Are You a Fangirl?

February 25, 2012

Stand up and be counted!

We are in cyber world where you can have this kind of fun without repercussion, i.e., family and friends taking the Mickey out of you. So don’t let your inflated opinion of who you’re supposed to be keep you from having fun with this. As for me, I’m having a blast. My only qualm is that I may get so free that I say something to offend the uh, object of my affection.

Oh, you don’t know him? Well, neither do I, but I like to pretend I do. It makes for all sorts of fun. I write him fake fan letters and post pictures of him when no way I would really write him a letter from my real self or put up a picture outside this blog. I must maintain my cool image. ;-) It would be blown to hell if I actually had a picture. Listen, the DVD collection is already pushing it. And I suspect there are many of you like me but you’re too afraid to admit it — even here. But you’re wrong to be fearful. Go ahead and try it! Nothing is going to fall on you. Not sure about that? Well, I’ve been blogging for almost two years and commenting in cyber world more than twice as long, and I’m still here.

And guess what? I’m sane and married to a sane person, and I have four sane kids, who have excellent character and make excellent grades in school (I had to get that in about the kids since that is what I’m most proud of). I also have a job that requires me to be very responsible. But most important for you to know is that I do sometimes step away from my laptop and go outside and smell the fresh air and people come to my house and I go to theirs and we visit and eat dinner together, and oh, I do all sorts of things that are so ridiculously normal it would bore you to hear all of them.

So why this outlet? I asked myself that question for a long time, and sometimes I still have a moment of circumspection that could generate fear. But I no longer ask it because I think I have the answer, and I’m writing about my journey to it in my Diary, which sometimes gets a little depressing, but I promise the end of the story turns out well! Yes, there is an endpoint. I had it as a target when I first started the blog and really thought I would reach it by my first anniversary. You see how that turned out. I make no promises about my second anniversary, but I’m determined to finish and hope that you or someone will benefit. I know I am.

So my object:

Isn’t he cute?

Has a good sense of humor too.

And a good listener.

I mean he really listens.

And sometimes it hits him what’s happened.

“Yeah, man, there’s these women, fangirls they’re called…”

“…and one sent me this thing… well, it was…”

“…maybe I shouldn’t describe it. All I know is it was good for me. So yeah, I have some fantasies.”

“That’s right. I have some fantasies too even though I would never date any of you.”

“Oh yeah, man, I’m careful.”

I love that interview, and for those who have never seen the real thing, go here.

Screencaps courtesy of

edit: and a slideshow of this group of photos on RichardArmitageNet.


  1. Hi Frenz, I’m a long time reader of your blog but never left a comment until now. I’ve been enjoying your many words and the various responses they invoke.

    I love those screen caps. There’s a marvellous fan-vid which makes it appear as though RA is slightly tipsy. It’s very funny and the maker made it very clear it’s a manipulation made for fun and I’m astounded that the dislike button has been hit, APM out in force.

    I have no idea why my mind decided that RA would become the fun on-line outlet for me but I’m glad it did. I’m now burning with curiosity to find out what your answer is.

  2. Welcome! :D

    I started to link to that video, but figured this was so long I needed to stop. I think it’s still on Twitter. I’ll go look, but if not, I have a copy! LOL!

    Hopefully, I’ll get to the end of that story sometime before the second Hobbit movies comes out. :P

  3. “If you’ve ever been a fangirl, put your hand up!” I’ve got BOTH of my hands up doing the swaying wave! No shame in my game! I, too, front easily as a normal,positive, contributing person in society. But…the DVD is a tell tale sign as you’ve mentioned Frenz. Also, the collection of audiobooks (only Heyer books – not ventured as far as the war story). “Buh-zillion” pics I’ve downloaded for my personal viewing pleasure. Most recent addition is a “Little Guy”, courtesy best friend Joan. Laptop background is Thorin and desktop background at work is Lucas North. If someone asks, I take the opportunity to tell them to look forward to “The Hobbit”. My husband popped in at work after school, and spotted that jewel on the screen, and remarked, “Oh, I see you’ve got my picture on your screen!”:)
    The stress relief the fantasy provides is better than thousands spent in therapy! I’d never write him, try to meet him, stalk him, etc. I will always admire him from afar. Being part of this group is great because we laugh , joke, drool, and share something that we all can feel safe and unjudged in doing. You guys are like family. Appreciate you all and your comments, stories, polls, photos, videos,and whatever else you can possibly think up that is wrapped around Mr. A. !:D

  4. That interview is on my top 10 RA Interviews list. Many reasons why I like it, but one is that I love his sense of humor. I do wonder what Richie was telling the other horses about him :) Of course, he also talks about my future dream job, RA Ice Pack manager.

    I love being a fan, it makes my dull and somewhat normal life more interesting and sharing with fellow fans a very special experience.

  5. The expressions in that interview are priceless.

    Favorites jobs: ice-pack manager, hair placement manager, sheet placement manager. :D

    This has been so much fun to get to know all of you, and I’m amazed at how the time has flown.

  6. Oh yeah, me too on every count, except I only have 2 children not four. :) Love those pictures and your captions.

  7. What can I say? SO and I got carried away. :D

  8. Katie, So glad you’re around!! I also love that you’re a Southern Gal. I am too in case you missed that on the blog. :D

  9. He said “bitten” and OH how I wished I could raise one eyebrow!!!! (he can, as if he needed any more talents).

    Yes, I haven’t seen that interview before. I am seen to be a fangirl by my friends who haven’t seen a crush like mine, nor have any of THEM had a crush on an actor like I have on RA. If they have they’ve let it go where as I have stayed true and firm :D
    But, yes I know you heard a but coming there… but I do not think I am a fangirl. Seriously, I don’t think I’m up to that level.
    I love him and I think he’s the best actor out there right now, looks, talents, voice, biceps – he’s got it all. And here’s where the honesty comes out… I haven’t watched all his shows, I’ve never heard any audiobook by him and neither have I watched every single interview he’s done (I’ve seen some, but not all).
    Feel free to scream and shout and hit me with a frying pan. I deserve it.
    It’s exactly why I don’t think I’m a fangirl, or even a REAL fan. In MY eyes I have to be more BOTHERED to do things concerning this actor I love. A blog, tattoo, fan-fic, art, t-shirt, etc etc. Goodness sake I’ve loved him how long and only on his 40th did I have the guts to send him a birthday present.
    In SOME ways I am a fangirl, I will defend him to the end of my days, I will always find him gorgeous and I will always hold up any man I meet against him and find them unworthy… but in the battle of “Who knows more about RA” or “Who’s done more fangirl stuff” I will lose.

    It’s alright. I am completely fine with being as loony as I am about him ;)
    Now that I have bared my soul… *struts off*

  10. No frying pans necessary. There are different manifestations shall we say. And thank your baring your soul. Makes me feel much better. :D

  11. Plus, you’re just a babe. No need to get serious yet! :D

  12. I have to remind myself that I have a daughter your age. Someone slap me that I just admitted that about my daughter! But I’m proud of her even if she is too old for me to claim in public. ;-)

  13. If you scroll up and down the page quickly, your screencaps make stop-action animation!

    Does that answer your question?

  14. Shoulda made a gif? :D

  15. I’m not a fangurl. Nope. No way. ;)

  16. Different manifestations is true. I know I’m not alone, some people have done what I haven’t and haven’t done what I, er, have. o_O If that makes sense. We all love the same guy in many different ways, hence why we’re all part of the same army :D

    And I do wish I was older, that would make the gap between me and RA smaller. Not that it really matters but it would stop the “He’s old” comments from some of my friends.

  17. Of course not, Judi. I know you just grace us with some sanity so we don’t go too far off the deep end. :D

    Sheepa, Oh my what can I say. A man who’s 40 and well, looks like Richard Armitage, and oh hell, is Richard Armitage! what is age when that is in your line of vision?! To hell with age, and your friends, well, I can’t say what I”m thinking. LOL!

    If it’s any consolation, my daughter who’s your age thinks RA’s hot, but not anywhere near Kevin Spacey who’s hotter than a thousand suns! And if I remember correctly, Kevin’s 52 or 53.

  18. My answer to my mates has always been “I prefer men to boys” and none of them could deny that RA is VERY good-looking. It helps that I find more and more fans of his everyday, and one of my friends supports me completely :D

    Kevin Spacey? Sometimes I try and see some sort of link between the actors one person finds attractive. All of mine kinda look alike (RA, Toby Stephens and Hugh Jackman) but Kevin Spacey is so very different from RA. But she doesn’t care about age like me so good for her! :D
    Lucky you, having fellow RA fans at home!

  19. I’m definitely a fan girl Frenz and proud of it! Why be ashamed of having excellent taste? I count myself in very good company :-)

  20. Good question, and not so easily answered. Depends what a fan girl is. To someone looking in to this “community” we are probably all fangirls. I’ve not written to him, asked for a signed photo, tried to meet him or see him. I have no unsigned photos at home of him either. I have the DVDs/audiobooks and I have a Little Guy (which was given to me). I follow news of him, that’s for sure. But I don’t watch the DVDs obsessively all the time (well maybe a little bit when I first get one). “Fangirl” sounds so patronising and is such a “label” that I hesitate to apply it to myself. And I am so much more than it implies. But I am, most definitely, a fan.

  21. I have been an avid lurker here for awhile without posting but definitely don’t mind admitting to being a fangirl as RA makes me feel like a young girl again and wishing I was single and available. Not really, I am very happy with an understanding hubby and two gorgeous girls who have curtailed their eye rolling and teasing lately since they have left home leaving me with lots of time now to feed my RAddiction. I have a life sized Thorin in my possession which hubby refers to as my Richard blow up doll – might post the whole funny story one day. I also have been so so blessed to have made many new friends both online and in real life by being a fan girl sharing the love and laughter he has brought into our lives.

  22. Welcome, Lindylou! If you ever want to do a guest post on your story, feel free. Would love to hear it. :D

    ChrisB, what can I say? You’ve got more guts than I do. LOL! I laugh, but I’m serious.

    Kap, you and I are so much alike. You’re going to find some things interesting in the diary. BTW, the Little Guy is going to be worth something more than a fiver in the next year. Assuming dear Richard really does make it big in The Hobbit. :D

  23. Hi Frenz, Do I disqualify myself if I raise my hand as an unabashed fan of his fans? I can’t say enough about how impressed I’ve been with the creative output I’ve seen on-line related to his work and am hugely supportive of these endeavors and appreciative of the energetic space you each hold in cyberspace.

    North and South had a singular positive effect on me as I saw it last year during a time of great career conflict and instability. I will be forever grateful since it led me to this wonderful blog community. Most of my family and friends are in the US while I’ve been working in London for > 50% of the year for the past 3, going on 4 years now. I find this blog community wonderfully grounding when my RL is far less so, with my time in planes and different cities / hotels more than a bit disorienting.

    I am not quite motivated enough to catch RA’s other works (RH, SB, Spooks) but I do enjoy the visual snippets I’ve seen as used in creative fanvids. So I’m definitely a fan… but maybe in a ‘once removed’ kind of way? :)

  24. Welcome, UK Expat! :) And of course you’re still a fan. Frankly, the fans are a big part of this for me. Much as I like Richard, that’s the unabashed truth about my stay in fandom. So no, you’re not disqualified as far as I’m concerned. :D

  25. And for those who haven’t seen it, Tipsy Richard:

  26. Thank you Frenz. Believe it or not this was a very soothing post for me. I have been concerned that this RA fangurly thingy has made me more loopy than usual. But I am in good company and I want to stand up and be counted too. I am an RA fangurly, hear me roar….and go through all the blogs, oogle pictures, read and read some more fanfic, look at all youtube videos, watch North and South again and have a big crush on Guy (although nasty men do nothing for me in RL) and all the while still be present in my life.

  27. Of course, I’m not a fangirl either. I just “use” a specific actor as a base for research and writing. Nothing else. :D Crush?? Moi??? Not on your nelly! That is a really good interview with Mr. A. Apart from being a VERY good actor, he is, of course DDG…

  28. I’m with fitzg and judiang. Yep. Our cruise down that river in Egypt is refundable, right?

  29. Re Tipsy Richard vid, it’s good….yeah ! LOL Thanks for the link, Frenz. Haven’t seen it before.

  30. I do not have skills and I don’t have any talents. I’m ordinary parasite but I love you all and this one English actor! :)

  31. Hhaahahahah Tipsy Richard was hilarious!!! :D

  32. Tipsy Richard can be “blamed” on Kada. :D

  33. Joanna, there have to be a couple of us “semi-creative ones”, who are reading all this wonderful blogs and maybe at least commenting every now and then…As a result my English improves hopefully a bit!
    But I am a confident fangrrl. I confess I’m all over so excited, there is no way of denying it. :D Although it still feels sometimes a bit odd, even after 16 months in a constant state of exception. I actually participated in Calexora’s birthday book, but for all that it makes me feel repeatedly uncertain about the stuff I wrote..Geez.
    My RA-DVD shelf is quite complete and I own all of his audio works (really loved LOTN! Uthred’s voice….OMG), but all the Hayer-audiobooks abide the hearing. There are yet several month to fill with RA treats, until we can swoon one and all about a certain dwarf…..We ladies absolutely know how to humour us til then, right ???…..

  34. Oh yes, Tipsy Richard is hilarious!!! Haven’t seen it in a while.

  35. I have a confession. I submitted a letter to Calexora’s book, but I didn’t sign my name. So yes, I’ve technically written him a letter. I also added a comment to Nat’s group letter that was actually about Nat, so there’s another time I’ve contributed something that was sent to him. But I consider these like the birthday wishes we give him on various sites. A letter from me by myself and with my real name on it? Ain’t happenin’ LOL!

  36. I must confess I have doubts about what exactly I am! As I haven’t seen much of his works and know very little about him, I don’t know if I’m becoming a fangirl, if I’m already one or if I’m just curious about this gorgeous actor whose fandom praise so much (this has impressed me more than anything)!!!
    Anyway, I follow your blog and love to read your thoughts!!

  37. Am I a fangirl? Oh, yeah!!!!!! at least, I’m trying to became one…. I have to admited that I never heard of RA until last year, but since then, I been researching and watching all the available material.
    I have to thank youtube and all the blogs that have helped me in my quest for knowledge….
    One day, I want to have my own blog (in spanish, of course) to post interesting and deep conversations about …. world peace =)

  38. Welcome, Virna! So glad to help in your quest. :D And I would love to read your deep conversations about world peace. LOL! Okay, I laughed, but I really do love to hear what others think on lofty subjects — so much so that I have difficulty sometimes keeping up the snark. Hope you come back soon.

  39. Luciana, Does it really matter what you are if you are enjoying this?!:) It is wonderful to share thoughts, and I love to hear from others as well. Thanks for contributing to that.

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  41. I spent the better part of this weekend reading fanfic, something I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d be doing even two months ago.
    So yeah, fangirl me. ::hangs head sheepishly::

  42. Indeed labels are not important… and definetely, I’m having fun with RA work!!

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