“As Performed by Richard Armitage and the Dwarf Cast”

The Hobbit soundtrack is due out December 11th. Will Richard Armitage’s voice be featured? Absolutely. Fandango has an exclusive on the tracklist. But even if Richard Armitage wasn’t a featured artist on this CD, I would still buy it. I adore the music from The Lord of the Rings. Its haunting, majestic quality with a little quirk thrown in is fitting for work inspired by Tolkien.

Two of my favorites, Riders of Rohan and Samwise the Brave (respectively) from Two Towers:

And in case you have been in a hole in the ground :D, an excerpt of the song Richard and Cast will be singing:

A hearty thanks to TheOneRingnet for posting a pointer to the Fandango article. I really, really appreciate all that they do. Perhaps when Ali gets a chance, she can put up a link on her site to the Amazon pre-order page, so that charity can benefit from what you purchase.

Finally, The Hobbit Trailer

And it was well worth the wait:

And some caps…

Still looks good on a horse:


Caps are my stash. I may have to post some more later. :D