I Just Knew Jacob Was Cool

Okay, so we fans didn’t completely scare Jacob Kamara, who spent the last day in a photo shoot with Richard Armitage. He’s updated all of us and was very nice about it:

And here’s the best part:

Did anyone doubt this? Seriously? You must be a new fan. :D

Thank you, Jacob, and I like your hat as well as your jumper.

If you’re not sure exactly what is going on, more on this here.

Blogging is a blast!


  1. *thud* how will we breathe til then?

  2. What a cool guy! Hope he posts link soon.
    And our adoRAble Richard always sooo nice *sigh*

  3. Holding my breath while listening drums ……

  4. Me doubt it? Never!

    The whole conversation on twitter was so much fun and all thanks to Jacob Kamara, wish all the photographers and intervieweres were like him.

    OML xd

  5. Never doubted Richard is soooo nice in person . . . *sigh*

    Yey for Jacob and the fact this was also videotaped–whoo-hoo! Ladies, a break in the drought is surely forthcoming . . .

  6. Well – this will be very interesting – I hope it all works out. I wonder why they filmed it – did they always intend to publish it? Is this usual for photo shoots, or is this magazine trying to do something a bit different? Questions, questions…

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  8. RA Fans scary? Who’d think something like that? ;)

  9. And then crap like this happens and I need to just shut my mouth.


  10. I think Richard Armitage is smart to keep certain aspects of his life under wraps, and really, I don’t need to know them. I might be curious about them at times, but it’s certainly not necessary to satisfy my curiosity.

    Very sad what some humans are desperate to do.I always wonder what they were thinking when they did something like that. I can’t help doing that. I wonder how the person got to that point. And of course I feel for the target of their desperation. I don’t care who it is. It could be Britney Spears or Charlie Sheen for all I care, and I would feel for them having to put up with nutcases.

  11. I agree, Frenz. I think everyone is entitled to a certain amount of privacy even if they are in the public eye.

    Sure, I am curious about various aspects of Richard’s life, but I also respect his boundaries.
    So glad Ms. Stone was not harmed. It is very, very sad the lengths some people will go to trying to satisfy certain needs or desires. I remember that lovely young actress, Rebecca—last name escapes me, who was stalked and the guy actually came to her front door and shot her, killing her point-blank. A senseless tragedy. And NO ONE should have to undergo being the target of that sort of thing.

  12. I remember that. She was in a tv series, but I don’t remember which one nor her name. Have to go look.

    Okay, just looked:


  13. Thanks for the link. I really liked her–I guess I first saw her in My Sister Sam. So young to die like that . . . and to think the guy was helped along in killing her by a detective agency and his brother, who bought him the handgun. :( I had forgotten about Theresa Saldana also being attacked by a stalker.

  14. Good grief! Yes, fans can be NUTS.

    I’m relieved Jacob’s taken things in stride and has a good sense of humor.

  15. Should I admit I’m relieved? I just couldn’t let what was happening pass without making commentary on it.

    I’m probably especially sensitive because I’ve chosen to cast myself as crazy, but tongue-in-cheek doesn’t always play well in written form, so I never know if people think I’m serious. Thankfully, most don’t, but sadly, some do. Yes, some things I say are serious, but mostly this is a lark, and I hope it’s received that way.

  16. Good to hear Richard hasn’t changed then….still just as nice as ever. :-)

  17. You mean you’re NOT crazy?!!! Still waiting w/baited and/or bated breath but turning a little blue…

    I like this guy Jacob! Wonder if he captured those crinkles?! Ahh, the anticipation….

  18. @Anon, Do tell. :-)

    @NB, no, no, I’m NOT crazy. At least not during the summer. I’m only crazy during the winter. :D

    Now that is an interesting question. Can’t wait to see if there are crinkles. Love those crinkles!

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  20. ok i have done it, i have joined the tweet world too! finally! Twitter is a new world for me, baby steps, baby steps!

  21. Glad you could join us, PV. :)

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