a few years ago, and I loved it! Some people find them too repetitive. To me it’s their ethnic sound.

    Kada, I have no idea why your video won’t embed. A link should have been enough. I’ll have to go check.

  5. I Just re-embedded and it worked. Still not sure why it didn’t work the first time.

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  7. Had to think about the tie-in to RA REAL hard! LOL it took me almost to the end of the song ;-)

  8. I admit as a child I identified the uke with a certain very strange individual known as Tiny Tim who had a novelty hit with Tiptoe through the Tulips . . . but I really do like the instrument and love seeing it used in more mainstream stuff nowadays. I loved the stories about your parents, too. Lovely memories!

    My parents weren’t particularly musical themselves (although my dad and I sounded strangely good singing together–a pop voice mingled with hard country) but they encouraged us once they found out we had musical inclinations. My dad’s family had a lot of singers and my cousin became a singer-songwriter-musician and has achieved a sort of cult status (sadly he only plays the guitat, mandolin and harmonica–no uke!).

    And thanks to the other ladies for sharing some of their faves. :D I love that you are planning a blog devoted to music, one of my favorite subjects!

  9. I have physical copies of all of Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s work. Someone who died too soon.

  10. […] If you don’t know Bret McKenzie, hang around a bit. I’ve already talked about him here and here and obviously am doing it again. I have to since he’s nominated for an Academy Award […]

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