Yesterday was quite a day of fangirling of Richard Armitage, and it’s taken its toll on me this morning. All that rippling yesterday made me drunk, and I got up feeling a bit woozy. I was thinking I needed a little hair of the dog, and lo and behold I got it:

This is a teaser picture from Recognise Magazine, who, if you don’t know it already, did a photo shoot of RA which will be in their August issue. In the meantime, you can see it on their Facebook page and like their page and read their magazine and buy some copies of their magazine and maybe subscribe to it. Damn! It’s amazing what some teasing will make me do.

In the meantime, I’m glad the picture is a bit indistinct, ’cause that beard looks like a mind-blowing experience, and I’d like to be sober today.


Recognise Magazine has promised to provide another behind the scenes picture of the photoshoot if they get 3,000 FB likes. Well, they just did, so stay tuned for more.

New pic:

This Makes Me Think I’m Insane

The new Captain America trailer is out, and no, there is nothing really new in it except Steve Rogers is in a taxi, and there’s a better picture of Heinz Kruger on the ground. Wooot! Did I just say woot? Someone please slap me. Oh never mind, I’m posting the picture ’cause it’s too good not to post, and I figure since we’re fangirling today, I need to really indulge myself in it, so I can be more sensible the rest of the time. Pardon my insanity. How many posts does this make today? No, don’t tell me, and yes, I know you’re not even reading this but looking at this wonderful picture:

Here’s another one (bccmee made into an avatar earlier) but I guess I haven’t seen one this clear:

If you don’t already know what’s in his hand, and you’re dying to know, here it is:

And if you’re so anal, you don’t want to miss any milliseconds, you can watch the trailer and make your own screencaps :D

Screencaps are mine and as always you can click on the picture for a larger version, which you can save.

edit: I think bccmee and I were screencapping our little hearts out, and it is a lot of fun. :D

Off the Wagon

I thought this objectification phase might be passing, and then the Russian site comes with this:

I threw the chair in to give your senses a break.

Uh, yeah. That is all. No, wait! What was I saying about being okay with the maternal feelings? Nix that.

As usual, if you click on the pictures, you can see the big format. :D

edit: and now I remember why I made a Facebook page. It would take something like this to prompt me. LOL!

[Note: for those who don’t know, the images were taken by the photographer David Clerihew. This is the same photographer responsible for the viral video which was posted on Vimeo by Sean Pruen, who is a motion designer/video editor and appears to have worked on the video. I wrote some about the video and Sean a while back and wasn’t sure I could stop. Find it here, here, and here. LOL!

However, I haven’t said anything about David Clerihew. I’ll correct that mistake today. When I first saw the viral video, I went over and looked at his entire site. Fantastic. I love the stark quality to much of his work. I can see why he was selected for Strike Back, but I’m still not sure why the images were never used for promotion. I hope our little highlighting of them in some way is a help. But if Mr.Clerihew has a problem with me putting up those images so a few of us can fangirl over them, I’ll certainly taken them down.]

Figwit Lives Bygosh!

Richard Armitage’s involvement with ‘The Hobbit’ has me feeling a lot better about this blog. Yes, sometimes I get a bit self-conscious about it. Thankfully, I quickly wise up and realize how much fun I’m having. But with my entrance into the world of LOTR, I’m finding I’m a mere novice at obsession. I’m so small time compared to some of these people. Oh, I’ve got nothing on the LOTR fans as I said in a fake fan letter to Peter Jackson, and all the time I’m realizing their ardor just spills out everywhere. Take for example the three second scene of Bret McKenzie in LOTR that’s now spawned all sorts of obsession with his character not to mention obsession with him I’m sure. Reading this made me feel so much better about my repeated examination of RA’s three second spot in Cleopatra. LOL! It’s clear I have not crossed a very important line — starting a website to it. Although he looks hot in the Cleo pictures.

But I do want to make it clear that I’m happy for Bret McKenzie, and it will be interesting to see if he makes it into this latest movie. With the talk circulating about it, I feel confident he will. Whatever happens, he strikes me as an amiable and interesting fellow, and he plays a mean ukulele. :D

Of course all of this has me wondering what will be the fallout result of RA’s involvement in ‘The Hobbit’? Thoughts?

And on another level, is obsession always a bad thing? Surely doesn’t feel like it. :)

Another Ripple In the Pond

I’ve likened the words of Richard Armitage to pebbles going into a pond where we all ripple appropriately, and I’ve said more than once how much fun it is being a ripple in the RA universe. Hope the erudite among you will forgive me the mixing of those metaphors. With the recent hand wringing over RA’s grammatical homicide of the apostrophe (I won’t even go into his faux pas with double negatives), I feel compelled to ask for that concession.

Where was I?

Yeah, feeling the pond.

Being a ripple is never so keenly felt as when I float around on Twitter. Earlier, Sinjoor tweeted a link to a YouTube video, and I will admit I don’t always go over to look, but I did today. So glad I did, because I got to “meet” Allison, who I predict is going to make quite a splash among us fans. She has some guts, and hey, if RA sees her singing, who knows? He might call her. ;-) I adore your initiative Allison, and the song is a hoot!

Note: I wrote this piece earlier today and was going to post it on New Year’s, New Years’, New Years Eve, NYE (take your pick), but I wanted to speak to Allison first. So I sent her a note, and then I went off to do other things. It finally dawned on me a little while later that she put the video up to get a reaction, and there was no need to ask her permission to use it. Yes, sometimes I’m very, very slow on the uptake. So Allison, here I am reacting. :D

Oh, I just noticed right before I posted this that Skully already had it up. Aren’t we good little ripples? LOL!

Sometimes I Still Stop

And ask myself what am I doing?! I’ve now written almost 300 posts and published over 170. And most of that is about someone I don’t know and never will. Yes, I feel like a fool sometimes, but what alleviates my conscience is that I’m having such a good time writing. Oh, I know this blog is more than half bullshit, but it’s kept my hand in the writing, and I really do spend time writing other things, which has me asking another question even more frequently: why, why, why was I not writing sooner? Some of the answer is in my diary entries, but I’m not going to tell you everything because I do have to protect the guilty, and, I’m afraid the other stuff would bore the socks off of you.

Or maybe that’s me projecting on you how I feel. I can get bored very quickly, and it’s shocking that I’m still with this blog. I figured this was going to be a one note song — this talking about Richard Armitage all the time, but I never knew something seemingly one-dimensional could be this much fun. NO! I don’t mean Richard Armitage. Apparently he’s not one-dimensional or he wouldn’t have attracted so many interesting fans. Did I just compliment myself as well as all of you? Yeah, I think I did. Whatever, this is fun and you all are fun, and I thank you for giving me so much pleasure. Oh, and thanks to RA too. :D

I need a picture badly.

I honestly don’t know where this picture came from, but it’s too good not to use. I realize it came from the Children in Need clips; just not sure who made it. Whatever, looking at that makes it clear why I keep blogging. Of course, it’s not just how he looks, but that doesn’t hurt. Phew, that stance definitely demands a cold bucket of water on our collective heads. And if People Magazine doesn’t get with it in the next year or two, I may never read that rag again.

At least others get it.

Picture courtesy of Karima. Thank you, Karima! :D

The King May Have Been Dethroned

Or maybe a serious coup attempted.

I love this picture:

and I think it is the best picture of RA. King in my mind. I mean who could look at that and not have some reaction to it even if they have never seen him in any roles? Oh, someone dead? Yeah, that’s about it.

But I may have seen the one that can give it serious competition, and I wish someone who has something to do with the “Captain America” movie read my piddly blog. They could see how good RA looks in the picture below. Since the movie is being made by Hollywood, of course looks are the primary consideration. We know RA can act in anything, but does he have the look for a part in that movie? Oh, baby, yes!

A big thanks to Kaprekar for this photo. I was going to just add it to another post, but it deserves its own:

I need a new tag: PHWOAR!2

second edit: and I forgot to mark the jawline tag for this entry! Yes, you can click on that tag and look at all of the lovely profile shots in this blog, or most of them anyway. That’s my public service gene at work, so I just can’t help but think of these things for the edification of all of us. ;-) Thanks, fitzg for reminding me.

By the way, that second picture is an edit of a Robin Hood promo picture found on RichardArmitageNet.Com