Rescue Mission Aborted

Richard Armitage is alive and well. Not sure he can speak, but he can move. :D

note: I’m posting this for all of you who are still not on Twitter.

The video below was taken at Ian McKellen’s one man show which has been raising funds for Christchurch’s earthquake-damaged Isaac Theatre Royal.

Once again, RA is almost hidden. Watch how he moves to the back. Some of that is conditioning from being tall. I have a daughter who is 5’8″ and a dancer. She was always up stage unless featured as I would bet he was. But he has long since left dancing and the stage. Hmmm.

For a long time I have believed his humility was part real and part effected, but I’m beginning to believe that he really is a bit shy. Considerate of fans but shy when not performing. Edit: shy is not the best word; reticent is more apropos.

My son is a performer, and at the risk of sounding biased (when has that ever stopped me), he is very good. He’s been known to draw crowds from 50 miles around. Might not sound like much, but it’s big deal in our parts. SO and I have continually encouraged him to also hone his public speaking skills, and he has resisted.

He finally said to me, “Mom, you don’t get it.”

I asked, “What don’t I get?”

“It’s easy to play characters. It’s another matter to play myself.”

Thanks again to for the heads up and all the great work you do!

Do the Right Thing

As some of you know, there is a fan made quilt of Richard Armitage being auctioned for charity on ebay. I hope lots of money is generated for the cause. As a general rule, I adore supporting charities, and at the time of this posting, the bidding is up to £410.00, which is approx $650 USD. Not a bad sum, and I’m sure it will get higher with two days to go, and especially when I consider its very smart display:

[Click for the auction]

I thought about bidding and immediately had another thought. What would I do with this thing if I actually won it? (If that’s not a question for some who have thought about bidding, I’ll kiss my elbow). No way it would hang in my living room or any public room of the house. I would be laughed out of town. And I couldn’t put it in a private room either. My bedroom? SO would never let that happen. Our bathroom, which guests never enter? Too crass, and somehow I don’t think SO would like being so intimate with Richard Armitage. My lingerie drawer? No, that would accord it some sort of importance it would never have for me.

Sorry, Richard. This isn’t about you. You’re great. Love ya. But so far I’ve contained my love to this blog. That’s where I’d like to keep it. :D

All of this had me wondering if this might truly keep some others from bidding. That’s when I realized exactly where this quilt should go! It’s so obvious it made me laugh. Yet who would never be laughed at for having something like this in their living room? Who could point to this with pride and say, “Yes, he’s mine!” Could be a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, but we don’t know of any of those people, so how could this be sent to them? If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll be surprised. Yep, it’s Mum. This quilt is begging to be hung in Mrs. Armitage’s house, and my gut says she would really love it if she knew it was made for a charitable cause, and it seems to have the added perk of no pictures from ‘Between the Sheets.’ :D

Now I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do, but for some of you who want to support charity and have a husband like mine, you might want to think about getting the address of Margaret Armitage.

You may think this is snark, but I’m serious. If you feel funny about getting her address, send it to her in care of RA’s agent.

edit: the auction is over and the quilt sold for £650 or $1,031 USD.

A Few Items of Note From Down Under

[Note: It’s come to my attention that I have misapplied the description of Oz to NZ and neither parties like it! So this post is now titled “A Few Items of Note From Down Under and Slightly to One Side.” Thank you for the suggestion, Maegwen. :D]

I was awaiting the return of Joanna Scarratt and her report from New Zealand. In my head the report had taken on a life of its own. For those not familiar, Joanna is part of the Brand Partnership Department at United Agents, and my snark gene wants to go off on what it means to develop Richard Armitage as a brand. Tough work but someone has to do it. And the report? Wonderfully brief. You can read here. It confirms the idea that the first rule of branding is to leave the public wanting more. :D Maybe a shirt color would have been welcomed. It’s amazing what my mind can do with that little.

The bidding on Peter Jackson’s offer to host two people on ‘The Hobbit’ set is final, and the amount was a bit surprising to me. I made the assumption it would end with a much higher figure. Surely someone will take issue with my expectations, but I can’t help my gut reaction: c’mon, people! it’s Peter Jackson! Then again Peter Jackson is more low key and under the radar at times than I first imagined, and I suspect this unassuming demeanor is part of his charming heritage as a Kiwi. Net: if I had known the bidding was within my capabilities, I might have bid. SO has always wanted to go to New Zealand.

If I ever do go to New Zealand, I have to visit Lake Wanaka. The area is very familiar since friends and some acquaintances have visited, and it’s also the home of Jossi Wells, who spends a lot of time in my neck of the woods and is very well known here:

New Zealand has been on my bucket list for years. It’s obviously a beautiful place, but frankly, so is the area where I live. So the attraction to the country is not just its beauty, and no, this has nothing to do with Richard Armitage. Of all the people I’ve met from New Zealand (both face to face and online), to a person they have been down-to-earth. That is quite a statement about the country. I may have said this before, but it doesn’t matter. It’s significant enough that it bears repeating.

People, People, People

I know Peter Jackson won’t allow any photography from the winner of the Charity Auction! I was kidding about getting some pictures. It was just a joke. Honest.

Although if I were a winner, I might be tempted to take one of these to NZ:

No, not the matchstick. That thing above it — the camera. :D Of course I would also have to get a fake id and board a plane under false pretenses, so that I wouldn’t have to sign my real name on the non-disclosure agreement. LOL!

Watch someone take this seriously. Haven’t you learned anything about this blog?

Maybe a disclaimer to Sir Peter will soothe you:

Dear Sir Peter,

I like to tease which you may not realize since you have absolutely no clue about me or this blog. Thank Heaven! But if for some reason you do, ignore me.

A fan, but I am not at liberty to say who I am a fan of at the moment. It’s all very secret so that no one will feel funny, ever, about anything.

So the letter to Sir Peter didn’t work?

Maybe a picture will put you in a better mood:

Oh, you’re still reading, Sir Peter. Well, pay no attention to the picture. It’s just a photo of a pleasant looking chap who could pass for some guy named Richard Armitage.

Photo of the camera courtesy of some site selling spy equipment. Screencap is mine.

Let’s Do Lunch?

If you have ever wondered what RA frenzy really looks like, see what Calexora is proposing. I just have one thing to say about it. If you go, get some pictures and video for us! :D

But candidly, this is so majestic and lush (click to enlarge photos):

not to mention this:

that Callie might not be that crazy. :D

Hobbit Press Conference screencap courtesy of Hobbit trailer screencaps are mine.

C’mon Give Jimmy a Fiver

December 31, 2011

I popped onto Wikipedia the other day and noticed Jimmy Wales, founder, is again making a plea for donations to the site. Look at those eyes :D (click to enlarge):

If you know the story of Wikipedia, then you know the request is justified. Oh you don’t know the story? Jimmy will explain:

If you don’t want to watch the video, what you need to know is Wikipedia is held accountable by the public. If someone doesn’t agree with what’s inserted there, they may change it, and it’s amazing how accurate it is when compared with traditional encyclopedia. The other thing you need to know is the site is non-profit with 35 paid employees (or thereabouts; at the time of that video, they only had one paid employee, the programmer), and the rest are volunteers. It’s become common knowledge that Jimmy does not take money from the venture but instead makes a living with his speaking engagements and his writing. Supposedly, his net worth is less than $1 million while the potential of Wikipedia as a for profit site is estimated at $3 billion. I can respect what he’s done and cough up at least $5 and hope you will too.

One more look at Jimmy the guy who passed up $3 Billion:

What does this have to do with Richard Armitage? Well, he’s a smart guy, and I’ll bet he would give Jimmy a fiver.

Video courtesy of Ted Talks, and if you don’t subscribe to Ted, you’re missing out. I may have to write a piece on that too. :D

Christchurch — More Than Their Share of Trouble

In the middle of typing a post about the charities Richard Armitage supports, charity in general, and how things are too often forgotten after an event has passed, this news popped up in my browser:

Violent’ 5.8 quake in Christchurch

There has been a large earthquake in Christchurch this afternoon. The quake was described as “violent” by Herald reporter Jarrod Booker who was in his home when the quake hit.

It was quickly followed by at least four strong aftershocks. Geonet said the quake measured 5.8 on the Richter Scale, at a depth of just 8km. It struck just off the coast of Christchurch, under Pegasus Bay, at 1.58pm.

There have been several strong aftershocks following the initial quake.

Damage from the quake is unknown, but it was felt as far away as Mosgiel near Dunedin.

Christchurch International Airport is being evacuated.

Newstalk ZB said police are reporting one person injured, but they expect more.

Read more

After you’re done reading that article, consider giving to those people who have been hit hard three times this year. There is the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and the Red Cross, and those are just for starters.