A Do Over

About twenty minutes ago, it occurred to me I hadn’t posted a blog piece today, and once midnight was here, I couldn’t turn back the clock and keep on track with the Project 365 bondage commitment. But even if I had skipped today, it wouldn’t make me lose sleep. I’ve neglected or just plain screwed up so many things during my life that missing a day of posting is probably 100,396th on the list.

It would take me a couple of years to list all of the things on which I placed too much emphasis, but most of it was on being responsible and mature, doing the right thing. I spent so much time trying to get things right and scared to death of messing up that I didn’t let myself be a kid. And I still messed up!

This blog is a bit of an attempt to manifest the childhood I’ve been recapturing, and as with any child, I’m going to cross a boundary at times. Such as saying the word fuck. I don’t mean actually saying the word. I’ve said it many times in my life. I mean typing it on this blog for anyone in the world to read. Perhaps that sounds a lame excuse to be crass. Yeah, I know some of you think that, and I can’t really do much about you thinking it, but I am aware that you do, and it’s really not my intent to offend you. But I also know even if I walked on water, there would be some of you who wouldn’t like the angle of the video clip.

If it’s not clear by this point in the post, then let me make it crystal. I’m trying to work something out. You can come along with me or not. I hope you stay and continue the ride. And no, I don’t intend to parade a sting of profanity to prove that I can be carefree, but there has been something freeing in saying pretty much what I think. I said “pretty much” because I’m not quite sure the world is ready to hear all of my (or anyone’s) reckless thoughts. There is such a thing as discretion.

So what does this have to do with Richard Armitage? Stick around and you’ll find out. :D

For now a little peek at the man who wanted a do over:

[click to enlarge]

Candid shot courtesy of KuchingGirl

edit: I canned the 365 program several weeks into this year. It was a good experience but not necessary to continue.


  1. Now I am intrigued. And you ladies have led me down the garden path to start my own blog. Let’s all be kids together, OK? If i can get caught up with responding to everyone, that is.

    Love the movie Groundhog Day, BTW. Great fun!!

  2. Count me in, this sounds too good to miss out on!

    Great news “fedoralady” on your upcoming blog, I love your fan fic so this will be a hoot!!

    Nice pic KuchingGirl, you know I’m going to ask how you acquired it!

  3. Ah, Wandsworth Town Hall never looked so lovely!

  4. I’m not offended,at all Frenzy!. :D

  5. Missing a day is not the end of the world, you’re right! It takes a bit of the pressure off. :D Blogging is supposed to be fun!

  6. I’m already on the ride. I hope you let me tag along.

    Btw, something tells me you are already carefree. LOL

  7. OK, but do you have a map? I’m good with maps! :D

  8. I wish I had that view from the window… well, minus the debris. BTW I would love some wreckless thoughts. It’s you blog and here you are Queen!

  9. I hope no one tries to rain on your parade. It is your blog after all, so whatever you want to say, you should!

  10. Thank you all, and please know that no one has tried to rain on me. But I am circumspect, and it is not my normal demeanor to be so crude — at least in public. I was reared to have some class albeit this desserts me at times. :D

  11. You know your search words are about to change, right? LOL!!

  12. Love this pic. OMG. I want one.

  13. Yeah, count me in as well! An attempt to recapture (and manifest) childhood sounds worth doing and too good to miss out on (like Mersguy remarked). For me it seems you have the right emphasis and light-heartedness(?) to keep you going and doing the right things (as there are no such things as really wrong things!! I’m a converted believer that everythings makes sense in the end!). You give us readers such a lot of interesting insights and flashbacks. You encourage recognition and give us a bl… good laughter, and not to forget, as a special treat, quite often beautiful pics (like that one above!) Thanks for all that and feel free to share your reckless thoughts!! Very much appreciated! :D

  14. You are a woman after my own heart! Love this post. I ,too, am reluctant to use certain words in the blogosphere, even though my conversations with good friends are “peppered” with them. The “F” word (I don’t mean FREE) is a favorite because it just fits so much. Did you know that the “F” word is merely an acronym for “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” from Victorian times? That is something I read in a book many years ago. The writer may have been blowing smoke up all of the readers’ a**es, but it made sense to me! Be yourself. Express yourself as you feel led. We accept you as you are, and that’s pretty “f-ing” special as I see it!:)

  15. […] Love this pic that Frenz posted recently. Give me a smiling, disheveled, slightly-out-of-breath Richard Armitage in rumpled clothing any day. Mmmm. Rumpled clothing. […]

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