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Richard Armitage’s involvement with ‘The Hobbit’ has me feeling a lot better about this blog. Yes, sometimes I get a bit self-conscious about it. Thankfully, I quickly wise up and realize how much fun I’m having. But with my entrance into the world of LOTR, I’m finding I’m a mere novice at obsession. I’m so small time compared to some of these people. Oh, I’ve got nothing on the LOTR fans as I said in a fake fan letter to Peter Jackson, and all the time I’m realizing their ardor just spills out everywhere. Take for example the three second scene of Bret McKenzie in LOTR that’s now spawned all sorts of obsession with his character not to mention obsession with him I’m sure. Reading this made me feel so much better about my repeated examination of RA’s three second spot in Cleopatra. LOL! It’s clear I have not crossed a very important line — starting a website to it. Although he looks hot in the Cleo pictures.

But I do want to make it clear that I’m happy for Bret McKenzie, and it will be interesting to see if he makes it into this latest movie. With the talk circulating about it, I feel confident he will. Whatever happens, he strikes me as an amiable and interesting fellow, and he plays a mean ukulele. :D

Of course all of this has me wondering what will be the fallout result of RA’s involvement in ‘The Hobbit’? Thoughts?

And on another level, is obsession always a bad thing? Surely doesn’t feel like it. :)


  1. OK . . . I am not nearly as obsessive as I thought I was!!

    (Although I really wouldn’t mind having aan Epiphanes action figure, horse, sword and helmet included . . . He makes one hot Roman soldier, that one).

  2. I wonder whether obsession with a movie franchise, or series of books (say) ranks as more or less socially acceptable then obsession with a celebrity.

    Are there acceptable forms of obsession? Some people love grdening, and spend all their spare hours on it, is that an acceptable form of obsession. Or they keep racing pigeons, or spend hours in the gym.

    I’ve seen that Cleopatra DVD on sale on eBay – quite cheaply!! I am tempted I admit, but I am trying to keep a reign on it!

  3. i think that should have been rein!!!

  4. I’m definitely not too obsessed…I still haven’t written fanfic (that’s because I’d be rubbish at it ;)), or written a song to RA (I could probably sing one though), or started a blog (why would I when there are so many great ones already dedicated to RA), or started a fansite (again, too many great ones done already)…So I’m not going to worry that I think about RA first thing when I get up, sometimes I even dream about him, I read everything published about him I can get my hands on and talk about him to complete strangers. Oh, and let’s not forget my little trip to London for a weekend, just to see him live at the Old Vic. So, does that make me a novice, an apprentice, a practitioner, an expert?? I’d say just a novice too. But Frenz…you may be verging on apprentice…and aren’t we all thankful!

  5. Calexora, I don’t know that I could qualify as an apprentice until I’ve seen him in person! ;-) I envy you going to the 24 hour plays. I’ve always wanted to go to those — RA or no RA.

  6. I highly recommend it, RA or no RA. I REALLY loved it. It was the highlight of the year for me. I adore London and I also love theatre – it’s a chance to see a whole lot of talented people who pull off quite a feat. Six new plays in 24 hours. But if you go, it’s worth paying for the afterparty. Trust me. I had a blast. And met some great people, some of which I’ve stayed in touch with. I’m hoping to make this a regular event if I can get the $$ together.

  7. When they first started in NYC, I wanted to go. Now that I have a kid living there and another one moving there this summer, I’ll probably make it up there for them. They’re usually in November, and I guess London’s are right afterward. Now that I think of it, perhaps I can just take a quick jaunt to London. LOL! We’ll see. I’m still wanting to see ‘The Rover’ !

  8. @Kap, don’t buy Cleopatra! You’ll regret it. LOL! I’ll send you some clips if you really want to see RA. Believe me the rest of it is a waste of time.

  9. I confess I own the Cleo movie . . . got it dirt cheap (the only price to pay for it) . The awfulness of the lead actress’s performance is rather entertaining in its own way. And Timothy Dalton is nice to look at. It was fun to play “Oh, there’s Richard. Saying nothing. Again . . .”) LOL

  10. I confess that I am not getting obsessed about The Hobbit. This may be because I have no free time at the moment, something that’s going to change very soon. Or it may be the subject matter. Or just that I swore when I started blogging that the point of it was not going to be to duplicate the sort of thing I already do in my professional life, i.e., the obsessive tracking down of every tiny little piece of data relating to a subject. In any case, it’s a relief. When information comes my way I read it with interest but that’s as far as it goes.

  11. Tricky topic. I think that there is a world of difference between a hobby or interest and an “obsession”. Take a hobby such as building model train sets; stamp collecting; gardening. Even they can become an obsession when they take over a person’s daily life, responsibilities and money is spent on the hobby that the person cannot really afford. In terms of the entertainment industries, obsessive fans of a particular genre can go overboard with spending money and time. I think that when it takes over their lives, and the person really believes they are in some sort of fantasy universe however, then it becomes destructive.

    Yep, i’m one of the people gathering bits of information about The Hobbit and it’s fun. My interest was increased with RA being cast, but my interest has extended to learning about Tolkien and also some of the other cast members such as Ian McKellen. (have to admit, a few of them don’t thrill me). Where it might become destructive for me is if I decided to buy a high tech camera and sit in a vantage point to take spy pics or head over to NZ to sit on the footpath for hours outside Stone St studios in order to catch a glimpse of an actor or a glimpse of the set. (I saw a pic of a fan doing this very thing on Twitter). I think fan obsession of an actual person (eg. an actor) can be the most destructive as it can not only affect the obsessor’s life, but it can affect the lives of loved ones, family members and also the object of the obsession.

    In all honesty, I think any number of us has the potential to become a little OTT with our RA interest. Personally I try to ask myself to regularly question why it is that I am writing posts connected with a real human being and how it might appear to others. I’ve had first hand experience with a close relative who was hospitalised with a psychosis that made her think she could have a relationship with a minor celeb. She became delusional and began to think she had a future with this person; she went to concerts; she managed to get his contact details and was thinking of ending her relationship and moving to a different city to be near him. It was all in her mind but thanks to caring friends she was hospitalised and they got help for her. (This was compulsory, BTW – the staff couldn’t reach her when she was first admitted as she was so convinced that she was right. She was not allowed out until medications kicked in and she could be reasoned with. It took over 2 months).

    I read a lot of rationalising going on from fans with regard to their RA interest on forums and blogs and I can’t tell if a person has a healthy or unhealthy interest but on a few occasions it starts to become a trfle “icky”. I also wonder if all our writing validates the person who has a tendency to obsess. (ie: the “they all do it, so why shouldn’t I?” scenario).

    Some people over at C19 stated several years ago while posting on this very subject that if the actor started to recognise a fan’s face in the crowd, then that fan was taking things too far and things were getting a trifle stalkerish. Others disagreed …….. I can’t ever imagine that I would be in a position to become a “familiar face” in the crowd so I’m undecided. I do have a few strict personal rules with regard to boundaries however.

    I think that if RA had an official website like Ian McKellen does, a lot of the fan information gatherers could stop having to spend time lurking all over the internet for tidbits of information. It would also stop a few of the jealousies that I am aware of.

    Sorry about the length of this post!, If a person is negelcting tasks and responsibilities and spending perhaps more money than their common sense dictates on their RA interest, then it is becoming an obsession. If it starts to affect the object of their interest, and has the potential to make them uncomfortable or uneasy, then it is becoming inappropriate.

    If you’re just having fun and not doing any harm, then who cares!!

  12. Mulubinba,

    I’m just having fun!

    But I’m sorry about the relative who had to grapple with that issue. I think you know that already, but I felt the need to say it again.

  13. Final sentence should have said “If we’re just having fun ……” . Yes, lol, I know you are having fun !!

    Relative doing OK at the moment – taking each day as it comes :)

  14. Glad to hear that.

  15. You raise a lot of good points Mulubinba.

    I know for me there is definitely a link between the amount of busyness I have in my life and opportunity to do things I love to do, and my interest in RA. Right now, being still stuck at home recovering from my nth surgery this year, I can tell I’m definitely getting severe cabin fever as my interest has increased exponentially. It doesn’t help that I can’t do too much but sit/lie here as I’m healing up and, despite 300+ channels on TV, most of it is rubbish. Mr. A and this RA community have been a really welcomed distraction/discovery during this time. I’ll be curious to see what happens to my fascination with him when I’m back to normal. I guess that will be the real gage as to whether this is benign or not. I think so, knowing myself, but time will tell. I’ve certainly never reacted to someone like this before so just that has left me wondering/considering why it did this time.

    I really liked your point “I also wonder if all our writing validates the person who has a tendency to obsess. (ie: the “they all do it, so why shouldn’t I?” scenario).” Something to think about anyways…

  16. I think keeping some balance is important in the greater scheme of things. I joke about kidnapping RA (I joke about a lot of stuff because that’s ME) but the truth is I like, respect and admire him too much to ever even contemplate such an act–even the thought of camping out on his doorstep or outside of the set or location shoot of a project he is involved in for hours on end desperate for a glimpse of him creeps me out. That’s not being a fan, that’s becoming a stalker from my point of view. (Stage door–different animal).

    I had someone become rather obsessive with me on our newspaper website a while back and it made me extremely uncomfortable. I wouldn’t want to make someone else feel the way he made me feel.

    I really enjoy the fandom and I would miss it if I weren’t part of it, but I think that has come to be as much about the people I’ve gotten to know as about RA himself.

    While I write fanfic and am owner of a private site, and I’ve recently gotten into making fan vids, for me it’s all a wonderful creative outlet that helps provide an escape valve from the pressures and stresses of my job–which are only going to get worse until our editor can be replaced–and dealing with my own physical limitations due to the FMS.
    My husband knows about my interest in RA and routinely teases me about it, but he also knows HE is the person I love and share my life with.

    I won’t be running off to NZ to attempt to rendezvous with RA,
    I can assure you. Mind you, wouldn’t object at all to interviewing him. No circus questions, I promise. :D

  17. @Angie, an interview from an RA “connaisseuse”….now that would be a breath of fresh air. I really think you should seriously consider it.

  18. I also can’t imagine becoming a recognized face in the crowd, but who knows? Perhaps that’s only because of logistical constraints. I do feel — and eventually I will write about this, I think — a growing dismay at the thought of ever meeting the man. This is definitely something that’s changed. A year ago I’d have liked to have met him.

    On the question of creating problems for people who tend to obsess by what we write: yes and no. U.S. Americans tend to be big defenders of free speech, and I’m no exception, or even an example, of that tendency. Of course I believe that people need to take responsibility for what they say. On the other hand, there’s a definite group of people (probably in every fandom) that will interpret whatever is said in their own lights anyway. And of course, i myself am an interpreter — we don’t have any choice, that’s how speech works. But every now and then I read a comment that involves a direct semantic contradiction of a quotation by Mr. Armitage and end up musing innerly on the activities involved in interpretation. He — and we — can’t control every aspect of what people think when they read something. I think our responsibility lies in urging people to *behave* with circumspection, no matter what their thoughts / fantasies are.

  19. […] The inevitable tie in to Richard Armitage, a sort of six degrees and actually, two degrees of separation now. And when I figured out who the principal performer is, the choice of song was perfect. For months I’ve been dying to post this, and today is the right day. […]

  20. […] you don’t know Bret McKenzie, hang around a bit. I’ve already talked about him here and here and obviously am doing it again. I have to since he’s nominated for an Academy Award for Best […]

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