Do We Need a Picture?

I follow a stream on Twitter where all of the mentions of Richard Armitage or #RichardArmitage will scroll on my Hootsuite dashboard. Today is hilarious. Talk about the ripple effect? This user:

Has created quite a stir, and now the pictures in my head are out of control. I don’t know about any of you, but I need a picture just to keep me sane. LOL!

I would follow this guy on Twitter, but I feel like an idiot doing it. See, see I can be sane! But really, it’s my proud self that won’t follow his ass — at least not yet. But I can bring him to your attention, and while you’re taking note of him, check out his blog: Fugly. Of course my knee jerk is he is not fugly! The Doc Martens maybe.


Seriously, I like the Doc Martens, but they look like they would be a pain to keep clean. I suppose that’s not the point.

Will be interesting to see what you shoot, and I hope you don’t think RA’s fans are scary. I know I’m not scary, and several others I know are not scary, but man, we just know how this works on Twitter and other places. Isn’t social media great? Yes, I’ll probably follow your ass like a good little ripple. :D

One of RA’s crazy fans thoughtful fans.

Wondering what kind of name is Kamara, i.e. its ethnicity. See how my mind works? I should be wondering what positions Jacob has RA in while he’s shooting pictures, video or whatever it is he’s doing. Okay, back to seeing Richard with a lion’s mane around him.

And I noticed Servetus has finally come to the darkside. She just needs a picture and a few tweets to keep from looking like a potential spammer, and never in my life would I have imagined the name Servetus and Richard Armitage in the same sentence let alone in the same name. Glad you joined us, Michaela.

Man, I love having a blog! :D


This just in — now we know who’s taking some of the pictures:

More updates here.


  1. LOL! It does summon up a myriad of possible images . . .

    oooh, new piccies to look forward to *rubs hands together and chuckles gleefully*

  2. @jacobkamara

    Jacob Kamara

    No suits. Dressed in spiked collar and chains + trussed in leather harness with boa constrictor. Jacob gone for live mice. Send help!!! – RA

    [PS: Fake Tweet]

  3. Oh my! I just picked this up from Twitter – so he is doing that fashion shoot right now!!! Woo hoo!

  4. @judi, and please no smurfs around.

    @kap, yep, it seems that way, and I guess Jacob Kamara is getting schooled in how to get a lot of retweets. :D

  5. The anticipation is killing me….

  6. @NB, Isn’t it? ;-)

    Deadgum! I got a negative vote. Wonder if it was Jacob thinking I was making fun of him. Hope not. I already have a soft spot for Jacob. Also, love his pumpkin colored jumper (for real), and I usually don’t like anything remotely related to orange — at least when it comes to fashion. I’m a winter and cannot wear those colors, so there’s an enmity with them. :D

  7. and to answer your inquiry…

    HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I didn’t want anyone who was a fan of the real Servetus to feel like they were being baited and switched. I should have plenty of time in the next week or so to figure out how tweeting works :)

  9. Seriously, something like Hootsuite helps keep it straight.

  10. Please explain hootsuite… sounds like its what a wise tweet is as opposed to ordinary twittery stuff from ingenues like self.

  11. I have another post that goes into detail about this and with pictures. :D It might make you cross-eyed at first, but something like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck does help keep things straight. At this point, I feel almost like I’m in the ocean without a preserver if I have to use native Twitter. Hate it.

  12. You can also manage your Facebook account from Hootsuite. Usually when I post a piece, I send it out via Hootsuite to both Twitter and FB, and I do not login to either place. Love this. I can also schedule tweets. Really love this.

  13. Thanks frenz… if you hear screams of frustration from Tasmania, its only me coming to terms with new technology.

  14. I will not scream.
    I will not Twitter.
    I will not Hootsuite or Tweetdeck Twitter.
    I will not cross my eyes or follow a tweeter.
    I will not.
    I will not.
    I will not.

  15. @mesmered, Hope it helps.

    @NB, are you in denial? :D

  16. @Frenz….exactamundo. Who needs Twitter junk when you can screen cap to your little old hearts content?! =0) Sheesh, you people crack me up. Here I am on the cutting edge of technology and y’all are worrying about tweeting…

  17. @Frenz: In case you’re still wondering about the ethnicity of Kamara…he’s a photographer? “Kamara” could just be a phonetic spelling of “camera.”

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  19. @jazzbaby, LOL! that was actually the point of the question, but then again, it’s really a name. So I’m curious.

    @nb, uh huh. So how’s that screencapping going?

  20. Well, I guess it wasn’t actually a question about his last name but more of a musing. : D

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