Unearthing Richard

Richard Armitage has a penchant for redeeming the character of Richard III and that inclination may be in line with the stars. What else to explain the windfall of attention from the dig done in Leicester this week?

The infamous king, who has long been a source of controversy among scholars, was possibly disinterred from his resting place under a council car park (in Yankee = public housing parking lot):

And now I’m wondering how “Gary” will deal with this while traversing the rubble to chase after his son. I hope Richard Armitage can do split personality well; otherwise, this opportunity will slip away. No, I don’t mean that. Our boy is too smart for that. Yes, I’m biased. :D

Read more about the dig here.

To read more about Richard Armitage’s desire to mount a production of Richard III that gives an alternative account to the one left by the Tudors and Shakespeare, go here. And please note Richard Armitage is not directly involved with the petition.