How Does Someone Get This Gig?

Or why did I go to college? When I could have become a make-up artist and been so, so satisfied.

I’m just throwing this one in below ’cause I like it! The bicep might have something to do with it.

See more behind the scenes pictures here.


  1. You frighten me. I had the same thought about being a makeup artist and having skipped all of my education. Of course, makeup artists probably also make up a lot of people who are somewhat less attractive than Mr. Armitage.

    I noticed the bicep, too. Cough. I am not even someone who generally finds a highly developed musculature all that attractive.

  2. I frighten myself! I’m trying to get this all out of my system, but I’m not so sure. Maybe I’m just making things worse. LOL!

  3. he hulked out nicely.. says shallow me.
    I’m not too fond either of the poster-boy hunks, too slick mostly. Or the likes of Vin Diesel.
    Good think Mr. A has a brain to complement the brawn.

  4. Yeah, he’s doing well in all these interviews to stress that John Porter is not just a British Rambo.

    At the same time I feel like we are being manipulated to an extreme degree. Why do we notice the bicep? Because of that very prominent wound on his forearm. It all just makes me want to curl up inside. Uch.

  5. Oh, just enjoy the ride. It doesn’t make me less intelligent because they’ve played on my attraction for someone who looks manly. I’m laughing the whole time they’re doing it, and yes, while I’m ogling the picture.

    My only qualm is treating RA like an object. More coming up on that today.

  6. Grin. You have probably figured out by now that I hardly ever enjoy anything without having thought about whether enjoyment is permissible for quite a long time. But I’ll try.

    I think it’s interesting that the objectification is arising for you now. I wrote a similar post relatively early into my Armitage-blogging, and that post links to similar posts that appeared early in the blogging journeys of two other Armitage bloggers. So I’ll be fascinated to hear what you have to say. Eventually we may be able to put together a sort of chronology of symptoms of Armitagemania, or as Phylly3 called it, viRAs.

  7. I’ve been aware of objectifying RA from the beginning. I just didn’t want to talk about it before I had a chance to really wallow in it a bit.:D

  8. It just occurred to me that you could console yourself for your poor career choice with the information that apparently Mr. Armitage struggles with his relationship to makeup artists. :)

  9. I had forgotten about that article! You’re right, it consoles me a bit, but then would I care if I could stand that close? LOL!

  10. Om, that would be objectification! :)

  11. LOL!! Yeah.

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  15. I am not one bit sorry about objectifying him. He literally put himself out there the moment he showed us the peaches the first time in Between The Sheets, then he did it again in Spooks and Strike Back. Therefore, if he doesn’t feel guilty about using his own body to make money, I am done feeling that way about ogling his assets. Did I ever in a million years think I would have a blog that has evolved into this adolescent behavior of mine? Heck, no! I use to scoff at “those people” who had nothing better to do than fantasize and ponder about famous artists. Now I can say that I am not ashamed. I would, however, draw the line at full-frontal. Thank God he hasn’t done that yet! I hope it never happens either. It would horrify me!

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