The Art of the Tease: Waiting on The Hobbit Trailer

I thought I knew about teasing, but the building of expectation for ‘The Hobbit’ trailer has taken teasing to new levels. The last time I was this tightly bound, I was watching a pregnancy test stick but that never gave me a tic! Now if I even hear or see a word that looks or sounds like trailer, I jump. Early this morning I was working on some business issues and reading about possible marketing strategies. I caught site of the word trailer, uh, I mean mailer, and my heart sped up. A few minutes later, one of the kids said they were going over to see trailer, uh Taylor, who lives next door. Phew! I’m not sure how much longer I can stand it. And really I don’t understand why I’m so jumpy since the trailer won’t be shown until this evening. Won’t it? Yes, I’m paranoid I may miss it, and I want to see it as soon as it comes out!! I dare not tell you how many times I’ve visited various websites. My poor browser has never worked so hard trolling the web. ;-)

And I want to hit something! Which puts me in good company since the comments I’ve read around the web have threatened bodily injury to someone if the trailer isn’t shown soon. Not being the violent type, I would never threaten bodily injury — not verbally anyway. In my head, there are all sorts of violent things going on.

Stress reliever courtesy of Harry Knowles.

Until further notice, this is a possible link for watching the trailer.


  1. Funny, I was just thinking about that danged trailer myself.
    I think finding out we are supposed to get a taste of Thorin talking AND singing has me really excited . . . if I got all spun up over two seconds of Richard in that sub in the previews for CA, what does it do to me to consider getting to HEAR as well as see him?

  2. Did you click that link? It’s oddly soothing. :D

  3. Thanks RaFrenzy! Your post made me laugh :-) Your kids know someone who’s name is trailer??? *lol*

    I catched a flu some days ago and will go to bed right now….hope I will be able to wake up (in the middle of the night) and watch it right when it comes out (I know, complete insane but I love my RAddiction :-) ).

  4. HEEELP! Do you think it will be posted on the net tonight????I thought it was only going to run at the theatres.

  5. It will definitely be on the net tonight at 10pm Eastern Standard Time and again tomorrow at 9am EST.

  6. Sure Sir Peter Jackson know about Pavlov and his dogs. We are hearing ringing bell everywhere. *laughing*

  7. Thank you for the update. I cannot wait………………

  8. LOL! @antonia. Don’t you know it!! They have us coming and going.

    Gracie, You’re welcome, and I’m sure plenty of us will be updating everyone as soon as possible. :D

  9. I guess I know what I will be doing at 9 tonight–any special place we need to go? Having that kid awaiting Christmas morning feeling right now.

  10. One of the places will more than likely be the Apple Site:

  11. After it airs, will be my job and the job of several other bloggers to snag it and put it in a post. LOL!

  12. Servetus predicts servers will crash …

  13. I bet BCmee will be hard at work snagging it. ;)

  14. Considering you will not only have the loyal RA contingent but all those LOTR fangurlz and boyz–yeah, I could see that happening, Dr. S.

  15. I will join. Until it will be late for me but I’m going to wait and post my first “in time” post in your honour. #payingtributetothemaster. ;-)

  16. Yep,bccmee will be one of many working hard to get it. :D

    @servetus, LOL! Possible, but I doubt servers will crash. For one TPTB understand the demand (unless they’re stupid, which I doubt), and two they’ve configured it so not as much dedicated server is necessary.

  17. @antonia, I bow to your judgment. ;-)

  18. Frenz

    I can only hope TPTB here have absolutely no connection to TPTB at Kudos, Tiger Aspect, and Sky/Cinemax. ;)

    Because I don’t have a very high opinion of their intelligence. *rolls eyes*

    Seriously, I am totally impressed by Sir Peter and Company–they are on a totally different level.

  19. phew, I almost hate to say this as it can be misconstrued as an insult, but if there is anything that the U.S. entertainment entities excel at, it’s promotion. Considering Kudos, that is small potatoes compared to Peter Jackson and Warner Brothers. Plus, the BBC never has been great at promotion — at least from what I’ve observed the last 10 years.

  20. Well, it’s true–the US simply has more resources to throw behind these entertainment enterprises.And the Beeb’s continued financial woes in the recession mean the situation is not likely to improve soon.

    Peter Jackson is one of the world’s most well-known and respected directors and he’s making what will be two of the most expensive and eagerly awaited films of all time. Definitely in the big leagues now, Richard darling.

    I also saw where CA ended up being in the top ten highest grossing films of the year.

  21. Proving that quality doesn’t necessarily sell. Sorry, I had to get that crack in there. I’m assuming The Hobbit will be far superior to CA. Please!

    As for the Beeb, don’t get me started on quasi government run entities. :D

  22. Oh, come on, CA could have been a lot worse. It could have been The Green Lantern. ;) Or the latest Transformer movie.

    Yes, I am sure The Hobbit will be first-class all way ’round.

    A friend of mine who had worked for Alabama Public Television for a number of years as a show host and won several awards was axed recently–budget cuts. Seemed all too familiar to me.

  23. My 11 year old loved CA in 3D. And I did like the ending. They sucked me right in!

    With Peter Jackson and Richard Armitage together, I have complete confidence that The Hobbit will be excellent! :D

  24. Please don’t forget that you are not in the UK, and the Spooks, Strike Back S1 and initial RH promotions (in fact most RA work on it’s first run) were all aimed at the UK exclusively.

  25. I was referring to promotion in the UK.

  26. On a more pleasant topic, I am full of anticipation but it’s now after 7 pm here and I will be in lullabyland when the trailer hits the interwebs. However it means I have something nice to look forward to on a day at work I won’t be relishing. Still after the end of Thursday I am on holiday for 11 days!! I’m also visiting Sky TV on Friday – should be interesting!!

  27. But if you are not here, you don’t see some of the things we do. :)

  28. At least you get a holiday afterward! I wish you the best!

    Maybe we could actually have our chat. :)

    The Sky visit sounds interesting.

  29. I would just use my imagination to picture the trailer in my head if, in fact, computer animation hadn’t RUINED my imagination.

  30. I’ve always thought it was interesting that the place in the US where Spooks is shown uncut, and has clearly found an audience, is PBS (the local public channels). That’s not quite the same audience as the people who watch Spooks in the UK, I venture to guess.

  31. I’ve read about it, and I’ve also experienced the promotion of RA’s shows the last few years. Those did not receive nearly the treatment they would have in the U.S. (disregarding BBCA, which is a bit of a dog as a network and never to be confused with the BBC). Frankly, I get irritated with the incessant promotion that goes on here.

  32. I don’t know about your local PBS stations – we don’t really have them like you, though there is talk of local stations being set up. I dont know how the aidience differes from your network stations. TV works very differently here in the UK I think, compared to the US. Spooks was always on BBC1 which is mainstream TV here.

  33. To clarify, I meant I’ve read about promotion. As to Spooks (MI-5) in the U.S. almost no one knows what it is except mostly some PBS viewers. As tv on the web becomes more common, hopefully, that’s changing. For instance, I am a PBS viewer, but I have never watched Spooks on PBS — only via the web and first run at that. Yes, yes, I buy the DVDs. :D

  34. PBS is very much non-mainstream here (though less so than it has been in the past). PBS was where I saw Dr Who and All Creatures Great and Small in the early 1980s, before Americans really knew what those shows were; it’s where most period drama used to make its debut — and it’s where all the crunchy programming was before it became cool to be crunchy (This Old House, Victory Garden, Julia Child) and it was where Sesame Street began. Usually the channels carry a mix of local programming (garden tips for the local area, or local music shows), educational / children’s programming, good domestic documentaries (Nova, for example), and then some stuff brought from abroad, usually drama or comedy.

  35. You don’t get a sense of the marketing saturation when you are just viewing over the web, and you can pick and choose when you want to experience it. You don’t see multiple pictures of Richard Armitage staring at you from the covers of different magazines at the supermarket checkout. You don’t see posters on the road or railway stations. You don’t get the repetition of ads in newspapers and magazines. Maybe it’s small scale compared to the US but we it’s there.

  36. It’s complicated here. Our main networks used to be ABC, CBS and NBC. All privately owned. Since Rupert Murdoch’s advent, Fox has also become another heavy hitter. With the availability of cable networks to most of America 30 years ago, such networks as USA (owned by NBC last time I checked) have also been on the rise as mainstream networks and not just tapping a niche market. Of those networks alone, there is a ferocious amount of promotion that goes on and for a good year or more in some cases.

  37. OK, so we’re still waiting on the taylor..I mean mailer…ooops, that would be TRAILER???!! *blink blink* I am all anticipation.

  38. I agree that you don’t get a sense of marketing by merely viewing on the web. It requires reading about marketing and media market in particular.

    PBS was the only place to get British shows for years until A&E appeared.

  39. Sorry my responses are out of sync. I’m actually in the middle of a project and popping over here intermittently.

  40. Unfortunately, our APT channel hasn’t gotten beyond the fourth series of Spooks. They just keep repeating the same eps.

    As for BBCA–it really disappoints me. I like Gordon Ramsey and the lads from Top Gear just fine–but that’s not all I want to watch. And they must have aired that Kevin Costner RH movie about a jillion times.

    I enjoyed The Hour when it aired recently, I enjoy Doctor Who and Whitechapel and Being Human . . . but there’s so much of the same old thing over and over again. As Servetus says, “a dog.”
    Now, of course, if they wanted to re-run Robin Hood 2006 over and over, I wouldn’t mind . . . ;)

  41. @SecretAgent, oh, I have but no guts to share. *grin*

  42. Oh, to get the opportunity to have Richard Armitage staring at me multiple times from a newstand! *swoon*

  43. Well, maybe I could stand that kind of promotion. :D

  44. I was just looking at the local schedule for my PBS station tonight (Tuesdays are “British drama night”) and it includes Lark Rise to Candleford, Spooks, and something called Doc Martin on the Edge. Those are all programs that 95% of Americans have never heard of.

    Having lived in a country that has government media (albeit not England), I’d like to split the difference between you two. The German level of promotion of programs on the gov’t channels (ARD, ZDF) is not as significant as it is in the US, but if there’s something everyone’s watching on ARD or ZDF, you can bet you’ll read about it in all the media / see advertisements for it everywhere, in the entertainment media, etc. But no, a German program that everyone’s watching is not promoted at anything like the level it would be in the U.S.

    Then again, though, as a viewer, you sort of have to have a preliminary vocabulary for these things that I might have lost somewhat. A marketer can bombard all of the outlets with information about something / someone, and they can be plastered all over everything, but if you lack the buy in vocabulary, it doesn’t matter. You just ignore stuff you don’t understand / recognize. I only figured out who the Kardashians were a few weeks ago when my students were talking about them in class.

  45. 95% might be right, but it is changing. I should mention that Netflix is drastically altering the viewing habits of Americans. I actually know quite a few people who have watched the Doc Martin Series as well as Foyle’s War, Monarch of the Glen, and several other series I could name which are shown via Netflix instant play.

  46. PBS is where I learned to love British drama as a child . . . Upstairs Downstairs, Poldark, I, Claudius and many others over the years. I can still hear Alistair Cooke in my head introducing the shows during Masterpiece Theatre.

  47. In the 70s and 80s in the UK, US shows used to get top timeslots on BBC1 and ITV eg Starsky and Hutch, Dallas, Dynasty. That doesn’t happen much now, imported TV tends to be shown at later timeslots eg 10pm and/or on smaller channels. Sky One show a lot of US TV but it’s satellite and subscription only and a tiny channel compared to BBC1 and ITV and the other terrestrial channels. The Brit TV you see on PBS is more or less our regular TV, except we also have our reality TV show and chat shows, etc. e.g. I don’t think you’ve seen I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, though it’s massive here.

  48. Lucky you on the Kardashians. Have you seen this?

  49. Ah, Alastair Cooke.

    Agree that Netflix is changing things — and also that about half of my good friends no longer have conventional tv of any kind. At the same time, a critical mass has to be reached. So let’s say 10% of Americans know about Spooks (or even 15%, which I think is generous). It’s still not like the numbers who are watching House or Grey’s Anatomy or whatever (both series I have never seen a single episode of). I am still using Netflix mostly to watch fairly “obscure” stuff (Slings and Arrows, e.g., or In Treatment).

  50. I love British tv — most of it anyway. I’m so glad you’re not having to choose bewteen things like Starsky and Hutch (yuck!) and Dynasty (double yuck).

  51. Alas, the instant streaming video stuff doesn’t work for someone whose high-speed connection isn’t so very high speed. I have Amazon Prime and could access lots of shows at no additional cost if only . . . oh well.

  52. I think 95% is a fair number, but within a year, it could change to 90% or 85% easily. That’s how quickly things are changing.

    I haven’t watched cable tv in three years. I have used a combination of sources in those three years. Currently, I use roku through my computer and can watch anything on my tv, and it’s legal.

  53. Joanna Lumley. I love her :)

    I always have a conv topic before lecture to get people loosened up, and this term it was mostly questions for them about my new city, but one day I came up dry and so the topic was “the most astonishing thing that happened recently” and someone said something about a Kardashian getting a divorce, and someone else said, you thought that was astonishing? and I thought, I have no idea what they are talking about.

  54. HIgh speed is getting cheaper and cheaper. However, there are still some remote areas that do not have it at all. I feel for those who don’t get it. Or maybe

  55. I am often surprised by what is quoted as being presented on your Masterpiece Theatre, usually because it tends to be any British drama, spanning from the top quality end through to what seem to me very ordinary dramas. Does it also show US and non-British English language dramas, and what about non-English language? At the moment everyone here is talking about The Killing which is Danish.

  56. @servtus, again, lucky you that you survived that long without knowing.

  57. I have read about it (“I’m a Celebrity …”) and I think there is or at least was a German version of it, but no, I’ve never seen it. We do get some of the concepts of British reality shows in American remake versions.

    Dallas was one of those American exports (like Coca-Cola) that embarrasses the heck out of me — especially after having lived in Texas for so many years. I’m glad / relieved that stuff or that kind of stuff is now being sidelined.

    Based on the illegal torrent tracker I belong to, which is mostly UK expats, the most popular things from the UK that the group wants and can’t watch in their new environments seem to be serials (Coronation St, EastEnders), the big dramas, and sports matches.

  58. I don’t remember any sub-titled or shows that would need dubbing on mainstream tv. Of course my memory could just be poor.

  59. Slings and Arrows! I saw that on Ovation, I think. Love it.

    My husband finally figured out who the Kardashians were. He said, “And these people are famous for . . .?”

    I told him it all started with a sex tape that “accidentally” leaked to the press. People like that are what I term “fame wh**es.” The polar opposite of someone like Richard who has actual, discernible talent.

  60. I concur about Dallas, and especially considering that it’s not even close to a representation of Dallas. Before it came out, my dad had a copy of one of the scripts, and we sat around the dinner table laughing about what a bomb it would be. Good thing none of us was a tv producer.

  61. The Kardashians are definitely media whores.

    Curiously, I think their papa was one of OJ’s lawyers and a friend. I think he may have disposed of the knife. I would laugh here, but they were heinous murders, and I can’t bring myself to laugh.

  62. since Alastair Cooke retired and then died, Masterpiece has changed a lot. It shows a lot of mystery / thriller type stuff (Miss Marple, Midsomer Murders), but yeah, it runs the gamut in terms of quality. I don’t think that I ever saw a US-made show on it, and afaik PBS does not run subtitled or dubbed stuff (which may explain why it’s so heavily UK-oriented in its drama choices). Afaik PBS does not run domestic dramas or comedies. That would be too expensive for it (PBS is heavily dependent on viewer contributions) and it wouldn’t be able to afford syndication fees for things that are popular. Too much competition with all the cable channels now.

    We had “The Killing” here, but in a US remake that aired on a cable channel. It played in Seattle or some rainy part of the country. I saw the first 2-3 episodes because Didion was watching them, then lost track.

    Subtitling would be a very hard sell on US tv, I suspect. The exception might be some telenovelas, but they run on Spanish language stations which are only mainstream in some parts of the US.

  63. Enjoying this, but I *must* return to the double boiler.

  64. Candy making?

  65. Actually, I’m about to go to the next town where there is a pharmacy. 35 miles away!! I love living here, but sometimes it’s a hassle.

  66. Candy making. At least the cookies are done.

  67. Drive safely.

  68. Aahh! I’ll carry that thought with me as I drive in the horrible weather. :D

  69. Thank you. :) You be safe too. Worst burn I’ve ever had was from making candy. OUch!

  70. Re high speed–that is what ours is supposed to be, But we have very limited options out here in the boonies. Basically it is either Centurytel, or dial up with Alaweb as we used to have, or pay $350 to get it hooked up through Hughes Satellite and then a minimum of $50 a month for service. So we will just keeping muddling along with what we have.

    I have hopes in the next few years either the speed will improve or other options at more reasonable prices will be available.

    I remind myself I managed with dialup for quite a long time.

  71. Sheesh, you could put up your own tower for what Hughes would charge you.

    Gotta run. Hope everyone has a great day, night, wee hours of the morning, or whatever!

  72. @RAFrenzy 35 miles to the nearest pharmacy – sounds horrendous!

    @Servetus you might be interested in the new Young James Herriot series I have been watching *grin*

  73. There was an American version of “I’m a Celebrity” which I watched a few times. I think it only lasted a couple of seasons. There are a lot of British shows that are rebooted over here, and frequently, not very well.

  74. It’s not so bad since it’s a gorgeous drive. I never get tired of it. I’m just waiting for SO to get his act together so we can leave!

    Dare I say I have Young James Heriot on my list of possible dl’s? I have read all of his books and adored them, which I was not prepared to do.

  75. I have never seen I’m a Celebrity. Honestly, I’ve seen very few reality shows. I have seen some, but I”m probably not going to admit which ones. :D

  76. Yes, Robert Kardashian was one of OJ’s Dream Team lawyers.
    I remember my mother and sister’s reactions when he was found not guilty. Absolutely filled with righteous indignation, but I had to calm them down because I was fearful for their blood pressure.

    What can you say, I believe that man got away with murder,

  77. Sheesh, I go dip 2 more rows of candy and you guys go beserk!! LOL!! Serv, it took me 40 yrs to find a candy dipping thingamajigger. WOW! How cool are those things. Working on typing recipe and pics to go with….more later?! Rx is 11 miles away but in today’s blizzard conditions, fuhgeetaboutit. I have mine mailed out once monthly from 40 miles away. Ain’t rural life wonderful??!

    A friend from IMDB sent me 2 season of Larkrise…really good and our hunky Brenden Coyle from N&S is in it!!

  78. I used to watch Survivor regularly, but my work schedule would often conflict with it and I never seemed to get around to watching the recorded eps. My favorite reality show is definitely “The Amazing Race.” Come to think of it, it is the only one I have watched regularly since it debuted. Benny and I watched the first ep of “Big Brother” and Julie Chen and the guy that used to be her co-host iirritated the heck out of us, so we gave up on it. “American Idol” I have watched on and off. There are SOOO many reality shows out there.
    I still find it difficult to think there are shows devoted to bidding on storage units, pawn shops, wild hog hunting . . . who would have thunk it when we were growing up?!

  79. Hahaha! Scary thing is I think I’m about to reach your stage in this excitement over this trailer.

  80. You haven’t missed anything if you’ve not seen I’m a Celeb. We’ve also recently had The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing (which spawned Dancing with the Stars)…I don’t watch any of these by design, but can’t help seeing them sometimes (or quite often!). Great Expectations with Gillian Anderson starts after Christmas – more my kind of thing. We also have a ton of movies to watch at home. I don’t know why I’m boring you with all this, when all I want is to see the Hobbit trailer!!!!!!!!!

  81. We have “I’m a celebrity” in Germany (they use the same set as the UK version) and last year it was up against Strike Back. IIRC it got ratings of about 8 million and SB 0,5 million.

  82. @Kap: will check out young James Herriot. This is, of course, all displacement.
    @Frenz: I got the books as a gift as a preteen. Didn’t think I was going to like them, either. But I felt an innate kinship w/the protagonist, even then, LOL. On the farm we’re also 30 mi away from the doctor, etc. In emergencies we can call the volunteer fire dept, some of those people have paramedic training. My SIL does, e.g.
    @NB still doing it by hand over here. I’m all done now with the things everyone has to have or it’s not Xmas, but I think I’m going to do a final run of apricots dipped in dark choc tonight. Might as well have a candy I want!
    @Jane hard to see how Strike Back was going to attract a big audience in Germany, oder?

  83. Up until a week or so ago I was torn about seeing the trailer in case it made the wait harder, but now…meh!!!…I’m like a child at Christmas. Richard sings?!!!! I’m so wound up with excitement I had difficulty getting to sleep last night. I have a full day ahead so I hope someone will snag it because I won’t get a chance to catch it until later on tonight. I think it shows about 3pm here in Australia.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the collective sighing, squealing and squeeing can be heard around the world when Thorin first appears!!!!

  84. and to further the anticipation….

    Maybe we need to petition for a Ken as Thorin doll??!! Oh joy. Oh joy!!

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