2011 Posts are Up

425417d8My kid is learning HTML and CSS (and eventually PHP and JQuery). She’s been hand keying my posts into archive pages, and boy is she learning how to move around with HTML. Phew! But I’m not about to tell her she can do this dynamically. If I do that, she’ll want to jump ahead when she needs the pain of doing links and other stuff manually. MUHAHAHAHA.

The point of this is not just so she can learn these languages but so you can easily look at my old posts. I’ve had countless questions about that and quite a bit of email from people venting their frustrations in trying to find something. Well, I’m trying to make it easier. 2010 went up a few weeks ago, and 2011 is now available. Look under ‘Archive’ on the menu.

The best part about going through these old posts, besides my kid learning something valuable, is my laughing and crying and cringing and being encouraged by all this crap I’ve written. I’m currently going through 2012 and so far, this is my favorite post from that year, and just may be my favorite on this blog. It really speaks to the spirit of this place.

And yes, I will put up a category and tag page. That’s when we’re going to jump to some PHP. :D

Parsing Fest Continues or Richard Armitage Makes Grammar Fun

Wow. I’m digging this discussion of typos, and I may never recover from the thrill of understanding the nuances of the apostrophe (see comments as well)……………. Sorry, my head almost came off.

Who knew grammar could ever be like this?

Oh Richard!

You are the bomb. First it was housekeeping you made me enjoy, and now grammar?! I can’t stand this much bliss. I may expire if you send any more missives. But no, no, no, don’t let that stop you. I love them, and thank you for obliging the anal-retentive aspect of the fandom.

One of your crazy fans who’s having a blast with you and your fans. :D

P.S. I only have one fear — that Armitage Protection Mode (APM) may not be in remission among RA Universe. Yikes!

P.P.S It’s that damn phone. Typing a note is rough enough; try blogging sometime. :roll: