Diary of an RA Fan — Part 25 It’s Between the Ears

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Entry — a day or so later, Fall 2008:

I’ve almost fully immersed myself in the Armitage Army forum, and I guess I didn’t realize until today that Richard Armitage communicated so intimately with his fans. Don’t know how I missed that, but I am loving his messages. This guy, if he’s for real, is a sweetheart. Then again, part of me wonders if he’s real. I wish I could just enjoy this without my bs detector getting in the way, but the cynic will not let me alone.

And my appetite has now been whet to read/listen to as many of his interviews as I can get my hands on. If I’m being manipulated by a publicist, I’m not sure I care. Yeah, I can ignore my bs detector ’cause this feels too good, and it helps that my gut is screaming Richard Armitage is genuine. Maybe I just really want to believe that. I honestly don’t know what to think, but maybe the cynic in me is being challenged, and I love that. I always love it when I’m met with someone who seems real, and ironically, Richard Armitage spends most of his time in public playing someone else. Yet there is something about him, the person, that makes me think he’s genuine. He’s got a kind of purity, and how I can think that after watching ‘Between the Sheets’ is beyond me. But his characters certainly have a thread of innocence, and he does too. I don’t think it’s immaturity. I’m not sure what it is, but he does effect a very intelligent but naive demeanor. If he’s having everyone on, man, he’s one of the greatest actors of all time.

I don’t know that I’ve ever run across a person who was both intelligent and naive so overtly except SO, and it was such a powerful combination in him that it fairly had a lot of the women on our college campus falling all over themselves for him. I remember cleaning out his car one time before we were really together, and he told me to get rid of all the junk, “Just toss all of it if you don’t mind.” Well, I did toss it, but I was so curious about a few of the envelopes with ornate script on them, that I opened some. I had never read anyone’s mail before that, and I felt so awful that I’ve never done it again. But I defend myself with the fact I was “a kid.” No, there really is no defense. I did it, and I wish I hadn’t. I read those notes from a few girls who were madly in love with SO, and not a one had he ever dated or really had much to do with them. But I resolved then never to be one of those gushy women even though we were already serious about each other, and I was already so far from gushy that I’m sure he would have laughed at that vow.

The net effect is that I was too aloof in our first days together because I had eavesdropped on something I never should have done and my self-consciousness kicked in. Wish I could take it all back. Wish I had never let my curiosity get the best of me, and mostly I wish I had not been focused on myself. It did some damage to my relationship with him, and for a long time he didn’t have a clue what was going on. Thankfully, I finally told him what I’d done, and as only he can do, he laughed and made a joke of it, and told me, “Don’t you know by now that I never cared for anyone but you?” He is so earnest that yes, I know it. I know he’s for real, and yet my early training with seeing how awful people can be still has me applying that jaundiced filter too much. I really do have to take my thoughts captive a lot when wondering where some people are coming from. I hate that I’m so distrustful, but the truth is that I am, and I wonder if the idea that to the pure all things are pure will ever describe me.


It seems Richard Armitage has already ceased his messages. I guess there was a problem. Damn! I don’t know what happened, but people are such a pain in the ass. No, women are such a pain in the ass. Yeah, men are too, but I can’t even get past all the shit women do to get to an indictment of the men. Why can’t people just enjoy something for what it is instead of nitpicking it to death. Damned selfishness! It causes so many of the world’s problems. Oh, well, that was fun while it lasted, and if I’m in denial about Richard Armitage and he’s not really a nice guy, I’d like to stay there. LOL!

Much Later:

Alright! Richard Armitage is going to be in the next season of Spooks. Yes!!

I really enjoyed that show when Matthew MacFadyen was in it, and then I hated how they wrote him out and haven’t watched it since. I guess I’ll have to break down and watch those episodes before this starts, and I don’t have much time! Maybe I should just skip it. Not sure, but I am really looking forward to Richard Armitage being in the show. He is so fantastic with character development that I can’t wait to see what happens. I just hope they keep him more than a season or a couple of shows. I know how they do these characters, and I hope he’s not a Lisa Faulkner. Oh, please don’t let him be a Lisa Faulkner. Surely, they won’t do that!

Present day:

When I read this comment by Richard Armitage, I was intrigued and wondered what it really meant:

I’m ten years behind, but I’m finally growing into myself now,’ he says.

Read the rest here. I think this is the fourth time I’ve linked to this interview, and I’ll probably link some more. Lots to chew on. :D

If there’s an audio of this interview, wouldn’t it be great to hear it! Wonder when Richard Armitage makes it really big if Allison Pearson would ever post such a thing — edited of course so that nothing uncomfortable is revealed. I’m a big fan of Allison’s and may have to actually write her a note about this. LOL! And no, I don’t agree with everything she’s ever said in an article, but I’ve agreed with a lot. I was so bummed when she left the Daily Mail and with such a downer of an exit, but then I realized she’s at the Telegraph. Yea!

And Allison, if you ever read this, I like your picture at the Telegraph, and I’m glad you’re there.

Diary Part 26 here.

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The Next Day

In my last post I mentioned my gut is rarely wrong, and iz4blue wanted to know what I was talking about. Below is a post I was planning to make the day after RA’s birthday but didn’t because I really am trying to stay out of the guy’s head, and I just never got around to finishing it to my satisfaction. Then I was reading Peter Jackson’s “defense” of RA being cast, and it came to me that Peter Jackson and I may have the same “gut.” :D

My previous, unpublished post:

RA’s Diary

Entry — August 23, 2010:

40 is less than a year away, and I got a late start. That’s what everyone keeps saying, and I’m tired of hearing it, but I understand. Thankfully 40 is practically the new 20. But in this profession 30 is sometimes the new 40. I get it but it’s a distraction.

End of Entry

It seems we’re continually told that actors in their 30s just coming to our attention are late bloomers. If it is not always said expressly, the media’s attention on actors in their 20s seems to send a strong message. I was thinking about this and glanced up at my blog’s header picture, which has always reminded me of another actor whom I really like, and he was not a spring chicken when he first made it big. He was 43.

The whole issue of the late bloomer is fascinating. No one sets out to be a late bloomer but rather circumstances conspire against them. However circumstances may frustrate their desires, oftentimes they are so intent on something else, that circumstances be damned and sometimes conventions flouted if need be. It is this sometimes maniacal focus on something else which usually makes them so beautiful. For Viggo Mortensen it’s about artistic expression. He reminds me so much of RA, or I guess out of respect for Viggo’s age and success, I should say RA reminds me of Viggo.

Viggo makes an excellent point about artistic expression. “It’s a way of living,” and it should be honest like a child. For me it’s the continual succumbing to the need for honest expression that’s so splendid to watch, and yes, everyone has the potential to be an artist. Getting at the truth is the key, and that requires a fearlessness that always gets my respect. This demand for honesty is certainly what makes RA’s performances so compelling and sometimes startling. The ring of truth is always sublime.

I love that he is also so startlingly honest when interviewed:

‘I don’t put it about. Never have. I’m a late developer in everything. I have a fast mind and fast metabolism, and I’m an intense worker, but in terms of life development I’m way behind.’

You know, I wonder if being a late starter isn’t the key to Armitage’s vast appeal. By the time we first clapped eyes on him as John Thornton, he was already a proper grown man, in sharp contrast to all those snub-nosed pretty boys who pass for movie stars these days.

Read the rest here.

Yep, Allison, I’ll take the man who has found his voice over the boys who have yet to say anything interesting, and I thought this when I was 20.

If anyone reading this is an RA fan and has not read Allison’s article, get over there quickly and do so. It’s a real treat and is definitely one of my favorite articles on him. I also just happen to love many other articles of Allison’s even if she’s not politically correct for some of you. LOL!

Until someone comes along who has the ability to bring Richard Armitage to the attention of the rest of the world, I’m content for RA to focus on what he will.

Enter Peter Jackson, who apparently recognizes the kindred spirit of an artist. So it’s not just about eye candy. Although I give Peter Jackson credit for understanding how to get a movie made. It requires energy and money. You don’t make such big budget pictures unless you understand how to generate both. In an Entertainment Weekly interview he “defends” his selection of Richard Armitage. Oh brother. I say that affectionately! Anyone who thinks that’s actually a defense needs to think again. RA is almost a virtual unknown outside the UK. Peter has to do something to get his name out and in a way that creates buzz. How better to do it than to respond to doubts from LOTR fans about him being cast. Pardon me if my jaded self isn’t buying the “controversy.” But hey, whatever it takes, Peter. Whatever it takes! I’m behind you.

And I assume RA is taking notes for his future big budget project. :D

note: I only have two problems with my gut: 1) I don’t heed it enough; 2) when it’s wrong, it’s very wrong. LOL!

edit: In case it’s not clear, the RA Diary entry is a fake. Yes, my friend, it’s about as fake as it gets. That’s why I have a tag called “Fake Diary.” But I put this edit here for the action fans who may need it spelled out. ;-)