UK Release Date for ‘The Hobbit’

TheOneRingNet (TORn) has confirmed the Brits don’t have to wait until the day after Christmas to see ‘The Hobbit.’ It had been erroneously reported by a news site and a blog in the UK that the release would not occur until Boxing Day, which was of course upsetting, and how patently unfair it would have been since most of the cast is British.

Some of you know that I have thrown in with the TORn staff to help report and write stories. I thank you for your support of me and hope you give support to TORn as well if you’re not already doing it. I also want to take this opportunity to confirm they are an extremely nice bunch with a great sense of humor and hard working as well. They are working feverishly on this Comic-Con event and will keep you posted in great detail as they will with all the news that’s coming in regard to ‘The Hobbit,’ and yes, Richard Armitage. :D

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Okay, so I published that picture again. Do you mind?

Scan courtesy of

Um Yeah, It’s Thorin

What was I saying about getting bored staring at the same picture? I lied. Richard Armitage is Thorin so deliciously in this picture, and you know I’m strongly affected when I use language like that. When have I ever used words like deliciously? Yep, I thought so. Never. And this might be the only time. ;-)

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But then I guess this isn’t exactly the same picture is it. Daria has done some magic on it! And for more of her magic, check out her DeviantArt profile or her tumblr.

The highlights on his face and hair make me think I could find him on a beach somewhere but obviously without all the leather. :D

Original scan provided from Ali’s wonderful iPad. :D And can be seen in a larger format at RichardArmitageNet.Com

A Little Regression Therapy

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I had to post that screencap again. :D

And I can’t tell you who is the winner of the Guy Secrets contest, but it’s someone with big plans for Little Guy:

She will join a host of others who have no shame about their love for Little Guy:

Dhana, who was not content with just a Little Guy. She made a Little Lucas too complete with pea coat. :D

Kiteflier, whose Little Guy escapades were the first I saw in 2008. Don’t be a snob and miss out on that!

Some other exploits of Little Guy are in the Robin Hood folder on C19.

I’m sure there are some I missed. Feel free to show us your Little Guy! :D

For those who did not win, thank you for your entries and don’t despair. There will be another Little Guy contest sometime! In the meantime, some ‘i’ dotting and ‘t’ crossing for those who may wonder.

[click to enlarge]

The above is a screencap of the random selection. Number five in the slideshow was chosen.

Other than all of that, can someone tell me the absolute best way to ship a package to Italy. I’m thinking Fedex but open to better suggestions.

edit: I may have met my quota for at least six months on the use of the words “Little Guy”.

Screencaps courtesy of my stash.

Who Wants Some Candy? The Ethical Question

I don’t have any. Will this do?

Is it possible to be good looking and have some depth and perhaps above average intelligence? Of course it’s a stupid question since we all know the answer. But somehow people who are good looking can be very self-conscious about being considered beyond their looks. Wonder why that is? Could it be that society treats good looks and depth as mutually exclusive? And makes nice looking people feel that way by not taking them seriously? By making them work a little harder to be heard with respect to anything truly thoughtful? While most or all of you answered yes to the question of depth, the truth is that it’s not uncommon for people who are very appealing physically to struggle with being marginalized about their other attributes, and often the result of what they pick up from others around them.

Then there’s the jealousy that comes with looks. Many know that looks can open doors. But anyone nice looking who has any sensitivity is aware there is an envy that is potentially waiting to bite them. If they really are smart and thoughtful, they will walk the chalk line and never broach the subject of physical appeal. They will effect an oblivious demeanor about others’ reactions unless it’s to downplay them. Because if they ever give any indication they’re aware of it, they will be despised by most.

So what brought this post on? There is a hesitancy among some Richard Armitage fans to formally acknowledge that he is a hunk, and I believe it’s because they are fearful of society’s narrow view about looks. Never mind all of the drooling in forums and blogs about RA’s stunning appeal; to actually generate a moniker of Hunkie of the Year is offensive. Give me a break. LOL!! Let’s not embrace the general view that beauty and depth can’t reside in the same person, which only facilitates the belief. How about we embrace both? Now go vote in the Hunkie of the Year Poll. :D

As for RA’S possible reaction:

Dear Richard,

Perhaps you can just ignore us? Or better yet just enjoy this and realize it takes nothing away from you? As a phenomenal performer, you have a way of making us see way beyond your exterior.

If it’s any consolation, you seem to handle all of the attention with grace, but I hope when the looks fade, that you do not look back in regret about being uncomfortable.

One of your crazy fans who can’t wait for the rest of the world to catch onto your abilities, and I’m not talking about your looks.

P.S. You were not my cup of tea at first, but I got past it. LOL!

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Something’s Happened

When I first started this site, I submitted an instruction to the Google bot to crawl (aka poll) my site only occasionally. Google sent a canned response that they didn’t have to abide by it. Mostly they have respected my request, but something changed about two weeks ago. For the first time ‘rafrenzy’ was not the top search string, and that string being at the top made it obvious I was mostly found by word of mouth. But now the search engines are running about four to one compared to my other referrals and ‘rafrenzy’ is far down the list. If you could see my stats list, it would be obvious more and more are curious about this Richard Armitage who is playing Thorin Oakenshield. What else am I to conclude if a piddly blog like mine and one that has tried to remain under the radar can be generating so many hits lately? Let me put it this way. If I keep going at this rate, I will be getting what amounts to 45,000 to 60,000 hits a month. And I know Nat and Servetus generate much more not to mention all of the other blogs in RA Universe (see the ‘Addict List’ or ‘Tumblr’). Yeah, something has happened.

If you’re new and wanting to know what Richard Armitage really looks like under that beard and armor, a little treat for you so you don’t have to scour this site for such goodness, and you can click to enlarge or snaffle. :D

oh heck! another one,

Usually I say something like Ohcheemama! when I see this. Some people say PHWOAR! or maybe Squeee! If you’re not sure, you’ll have to come along and learn the fine art of appreciating Richard in all his glory. Well, maybe not all of his glory. I do keep this blog safe for work.

I wonder when I’ll tire of publishing these pictures?

Screencap courtesy of the amazing Karima and candid shot courtesy of JJ via RichardArmitageNet.Com.

Just When I Was Getting Bored

One of my lovely, wonderful, incredible fellow Richard Armitage fans has treated us all by unearthing a couple of photos that are in the public domain (fingers crossed here) that many have not seen:

He went from this:

to this:


That incredible looking man with the sweet boy hopefully still inside him.

Photo find courtesy of Wendy. Top one supposedly associated with 42nd Street. Bottom one supposedly taken in the Twin Towers after a New York performance of Macbeth.

Thank you, Wendy. I’m wonderfully refreshed in the middle of this terrible drought. :D

edit: Did I just compromise my principles? I’m not sure. If I did, then I’ll run backwards. It’s my understanding that these pictures are in the public domain, or I would not have posted them. Sadly, some may be there unintentionally. I have no way of knowing that, so I posted.

Yes, I Am On a Caffeine High

Phew! When the family finally lets me have some coffee, they just leave the house.

Karima just popped up with one of her amazing pics. I’ve already posted this scene today, but you have to see her work. Go ahead and click it to enlarge:

It seems to have a 3-D quality as well as looking like a painting.

Screencaps courtesy of the amazing Karima.