A Worthy Reply

Armitage Besotted has something on her mind, and it’s been niggling at her for a couple of weeks. By the way, I heartily agree with her sentiments.

It started with a post she saw on Armitage Confessions:


and a comment on the post:

FireShot Screen Capture #128 - 'Richard Armitage Confessions' - richardarmitageconfessions_tumblr_com_post_51648348165#notes

And now Armitage Besotted’s comment:

Yes, listen to ceallaig1 and don’t be intimidated. I have a huge vocabulary which I learned on my own through voracious reading — anything and everything (since age 5), just as she says. Funny thing is, I’m great in writing, but I don’t know how to pronounce half the words I know, so I get self-conscious about using them out loud. See, we all have our millstones! I often get around that, by the way, by just putting it out there. I’ve been known to interrupt myself with “fancy word coming up which I’m not sure how to pronounce….” Then I try a pronunciation and look at my listener expectantly for help. You get to a point in life when you decide that what you know is enough and to hell with anyone else who would try to make you feel otherwise.

Frenz’s thoughts:

As I said, I heartily agree and also think the heady company does wonders for my vocabulary. But honestly, it can require a trepidatious spirit to navigate the verbal forest of RA Universe. :D

Sheesh that was a terrible metaphor. I pictured something prickly on my tongue. My rambling ought to make the author of this particular confession feel good right about now.

note: you have to have a tumblr account to make a reply to a post. Methinks Armitage Besotted may eventually cave to that. Oh, and I titled the piece lest you think that Armitage Besotted has become replete with hubris (someone slap me).

additional note: Would Frenz possessive be Frenz’s or Frenz’? Someone please, please slap me.

Parsing Fest Continues or Richard Armitage Makes Grammar Fun

Wow. I’m digging this discussion of typos, and I may never recover from the thrill of understanding the nuances of the apostrophe (see comments as well)……………. Sorry, my head almost came off.

Who knew grammar could ever be like this?

Oh Richard!

You are the bomb. First it was housekeeping you made me enjoy, and now grammar?! I can’t stand this much bliss. I may expire if you send any more missives. But no, no, no, don’t let that stop you. I love them, and thank you for obliging the anal-retentive aspect of the fandom.

One of your crazy fans who’s having a blast with you and your fans. :D

P.S. I only have one fear — that Armitage Protection Mode (APM) may not be in remission among RA Universe. Yikes!

P.P.S It’s that damn phone. Typing a note is rough enough; try blogging sometime. :roll: