People, People, People

I know Peter Jackson won’t allow any photography from the winner of the Charity Auction! I was kidding about getting some pictures. It was just a joke. Honest.

Although if I were a winner, I might be tempted to take one of these to NZ:

No, not the matchstick. That thing above it — the camera. :D Of course I would also have to get a fake id and board a plane under false pretenses, so that I wouldn’t have to sign my real name on the non-disclosure agreement. LOL!

Watch someone take this seriously. Haven’t you learned anything about this blog?

Maybe a disclaimer to Sir Peter will soothe you:

Dear Sir Peter,

I like to tease which you may not realize since you have absolutely no clue about me or this blog. Thank Heaven! But if for some reason you do, ignore me.

A fan, but I am not at liberty to say who I am a fan of at the moment. It’s all very secret so that no one will feel funny, ever, about anything.

So the letter to Sir Peter didn’t work?

Maybe a picture will put you in a better mood:

Oh, you’re still reading, Sir Peter. Well, pay no attention to the picture. It’s just a photo of a pleasant looking chap who could pass for some guy named Richard Armitage.

Photo of the camera courtesy of some site selling spy equipment. Screencap is mine.

Let’s Do Lunch?

If you have ever wondered what RA frenzy really looks like, see what Calexora is proposing. I just have one thing to say about it. If you go, get some pictures and video for us! :D

But candidly, this is so majestic and lush (click to enlarge photos):

not to mention this:

that Callie might not be that crazy. :D

Hobbit Press Conference screencap courtesy of Hobbit trailer screencaps are mine.

C’mon Give Jimmy a Fiver

December 31, 2011

I popped onto Wikipedia the other day and noticed Jimmy Wales, founder, is again making a plea for donations to the site. Look at those eyes :D (click to enlarge):

If you know the story of Wikipedia, then you know the request is justified. Oh you don’t know the story? Jimmy will explain:

If you don’t want to watch the video, what you need to know is Wikipedia is held accountable by the public. If someone doesn’t agree with what’s inserted there, they may change it, and it’s amazing how accurate it is when compared with traditional encyclopedia. The other thing you need to know is the site is non-profit with 35 paid employees (or thereabouts; at the time of that video, they only had one paid employee, the programmer), and the rest are volunteers. It’s become common knowledge that Jimmy does not take money from the venture but instead makes a living with his speaking engagements and his writing. Supposedly, his net worth is less than $1 million while the potential of Wikipedia as a for profit site is estimated at $3 billion. I can respect what he’s done and cough up at least $5 and hope you will too.

One more look at Jimmy the guy who passed up $3 Billion:

What does this have to do with Richard Armitage? Well, he’s a smart guy, and I’ll bet he would give Jimmy a fiver.

Video courtesy of Ted Talks, and if you don’t subscribe to Ted, you’re missing out. I may have to write a piece on that too. :D

Christchurch — More Than Their Share of Trouble

In the middle of typing a post about the charities Richard Armitage supports, charity in general, and how things are too often forgotten after an event has passed, this news popped up in my browser:

Violent’ 5.8 quake in Christchurch

There has been a large earthquake in Christchurch this afternoon. The quake was described as “violent” by Herald reporter Jarrod Booker who was in his home when the quake hit.

It was quickly followed by at least four strong aftershocks. Geonet said the quake measured 5.8 on the Richter Scale, at a depth of just 8km. It struck just off the coast of Christchurch, under Pegasus Bay, at 1.58pm.

There have been several strong aftershocks following the initial quake.

Damage from the quake is unknown, but it was felt as far away as Mosgiel near Dunedin.

Christchurch International Airport is being evacuated.

Newstalk ZB said police are reporting one person injured, but they expect more.

Read more

After you’re done reading that article, consider giving to those people who have been hit hard three times this year. There is the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and the Red Cross, and those are just for starters.

Trying To Come Up For Air

Armitage Day came and went, and I found myself at a loss for an appropriate blog piece to commemorate it. But it occurred to me yesterday that I gave Richard Armitage the perfect gift from me — a few days off from this blog. Taking off was made especially easy as my conscience was pricked by reading things like this. LOL! Notice the bold sentence. Third “paragraph” down if you’re not sure. Poor guy(s). And no, I have no need to instruct anyone on proper behavior toward Richard Armitage. It’s just that when I read something like that, or I see him duck his head when he hears, “women will chase you…,” I feel funny and wonder if anyone else feels a bit foolish. Maybe that’s a good sign?

Earlier today I was asking myself why I’m even keeping this blog up. Yeah, I’ve beaten this drum before about my conscience. Apparently, I’m really not as insane as I first feared, and the part of me that’s so cussed circumspect especially wants to take over after being inundated with the birthday gushing. I threw myself into the midst of that fangirling, and by Sunday night I was in a bit of a stupor from my tweeting. Come Monday I had run dry for the blog.

Have I made you feel sufficiently self-conscious yet? LOL! Well, no worries, ’cause I’m soon going to leave the self-flagellation behind.

Today, some inspiration for renewed gushing manifested in my email. A fan sent me one of her favorite private pictures of him taken a couple of years ago. Look at that face!

I love the candid shots. There is a freshness and sweetness to them that always makes it hard to look away. Richard Armitage seems to have such a pure smile, and that really does make me like the guy (even if he turns out to be a schmuck). See! I’m still a bit insane although not tempted to draw arrows on RA’s pictures yet. ;-) But if I were ever tempted to draw them on anyone’s pictures, it would be his. :D

As if this weren’t enough to put my addiction at full throttle, RA has sent another message to the troops:

Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all the kind gifts which have been sent to me over the last few weeks, for my birthday; so many gifts, cards and emails of good wishes from all over the world. (Poland, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Germany, Korea, Itlay, USA, Canada, Netherlands and all over the UK)

I will be so ‘well read’, drunk, fat, warm and sweet smelling thanks to your generosity.

I am particularly excited to let you know that the “Just Giving” donations to our four charities has reached an amazing £11,933! In addition to donations to Oxfam and Christchurch Earthquake appeal, which I find both thoughtful and moving.

I am afraid there may be some delay in remitting thank you letters and any requests for signing photos, as I am in New Zealand for the rest of the year, but am working on a system to remedy this.

So middle age has arrived and apparently ‘life now begins’. I look forward to the next chapter, there is nowhere I would rather be at this moment than exploring “Middle Earth” with my new family of Dwarves, Elves, Men, Wizard and Hobbit. What a gift to be here, in this place, at this time. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I am a very fortunate man.

Much love

And the crowd said, “Awwwwwww!” and beamed.

Did he make a cryptic acknowledgment of Calexora’s book of fan letters? Looks that way to me.

Man, that typing with thumbs is tough! No more references to the typo or we’ll revisit the apostrophe debacle. ;-) Also, I’m going to spare RA some more today by not waxing on about the topic of middle age. I will get to it later. Too good to pass up.

I would say what’s coming up next on this blog, but I’m learning I like flying by the seat of my pants, and a good thing since that’s what I’m forced to do these days.

Candid photo courtesy of KuchingGirl.

Message courtesy of Richard Armitage by way of

edit: the photos coming up, are, well, let me put it this way: take your heart medicine. Oh, you don’t take heart medicine? you might after looking at these photos.

Christchurch Knocked Around Again

The people of Christchurch, New Zealand keep getting their fair share:

Christchurch quake ‘bloody frightening’ – resident
Mon, 13 Jun 2011 5:49p.m.

By Michael Morrah

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker says it is a serious situation and he is considering declaring a local state of emergency.

Today, residents were once again thrown into a panic as an aftershock struck at 1pm. Residents ran from indoors and out onto the street.

Jenny Beacroft, who was home when the quake struck, describes the experience as “bloody frightening”.

At least 10 people were taken to Christchurch Hospital with injuries, due to falling building material.

Read the rest here.

I can’t help but wonder if Richard Armitage is still in New Zealand or has indeed gone on hiatus from ‘The Hobbit’ and was in Brighton as some on Twitter suggested. Whatever the case, I hope he and the Kiwi people (despite some injuries) will be well, and even if you didn’t participate in the Rise up Christchurch telethon, it’s never too late to help out.


Richard’s Message from New Zealand

What a way to stick my toe back in the water. Over my head more like. LOL!


Dear All,

I wanted to post a message to say a huge thank you for your generosity of donations to the Christchurch fundraiser on 22nd May, I gather there was a considerable contribution from members of our little community, which is gratefully received to help a rather larger and damaged community ‘rise up’ get back on its feet. I am so grateful and proud to see such support from so far away, you really are hugely reliable when it comes to those in need. Thank you. I hope our little teaser want too much of a tease, it is so difficult to give anything away, of the movie we are making but we had to do something; I have resisted signing anything ‘Hobbity’, until the film is finished (just a little bit superstitious) but I was very proud to add my name to the book for Christchurch.

I had a belated request from a certain Wizard about some cello playing, now as a music lover, and particularly that instrument, I can see how that might be a real possibility and perhaps a joy to hear…if Yo Yo Ma were asked. However, raising money for charity by simulating the sound of a strangled cat whose claws are clinging onto a chalkboard for dear life, whilst someone in another room tries to tune a radio in, would result in a charity deficit, with demands for refunds and compensation to boot. So I may have to decline for now, until I have had time to practice a bit more.

With regards for requests for social media, blogs tweets etc. I have always worried that I will reveal something about the project I am working on that I am not allowed to, added to the fact that I am just about up to e mailing and little more, I may have to abstain for now.

So were are about to depart for our short hiatus and I will be sorry to say farewell to Wellington and NZ, one of the most exciting places I have been lucky enough to live and work, not just a magnificent landscape but a warm, friendly, generous and really cool community, which has welcomed us with open arms. Seriously this place has to go to the top of the Bucket List.

Much Love

I don’t know if Richard Armitage reads all of the stuff on these blogs, and really, I’m not writing this blog for him, but if he ever does, I hope he knows how much fun he’s afforded us and no need for a tweet or blog or Facebook or any of that from him. Frankly, the fundraiser was a blast. It was especially a hoot on Twitter (pardon the pun), and I wish I could have participated more. Coincidentally, I was drafting a post about my own receipt, which I hope to receive soon, and my angel did receive hers. I’ll post all of it when I get mine.

Message courtesy of RichardArmitageOnline.Com

Kia Kaha!

A hearty thanks to everyone who participated in the Informal Fan Challenge, which ended this morning. At this moment I don’t know how much was raised. Servetus will fill us in when she gets a break from graduation “festivities.”

And thank you to everyone who donated to RiseUp Christchurch. Calexora made an early challenge that was a blast to contemplate. If Richard had taken her up on playing the cello, my gut was telling me he would have made it funny, so I’m not surprised that he did indeed do something funny. Dare I say that he really did remind me of Dorf? I don’t feel badly about my post now. Oh, you thought I really did feel badly about that post? You haven’t been reading this blog very long have you? :D

This was wonderful fun, and I hope much money was raised for Christchurch through whatever avenues you chose to give, and may it help Christchurch be forever strong!

Informal fan challenge (via Me + Richard Armitage)

New Zealand is in need after the devastating earthquake to Christchurch in February. Servetus has issued a wonderful challenge on her blog to help with the effort occurring this weekend. I will also match whatever she raises up to $200. See her blog piece (below) for details on how to participate. No donation is required from you, but if you’re inclined, she has information in that regard as well.

edit: I’ve just had someone request to match this anonymously. Anyone else want to join us, jump in. The water is great. :D

Informal fan challenge [Still grading. Second third of grading done and grades submitted. Last third of the work was due at 5 today, so there's a big stack of papers here still.] In honor of the Rise Up Christchurch – Te Kotahitanga Global Telethon to take place Sunday, May 22, Servetus will donate $1 (USD) for each comment on this post by a unique commentator / IP address up to the first 100 comments. After that 0.25 USD (twenty-five cents) per comment up to a maximum … Read More

via Me + Richard Armitage

Timeout for New Zealand

Last time I had a timeout was for something devastating in Queensland, Australia. I’m sorry to say that this is something devastating as well. Since Richard Armitage is in New Zealand, I am probably more aware of what’s going on there than I would be. However my sensitivity came about, my thoughts and prayers are with those in Christchurch who have experienced a significant earthquake.

And it is a testament to our present age that I and many others could learn so quickly about this through first Twitter and then YouTube. I hope that speedy knowledge will help facilitate aid to those people.

I don’t know what’s going on in NZ, but I saw this video not long after the quake, and it looks pretty bad:

There are reports that people are possibly trapped under the rubble.

edit: Sadly, death’s have been confirmed.

I will update with any information about sending aid.

For those looking for friends and loved ones, Google has set up an application to help.

Update: here is a link to TheOneRing.Net’s piece about helping those in New Zealand.