My Money’s on Bret

If you don’t know Bret McKenzie, hang around a bit. I’ve already talked about him here and here and obviously am doing it again. I have to since he’s nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song!

Some interesting insight into New Zealand and the LOTR franchise, but I initially watched it because Bret’s a piece of work, which in my part of the world, means he’s interesting and funny. Yeah, piece o’ work definitely fits. And he’s a scream too. I mean I usually scream with laughter when I see him. Sadly, I probably would not have paid attention to him if Richard Armitage had not been cast in ‘The Hobbit’. Mostly I’ve gotten to know him as half of the duo known as ‘Flight of the Conchords’. And his partner Jemaine is also a scream. I’ve got a piece written just on him. He demanded it. :D

Some of their work for your viewing pleasure, but a warning to put away any drinks and go to the bathroom first as you may wet your pants laughing, and if you do not ever like anything crude, don’t watch!

Yes, this is a piece on Bret, but I couldn’t help myself. Had to throw in more Jemaine.

For more on them, check out What the Folk.

Oh, I almost forgot the nominated song. This is for those who haven’t seen the movie (I haven’t):


If you don’t win, I still love ya, and really, you can mine more out of this if you don’t win. But never mind that I said that. You’re gonna win, baby! :D

I’m not telling


  1. I am in the floor! Is this the inspiration for SNL’ “Di*k in a Box” singing duo? Love it. Thought they were just from that show. Will check these guys out regularly. My best friend at work and I watch the SNL vids and laugh until we cry! Thank you for opening yet another new avenue of hilarity I can travel. It’s all about the laughs for me! The higher the shock value the better!

  2. I wasn’t kidding about wet pants. The first time i watched those videos, I was tanked up on coffee and tea and darn near had an accident. I was watching this morning right before I posted, and SO wanted to know what was going on. And Jemaine is one of the funniest people I’ve ever seen.

  3. Hahahahaha! My daughter introduced me that duo. I sure hope he wins too. I’m all for funny people getting awards! :)
    Thanks for the LOLs!

  4. I am definitely rooting for Bret & I think he’ll win but I also think that Jemaine’s song, “Pretty Bird” from ‘Rio’ should have been nominated. Jemaine is incredible and amazing and the funniest man alive. I am totally objective on this. Bret is great…Where the flip is JEMAINE? Get it? FIGWIT reference. BIGWIJ. The next big thing. Or not.

  5. LOL!! I have to post my piece on Jemaine soon. Still researching, and I have actually made myself sick laughing. He really is the funniest person I’ve ever seen, and if you could see the bunch I live with, that’s saying something.

  6. These guys are truly hysterical. Jermaine has a part in “Dinner for Schmucks” that steals the movie.

  7. I have seen it. I have a photo from it that’s in my piece. I guess it’s clear I now have a crush on Jemaine. :D

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  9. YOU are hopeless, Frenz. You get a crush on every good-lookin’ man that comes along!! Jemaine being a prime example. Fickle is what you are woman. Fickle.

    PS I have never heard of either one of these guys but these vids are hysterical!!!

  10. just hit me who these guys remind me of…The Wild and Crazy Guys, Dan Akryod and Steve Martin of a loooong time ago!!!! Am I right or what? Especially the “Most Beautiful Girl” clip.

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