The Lovely Hobbit Premieres, What Do They Mean?

I love how Peter Jackson is using the The Hobbit premieres in London and New York to promote worthy causes. Effective and classy. But I wonder if the dates we’re getting will be public events with red carpet. Surely the causes being promoted would benefit. Unfortunately, my infernal gut is rethinking this. If I were to get inside Peter Jackson’s head, what would it be pondering about this all? Part of me thinks he loves the fans being so rabid. He really gets into that and likes to inflame it a bit otherwise why the involvement with TheOneRingnet. But another part of me thinks the fan thing is a big hassle and with these movies, perhaps unnecessary. It’s evident there is already a fan furor. Hmmm.

No matter what happens, I’m going to New York to see my daughters. That’s a given. It would just be nice to schedule it alongside The Hobbit premiere. If that doesn’t work out, oh well.

No, I’m not normally a pessimist, and really, I’m not being one now. I’m merely heeding this reservation I sense. So I’m taking a wait see for now.

The irony of all of this is I am not a red carpet kind of gal. I already did the Comic-Con thing, and that was enough. More than enough, thank you very much. Yes, that’s my way of saying, it’s not my thing. I’m still the person who wrote this.

edit: and the silence from TORn on this NYC showing also makes me take a wait see.

Twitter and Richard Armitage — A Year or So Later

I was looking at the landscape on Twitter this morning and thought back to how it looked a little more than a year ago. Many Richard Armitage fans were not on Twitter at that time, and now there is a plethora by comparison. My curious gene is wondering how you all are liking it for intel and not just about Richard Armitage and also if you have realized I wasn’t lying when I said it won’t lower your IQ.

By the way, I will be making a post this weekend about how to filter tweets. This will be in time for the group discussion of Sunne in Splendour on Sunday. Not that everyone shouldn’t want to read and discuss it! :D But realistically, not everyone has time nor wants to read our tweets on the matter. So I’ll come with some tips.

In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts about Twitter.

If you want to read more of my thoughts on Twitter, they’re found either by hitting the ‘twitter’ tag or you can go to the pieces of any great note here and here and maybe here.

For those of you not on Twitter yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free, and it could blow your mind with its power.

And no, our guy is still not on Twitter — at least that he’s made himself known. Doesn’t matter; it’s still a great tool.

There’s a Line

I was just on Twitter and saw this:

and I wanted to shout: yes! but there’s a line. :D

For those who are new to Richard Armitage, I’m going to be disappointed if you don’t have a crush because it means something is wrong with you!

If you don’t know where to go to find more about him, there is some info here.

Richard Armitage is Not a Movie Star

It’s true. He’s not a movie star yet, and if he never becomes a movie star, he’s already something much better. He’s an excellent person. Do I sound like I have a severe case of CWS? You might get that impression, but I have to say that his grace and aplomb to meet all of these fans while he’s busy working on ‘Black Sky’, and then each of them coming away being enthralled with his character is quite something.

And I just read another account. Yes, that’s what prompted this gushing, and I AM NOT ashamed. :D

August 28, 2012

OMG, I met Richard today!

Third Times the Charm … Squeeeeee!

After 2 failed attempts to meet Richard at the Oakland University site, today was a success. Terry (OH) and I went to downtown Pontiac this morning since I read they were filming Black Sky there and even building their own set on Main Street. After driving around the area, we finally found a friendly guard who told us where they were filming and, incredibly, even where we could park, which was right across the street from the ‘action’ and only 40’ from the actors’ trailers.

read the rest here

A Preface to My Comic-Con Experience

Before I tell you what happened at Comic-Con, I just want it clear that I was not planning on going. It was never a thought in my head. And when I’ve said I had no desire or plan to meet Richard Armitage, I have been serious. I love to make jokes about it certainly, and some of the pieces I’ve written, candidly, I’ve gone back to and laughed. Is it okay to admit I’ve laughed at some of my own stuff? I must sound arrogant, but oh well, I’m sure no matter what I do, someone is going to think poorly of me. The truth is that this blog started as a lark about an obscure English actor whom I never really thought would make it big, and therefore none but a very small number of fans would read it. (Sorry, Richard, I figured you were over the hill by Hollywood’s standards, but I was wrong, and I’m glad.)

My presence here was to have some laughs about this fangirl thing by casting myself as a nut, and to get out some thoughts about creativity and life. That more than a handful of people have read it was completely shocking to me, and my longtime readers know this is far from the first time I’ve said that. As for SO, he has given me good-natured hell about this place, and at first thought I was wasting my time when I “really should be writing! and not losing your story!” I understood that, but he didn’t understand that I had to get out of my comfort zone to reignite my creative thinking. And it’s been a blast. But never was it a real thought to communicate with Richard Armitage (the fake fan letters are a gag if some of you still don’t quite get it), send him gifts (never have) and certainly never to track him down (more on that later :D). Never going to stand at the stage door. Not happening, not part of who I am.

But I got invited to Comic-Con, and I really did want to go to help TORn and had no real expectation of meeting Richard Armitage at that madhouse let alone speaking to him. However, I am a person who likes to be prepared, so I figured if I went, I needed to be ready to talk to him or whomever if I got the chance. My friend, Heidi, who was a longtime AP reporter and now a freelance writer, explained how the process works with getting stories and asking interview questions. I loved listening to her, and thankfully, employed the techniques on the floor of the exhibit hall at Comic-Con with great success. The result of that will be coming up on TORn. And this was a labor of love. If I could do this sort of thing for a living, I would jump at the chance!

The only thing I will tell you today about my experience is I’ve learned a thing or two about being a Richard Armitage fangirl in public. I’m not sure when I’m going to post the experience, but it won’t be today as I’m traveling, and I doubt it’s going to be tomorrow since I’m whipped and need to do nothing for at least a day when I get back home. That won’t happen since I have a lot I normally do back home, but I’m going to try. Maybe I’ll get something up by Wednesday; just know I’ll try to get something up this week.

edit: I totally wimped out on this account. Not sure I’m ever going to tell it. Maybe a few years from now when it will be funnier to me.

Wait. Wait.

A crisis of conscience is crashing over my head. Have I really been in this Richard Armitage frenzy for over four years and blogging about it for over two?! What?!!

It’s the zombie apocalypse. This is how it looks. Just sayin’. In case you wondered. So don’t be frightened. It’s good for now, but sometimes dinner burns. And it beats the hell out of chewing off someone’s face (nope, not even going to put up a link. vomit). No wonder I’ve immersed myself in this!! Okay, I think I’m all better.

Now go buy some gold for the coming economic disaster. Not gold certificates but the real stuff. And then come back and watch ‘North and South with a bunch of us.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

edit: for those who found some of my comments cryptic, just know that zombie apocalypse, which was already a big meme, is now being applied to the incidents involving a drug referred to as “bath salts.” Supposedly the drug turns people into cannibals. There are now at least two recorded and verified instances of this in the U.S. Sickening and definitely makes me want to immerse myself in something that feels good. I actually had a nightmare about this. Mostly thinking of my girls who live in NYC and hoping they look out for themselves and for friends (some of them RA fans) who live in Florida.

Are You a Fangirl?

February 25, 2012

Stand up and be counted!

We are in cyber world where you can have this kind of fun without repercussion, i.e., family and friends taking the Mickey out of you. So don’t let your inflated opinion of who you’re supposed to be keep you from having fun with this. As for me, I’m having a blast. My only qualm is that I may get so free that I say something to offend the uh, object of my affection.

Oh, you don’t know him? Well, neither do I, but I like to pretend I do. It makes for all sorts of fun. I write him fake fan letters and post pictures of him when no way I would really write him a letter from my real self or put up a picture outside this blog. I must maintain my cool image. ;-) It would be blown to hell if I actually had a picture. Listen, the DVD collection is already pushing it. And I suspect there are many of you like me but you’re too afraid to admit it — even here. But you’re wrong to be fearful. Go ahead and try it! Nothing is going to fall on you. Not sure about that? Well, I’ve been blogging for almost two years and commenting in cyber world more than twice as long, and I’m still here.

And guess what? I’m sane and married to a sane person, and I have four sane kids, who have excellent character and make excellent grades in school (I had to get that in about the kids since that is what I’m most proud of). I also have a job that requires me to be very responsible. But most important for you to know is that I do sometimes step away from my laptop and go outside and smell the fresh air and people come to my house and I go to theirs and we visit and eat dinner together, and oh, I do all sorts of things that are so ridiculously normal it would bore you to hear all of them.

So why this outlet? I asked myself that question for a long time, and sometimes I still have a moment of circumspection that could generate fear. But I no longer ask it because I think I have the answer, and I’m writing about my journey to it in my Diary, which sometimes gets a little depressing, but I promise the end of the story turns out well! Yes, there is an endpoint. I had it as a target when I first started the blog and really thought I would reach it by my first anniversary. You see how that turned out. I make no promises about my second anniversary, but I’m determined to finish and hope that you or someone will benefit. I know I am.

So my object:

Isn’t he cute?

Has a good sense of humor too.

And a good listener.

I mean he really listens.

And sometimes it hits him what’s happened.

“Yeah, man, there’s these women, fangirls they’re called…”

“…and one sent me this thing… well, it was…”

“…maybe I shouldn’t describe it. All I know is it was good for me. So yeah, I have some fantasies.”

“That’s right. I have some fantasies too even though I would never date any of you.”

“Oh yeah, man, I’m careful.”

I love that interview, and for those who have never seen the real thing, go here.

Screencaps courtesy of

edit: and a slideshow of this group of photos on RichardArmitageNet.