Bringing a Smile

Janine Pineo recently came into the midst of the Richard Armitage fans, and what a ray of sunshine she is. A hackneyed phrase? Sometimes. But never when it fits. Janine’s wit is readily evident. That sharp mind turning and making your eyes open up in its wake and then leaving you with a smile. That’s what I love about Janine, and now her project to send Richard Armitage a thank you is complete and on its way to him which I’m confident will leave him with a smile too. And a huge thank you to her friend Lanie for her part in inspiring this!

'the hobbit - an unexpected journey' world film premiere, wellington, new zealand - 28 nov 2012, ,
Richard at The Hobbit Premiere in Wellington, November 2012

edit: I was not paid to post this. :D

Cars Floating Down Wall Street or Timeout for Sandy

If you live in North America and weren’t under a rock somewhere, you knew Hurricane Sandy was coming. It’s now come, and the full brunt of its aftermath has yet to be determined. Surfing the Net is not a good way to get some idea and especially a bad idea if you have two precious considerations smack dab in the middle of the thing. If I had a nickle for the pictures I’ve seen that have put me in panic mode, I could buy a nice dinner. Even the ‘fake but awesome’ pics couldn’t lighten my mood:

A few news entities have taken it on themselves to verify what was real. Check out The Atlantic’s coverage of the real and fake photos from Sandy.

Thankfully, SO and I have just finished Skyping with the ‘considerations.’ They told us about cars floating down Wall Street, that they themselves are fine, are actually in a good part of Manhattan, and do not need to go anywhere today. I hope they stay in that apartment! SO told them he was much more concerned about the freaky things people do in these situations than about the elements. And I heartily agree. But he and I also know that they are too much like us, and it would be completely in character for them to go out and check the scene and see what they can do to help. Argh! Yeah, I think I really did just say argh.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are in a bad place with this storm, and hopefully, there will be aid coming soon. I will update this post with information about where those who are inclined can help out.

One last thing. Thank you to those of you who live in the NYC area and offered to lend assistance to my girls. You will never know how much that means to me and my husband!

Dragon*Con Awaits

[Click on the Dragon*Con logo to access TORn’s GoFundMe page. It’s an easy and safe way to donate.]

Before all of you think I’ve gone off the deep end, I have to tell you I enjoy the bunch at TORn and have a special fondness for MrCere (aka Larry Curtis). :D So yeah, if I can help Larry and the others out, I will.

Here’s the scoop from the TORn staff: thought it would be fun to send a group of staffers on a cross-country road trip (see the map) from Los Angeles, California to Atlanta, Georgia meeting fans along the way, supporting the official Tolkien track while we are there, and delivering a series of Hobbit panels at DRAGON*CON 2012. Then we want to make a short documentary film of the entire experience to share free online! The entire trip will be live streamed so the “company of drivers” can interact with fans 24 hours a day. With gas (or petrol) prices reaching new heights, we need your help to make this a success!

Dare I say the route looks like a ring? LOL! Ought to be interesting to watch. I know I will be.

Even if some of you don’t get to watch this adventure, the TORn staff has been so good to bring us news about ‘The Hobbit’ and our guy, Richard, and they’re going to continue. That’s right. Richard’s days on ‘The Hobbit’ set are not done! And Larry may have some more reports to make. I can spare him a few dollars. I hope you can too. Anything as little as $1 or as great as, well, you call it. Maybe one of you wants to sponsor next year’s trip. Yeah, I like to think big. :D

A Rabid Fan?

I didn’t capitalize the A in rabid, but I’m sure some of you already saw it as a capital, or it jarred you that it wasn’t. No, this isn’t a piece about the grammatical odyssey of being a Richard Armitage fan. But I am going to talk about something that hits me from time to time like a little slap in the face.

Being intensely curious about every cussed thing, it was only natural that I started reading the New Zealand newspapers, and I feel certain I will read them long after RA has departed from the Kiwis. In the meantime, I am affected strongly when I read there has been a plane crash near Auckland. My immediate response, “Oh no, I hope it wasn’t Richard, or anyone associated with the movie!” That isn’t me. Normally I would feel for the people involved, probably say an earnest prayer for their loved ones, and then move on. But the visceral response startled me, and the few times it’s happened have bugged me. I make a lot of jokes about being up the CWS, but an almost knee jerk reaction like this bothers me a little.

I guess the point of this post is personal therapy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not super worried about my behavior. If I were, I probably would never admit this. But I am curious enough about it to examine myself and publicly.

It could just be that I’ve been surrounded by so much death the last several years that I’ve become jumpy. And my encounters with it just never seem to stop. A few days ago I found out a good friend of mine has about a month to live. I went to see her yesterday, and thankfully, it was a wonderful visit. She is off of all of her treatments and is only on a little bit of morphine. Her alertness was a bit stunning, and she and I and SO had a great chat. When we stood up to leave her, he did something he never does. He said to her, “Can I give you a kiss?” and then he bent down and hugged her a bit and kissed her temple.

On the way out, I said, “I have never seen you do that before. What prompted you?”

“She’s the kind of person who can receive a kiss like that — a gesture of love from a friend. Besides, you know I’ve always been a big fan of hers.”

Yeah, I knew that. I’ve been a fan too, and I’m going to miss her terribly. I also feel for the loved ones of whomever died in that plane crash. It hurts to lose someone you care about.

A Hearty Thanks

I can’t let this day end without saying thanks to all of you who have made this such a place of pleasure for me, and of course thanks to Richard Armitage for being the perfect foil, which I mean in the very best way. Yep, this is the darndest (sp?) thing I’ve ever done, but I’m glad.

I also have great thanks for my family who puts up with me, and despite all of the trials this year, I’m glad to be alive, glad my family is alive, and glad we love each other no matter what. Enough cannot be said about that. So much to be thankful for, and I give God all the credit.

And now a somewhat Thanksgiving looking scene although this look passed almost a month ago. It’s what I pretty much looked at every day until the snow hit:

When I wasn’t looking at this LOL:

Photos courtesy of me and a local.

Got Your Sunshine Award

I’ve received a few awards in my life, but never one that made me smile so much. I’m a bit humbled that anyone would give me an award for all of my nonsense, but I’m glad to know I could make someone smile. It’s wonderful there is something redeeming about being snarky and talking about Richard Armitage incessantly. A big thank you to That Fond Impossibility for the Sunshine Award. I’ll wear it with pride. And we’ll have to keep a close eye on you as I think you might be a candidate for The Addict List.

Now to bestow this on someone. I assume the Sunshine Award is about making people smile, and if I’m wrong, well, the award I’m giving is about smiling. I thought of several bloggers immediately. I understand from somewhere (I’m sorry I don’t remember exactly where) that I can give it to three bloggers. If I’m wrong about that too, well, does it matter? I’m giving it to three bloggers:

Reforming Geek I’ve read this blog for quite a long time. It always makes me smile and yes, I feel a bit of sunshine reading it and for awhile after I’m done. I have never commented over there but will today when I make this “presentation.” It will be interesting when she comes over here to find out who I am and realizes we are a bunch of nuts. But hey, we’re happy nuts, and she might enjoy the wallpaper, and maybe we can get her to watch Vicar of Dibley (see below).

Armitage Fan Blog Of course I have to give this to Nat. If there was ever anyone who deserved the Sunshine Award, it’s her. I don’t even care if she’s already gotten one. She deserves another one! Plus, the anniversary of her blog is upon us, so she REALLY deserves one for making so many of us smile for so long. Thank you, Nat.

and last but not least:

reviewerama I have missed her! So in honor of our Ragtag returning to the blogosphere, I have to give her one. Well that, and I always get a smile when I read her stuff. Still think she should be writing for a living. Welcome back, Ragtag!

Yes, the entire episode is back on YouTube. :D