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Last year around this time my bullshit detector was running on high due to all the press gushing over The Hobbit. I figured if I stayed away from most of the PR this year, the detector would keep quiet. No luck. Every time I get close, that thing makes an awful racket. None of this is to say I’m against the PR. Not at all. Sir Peter and Warners have to do what they have to do. Gotta make a living, and there’s no shame in that. But I’m not feeling the love for my part in it. Mainly because, well, I am bored with it. Okay, there I said it, and that was hard to say because I know so many are having fun with it. I envy you, but mostly I ain’t feelin’ it. If I can find some humor, I’m okay, but when I can’t, it’s hard to keep up the pretense I’m into it.

And if my gut is still working well, I would say Richard Armitage isn’t into it either. But again, gotta make a living, and I wish him all the best with what he has to do. Thankfully, I don’t have to do it with him. LOL!

Now for the good part. Yeah, there’s a good part to this; it’s not just a mini-rant about the droning of the Hobbit press. So the good part is Richard is getting quite the education in how to promote a movie and all the shit that goes on with it. This is a wonderful thing for him for two reasons. One, I still believe he’s destined for a spot behind the camera, and it’s going to be good. No, I’m in no rush for him to stop acting, but hey, why does he have to leave acting to get behind the camera? Why are those mutually exclusive? Clint Eastwood didn’t leave acting to direct or produce. If he can do it, Richard Armitage can do it. Two (and maybe this should be One), is there any doubt Sir Peter is the master on how to mount and promote a project? Oh you doubt that? ROFLOL!! You need to do some homework.

The dude is a marketing genius, and his ability to leverage fandom is, in my opinion, unmatched by any other director. As a business person who’s had to put on the marketing hat, I really appreciate his ability in this area, because that is hard work. And for those purists who hate all marketing types, let me put it this way, you wouldn’t see most of the movies you love if not for the marketers. It’s a necessary evil like insurance and pap smears. Sorry to digress. The point is Richard is learning from one of the best. And if there’s one thing that seems to be evident, he’s teachable and has a keen bullshit detector himself.

I love photos like this one because he has that look in his eye that says, I know what’s going on, and I’m going along with it, but inside, I’m smirking a little:

richardarmitage calling bullshit

And this is one great perk to blogging — I can attach any meaning I want to a photo. :D

Other than all of this above, I am looking forward to seeing the next installment of The Hobbit.


  1. I believe you are right. I know he has to be tired of all this BS, but, he is a trooper.Only 6 days until opening day here in USA. Then maybe he can relax a little. Hope he is taking time to enjoy this. I am enjoying seeing him a lot.

  2. Yep, he’s a trooper, and we have gotten some great candid shots of him!

  3. I have the same impression. And while I feel the same way, I’m a little disappointed they didn’t give Richard a little more exposure in the US during this publicity frenzy. I really want him to find some work here. It’s probably my only chance to see him in person! Apparently, he is interested in working here as well since he’s relocated in NY. Ahhhh, I can only dream. That being said, I don’t know how he has put up with all of the chaos. It would drive me over the edge.

  4. Well, for a few million, I’m sure I could manage to deal with all of the BS that goes along with promoting a movie. He does seem to avoid TV shows, though. I would think that even though he does not have a high profile here, he could still get on some of the late night talk shows such as Craig Ferguson or Jimmy Fallon?

  5. Actually I have to disagree a little. Watching the vids from the Waterstones event (and the photo above), I felt he was very relaxed and was a actually enjoying it. I suspect the press junkets can be a drag for him but I think he may genuinely enjoy interacting with and promoting the film to the fans . Lets not forget, the waterstones event was right in his backyard, a small cosy gathering of devotees and no cameras/press. That face you show says ‘chuffed to be here talking to these nice people and catching up with some mates later’ in my eyes. Just my 2 pence worth .

  6. Ok, maybe not ‘chuffed’ exactly but ‘happy’

  7. Ohhh, to have that smirking pic on the ceiling next time I have a pap smear.

  8. This time around there’s definitely an air of “been there, done that”, or with the world premiere, actually did it better last year. I’m OK with the promoting, what bugs me is the repetition of the questions and answers during interviews. No wonder the cast looks a tad removed at times.
    Some may argue that DOS is still targeting those that will jump on board The Hobbit train, but you’d think there’d be some morsels for those who actually already helped the franchise exceed the 1 billion USD mark and are sick of a journalist stating: You’re so tall and yet you’re playing a dwarf… Enough already. Do your research or get an intern to come up with something interesting to ask and stop boring the orc out of us!
    I’m OK with the promotional aspect, I just tune out when it gets a bit too much, it’s all the merchandise and multiple DVD’s being released at an alarming rate that bugs me.

  9. I personally think he looks calm and happy. He seems a little more relaxed, ready to make a few more jokes. And he’s always been patient with the repetitive questions, which I appreciate. I have to remember that not everyone watches every single interview. The repetitive questions and answers are new to some people.

    He also has a talent of focusing and paying attention to the interviewer/speaker that is very attractive. That’s a major part of his charm as an actor — he seems truly in the moment, interacting with the other characters. I’m also enjoying the interactions with Luke Evans and Evangeline Lilly. I think he’s having fun. Is it still work, and some of it probably boring? Yes. But overall, he looks like he’s enjoying himself.

    So I’m enjoying it, too.

  10. Last year he did the Kathy Lee and Hoda thing on Today, sort of a big deal. I don’t think he did any late night. He didnt look real comfortable with Orlando at the Fan Event that was televised worldwide this time around. I know he likes more intimate settings so I get why he doesn’t do the big things, but I’m worried that it is important to his career. I know he does more of them in the UK, as I’ve seen them on You Tube (The kitchen cooking scene where he eats a hot pepper.) I am just so anxious to get his name recognition out there. Maybe then, they will know how to pronounce his name correctly.(By the way, that really irritates me when an interviewer doesn’t even check on the correct pronunciation before they speak with him. It is just rude!) Anyway, if he had more exposure, I think it would be good. I want everyone to know how talented he is!

  11. […] Frenzy thinks Armitage is skeptical. […]

  12. Marketing is necessary, as you say. And it is interesting to see the various thrusts that they do–with mixed success sometimes.

    That Nov. 4th event was poorly organized–however technically difficult it was to coordinate linking to the different sites around the world. They should have had substantive interviewing activities going on at each site–with fewer sites to coordinate. Such that each site–and the stars at those sites–shared in the spotlight.

    I agree McQ, RA looks relaxed and better rested this time around–especially at smaller venues where he can greet his fans individually. And LOL Kitty. Now you’ve given me an idea where to install my lifesize cardboard Thorin where the dogs can’t chew it. Ha!

  13. I felt that most of the cast were less enthused at the premiere. Sure they were over signing autographs but they weren’t standing and talking to fans very much that I saw and that included Richard. It was rather cold out but it just seemed like he wasn’t really stopping to chat much. He smiled as always but I think there has to be some sense of having done this over and over and it becomes just a job. Sure he is thrilled about the movie but a bit tired of the same old questions. Now they’ve got him marketing the theaters to sell tickets here and I’m sorry but that is too much. It isn’t his job to sell tickets directly. It will be worse next year with the last film and I think for Richard it will be much, much busier so he should enjoy whatever break he is getting now. You have to market this stuff so I am sure he is learning as he goes but he did say that he doesn’t feel he has reached what he wants in front of the camera as yet so I wish him luck in finding a new project and for myself I don’t care where it is so much as that he gets something worth his talent. If it is in the U.S. that is great but if not then that is fine too.

  14. Perhaps RA is not into the bullshit. But if he’s not, why is he totally doing it? Where are his other offerings? He is doing nothing else. Why is that? Why has he not moved on?

  15. Pi, it’s probably in his contract to be into it; otherwise it makes no sense for him to give up what amounts to almost four years of his life to this project — Jan 2011 to Dec 2014. I wonder how much having to be on call for Peter Jackson and WB has affected his prospects.

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